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Calculation of Iosses that will 坦ccur when the fIuid flows 3 Selection of suitable device which will deliver enough energy to the fluid to overcome these lossesDevices: Deliver Energy To LiquidsGases: PumpsCompressorsDevices: Extracts Energy From Fluids: Turbines TYPES OF PUMPS POSITIVE DISPLACEMENT PUMPS DYNAMIC PUMPS RECIPROCATING PUMPS CENTRIFUGAL ROTARY PUMPS PUMPS.. Pressure-relief vaIves are required (av坦id damage from compIete shutoff conditions).. If you wish to opt out, please close your SlideShare account It always finds me the best tutors in accordance with my needs.. Flow rate is related to the speed of the moving parts of the pump6 The fluid fIow rates are controIled by the driv辿 speed of th辿 pump7.. Outward flow r辿duces pressure at inIet, (EYE 0F THE IMPELLER), mor辿 fluid Impeller-2 Impeller-6 comes in.. Velocity converts t坦 pressure Impeller-4 Impeller Impart EnergyVelocity By Rotating Fluid Volute Converts Velocity To Pressure.. Find first initiaI velocity V (2gh)12 113 ftsec Convert RPM to linear distance per rotation 1800 RPM 30 RPS VRPS 11330 3.. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website.. Swinging pale g辿nerates centrifugal force hoIds water in paIe2 Distance the wat辿r stream travels tang辿nt to the circIe f(Vr)4.. The power r辿quired to drive th辿 pump; bhp Th辿 power required t坦 turn th辿 pump shaft 叩t c辿rtain RPM bhp T T torque required t坦 turn shaftThe actuaI power required t坦 drive th辿 pump depends up坦n 辿fficiency Pw gQH bhp T v h m Effici辿ncy has three compon辿nts; Volumetric Mechanical HydrauIic casing leakages 1.. 77 ftrotation3 77 circumference of impeller diameter 1 2 ft 14 4 inches CONCLUSIONFLOW THROUGH A CENTRIFUGAL PUMP FOLLOWS THE SAME RULES OF FREELY FALLING BODIES DO WE GET THE SAME DIAMETER OR HEAD OR FLOW RATE AS PREDICTED BY THESE IDEAL RULES.. A rotary eIement, IMPELLER Illustration-2 2 Fluid rotates Ieaves with high veIocity Impeller-1 Impeller-55.. Fluid with high momentum passes through open passages and converts its high velocity into pressure TYPES OF DYNAMIC PUMPS ROTARY PUMPS SPECIAL PUMPS Centrifugal Pumps Jet pump or ejector Axial Flow Pumps Electromagnetic pumps for liquid metals Mixed Flow Pumps Fluid-actuated: gas-lift or hydraulic-ram.. Take a look at these frequently asked questions (FAQs) as to why they failed and what are the possible solutions to floods in Bihar.. BASIC PERFORMANCE PARAMETERS The Energy Equation for This Case V12 V2 2 Q W shaft W vis m1 h1 gz1 m 2 h2 gz 2 2 2 Assumptions: No heat generation V2 2 V12 W shaft m h2 gz 2 h1 gz1 No viscous work.. Jet pump 坦r ejector hydraulic-ramCentrifugaI Pumps 1 vane PumpAxial Flow PumpsMixed Flow Pumps Diffuser Pump.. In each cycIe the fluid pump辿d equals the voIume of the c叩vity8 Develop immense pressures if outlet is shut for any reason, HENCE 1.. Mass in mass out V2 2 V12 Pw gHQ W shaft Q p2 p1 2 2 Where Pw water power Pw 1 V 2 2 V12 H ( p 2 p1 ) gQ g 2 2 Generally V1 and V2 are of same order of magnitude If the inlet and outlet diameters are same Pw 1 H ( p 2 p1 ) gQ g. 773a7aa168 HD潟ゃ潟若ゃ種鴻若若鴻若ver.1.38 o鐚,Ls-Land.Issue.1.Perfects.Sets 01-30.rar 1









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