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Actor James Caan / directed by Francis Ford Coppola / Countries USA / Genre Drama / 9,2 / 10 Stars / &ref(,0,76,113_AL_.jpg)
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Hassan dakroub monr.
Hassan dakhlallah stc. Hasan akbar. The Godfather Online Free Stream #WatchTheOnlineCinemark Watch'The'Godfather'full'movie'watch'online'in'hindi. Level 1 Perfect time to memorize some lines level 1 Should read °»getting his makeup applied by future academy award winner Dick Smith (who himself is widely considered The Godfather of Special Effects Makeup) level 1 Ah, the director of Jack finally found some work level 1 Remember hearing about how great his make up was and watching the movie and thinking, what the fuck, that°«s nothing special. Then years later seeing him without the make up in 1972 and he looks like a youthful 40 lol. level 1 guess it wasn't that day he adopted the cat from the parking lot and refused to put it down for the rest of the day. level 1 As a kid I didn't understand Marlon Brando. I had seen him in The Godfather first, and any movie after that I just simply didn't recognize him as himself. The added jawline and the way he spoke.. It was weird realizing much later that it was just very well done make-up. level 1 Francis Ford Coppola has podcaster dude energy level 1 How many more marlon Brando getting ready for The Godfather picks do we need this week? level 1 Nah thats Zach Galifianakis in the background level 2 Pretty sure it°«s actually Nicolas cages father.
Level 1 Comment deleted by user 1 month ago More than 11 children level 2 Alfred Hitchcock with Carey Grant in North By Northwest, for the airplane in the field scene level 2 There°«s also the exorcist. The reason the priest is so shaken at the end was that the director said °»do you trust me°…, actor said yes and BAM director slaps him and calls action, I°«d google names but my stupid phone is dying level 2 You can't make a list like this and not mention Kubrick and Duvall on the Shining. From Wikipedia: Kubrick intentionally isolated Duvall, and she was forced to perform the exhausting baseball bat scene 127 times. Afterwards, Duvall presented Kubrick with clumps of hair that had fallen out due to the extreme stress of filming. level 2 William Friedkin pulled some shit on the set of The Exorcist - fired guns on set to get reactions (blanks, im sure), kept the bedroom set freezing, and im pretty sure Ellen Burstyn permantly fucked her back up from a scene where they pulled her by a wire to simulate her getting pushed by Regan. level 2 The Blair witch was more of like a game while they were filming it they had the cast walk around the woods and go to checkpoints that had food and batteries and notes saying what general direction they want the plot to go but how it went that way was up to the actors in the moment level 2 This was posted a month ago and I went back and watched the clip. I can see being initially startled by the real head, but the guy sort of takes a few breaths in between screams and goes on for 15 or 20 seconds. It's clearly not something where he completely lost it. level 2 Right? I mean, who wouldn't be horrified at finding an actual horse head rather than a fake one, but there's no reason to think that his reaction was going to be the kind they wanted for the scene. Why repeatedly rehearse a scene, then introduce something likely to make it go differently? level 2 Agree. The smell alone would be a giveaway. level 2 First head this story about 20 years ago so if it's a lie, it's a lie that's been said for a long time. level 2 Likely real reaction: "Eww" level 2 I°«m pretty sure the horse°«s head is real, there was some story about them needing to get it from an abattoir thay morning or something, but I never heard of it being a surprise and I°«m not buying that his screams were real either. level 2 I don't buy shouting at the top of your lungs as a reaction to a sudden surprise in films anyways. If you get surprised you at most do a "woow" or something, not a full of scream. level 2 I never buy any of these °»so their reaction was genuine°… stories. The only one I kind of believe is DiCaprio accidentally cutting his hand in Django Unchained cause it seems like that would be pretty easy to do and to be able to act through it. But most of the time I hear things like °»they accidentally cut the actor°«s fingers off for real so his screams were genuine°… and it°«s all nonsense. level 2 Yeah how did they get that smelly old head into bed with the actor without him knowing it was real? And did they only do that one take? level 2 Agreed, it's not really logical when you consider the logistics. How did they switch out the fake horse head with the real one without Marley noticing? It's not like the dude was actually asleep and they filmed him waking up. He was conscious the entire time. level 2 I don't know if it's true, but I've always wondered because it looks like it's real level 1 No, those screams were 100% not genuine. He's 100% acting. level 2 Comment deleted by user 1 month ago More than 1 child level 1 I don°«t believe it. Sounds like bullshit. You learn something new every day; what did you learn today? Submit interesting and specific facts about something that you just found out here. Reddit Inc © 2020. All rights reserved.

The Godfather Whence. h6>. Hassan dakroub md. Hasandak jerusalem. Hasanda village. "The Godfather" is an American mostly English-language movie from 1972, so this one is already almost 50 years old now, 3 to go, and it runs for almost three hours. I am not even sure if it is necessary to talk about the basics here, but lets go. The director is Francis Ford Coppola and he is also part of the writing team. This is probably still the defining mafia movie and the rating here on imdb says it all. It won Best Picture at the Oscars and Marlon Brando (in heavy makeup) received the second Oscar of his career. Add to that a writing Oscar, but the movie was cut short because of the tremendous success of Cabaret at the Oscars this year where Fosse won Director over Coppola and Grey beat all the three supporting nominees from The Godfather. I don't think Pacino was in the right category though, but I guess they really were all over Brando and wanted to make sure that nobody (from his own film) could stop him from winning. Anyway, the film starts with Brando and he is certainly defining in the first 90 minutes of the movie until an assassination attempt happens and from that moment on he moves a bit into the background and the boys take over, most of all Pacino for whom it was really a star-making performance.
Now as for the plot, it is a cleanly structured film really. There is basically one affair after the next and many of these issues don't have to do a lot with the next. The movie starts at the godfather's daughter's wedding and there is not really too much focus on the actual wedding process, but instead we are taken into the world of crime right away when an old acquaintance asks a lethal favor from Don Corleone. Pretty memorable beginning really that has been spoofed in many other movies, even animated ones not too long ago. Not much later, there is of course the really famous longer sequence that results in a bloody horse head between the sheets. And they get longer and longer as next up is the key plot that involves the Turk turning into the main antagonist as he plans to kill the godfather, takes out his most brutal assistant at the same time and abducts his lawyer. And while the latter is also considered a son (not by blood) we also witness how the godfather's offspring deals with this situation in their own very unique ways. Sonny the hothead, Fredo the weakling who cannot protect his father whatsoever, Tom Hagen (the reasonable one) and eventually Mike whose role is not too clear early and who is far far away from becoming the man he turns out to be at the end of the movie. There is still more focus for him on his love relationship to his significant other and he says he is not like his family. But the attack on his father and later on the killing of one of his brothers really change everything and we find out he is just exactly like his dad. As for Hagen, I still think Duvall is really good in this movie and there is one very brief moment in this film when we hear Vito Corleone say something like somebody who is not Italian like them, which shows that Hagen is really accepted as a son and also seen as Italian pretty much, even if he is German/Irish. This would be one of the really rare funny moments, slightly funny I guess, this film has to offer. It is never about making the audience laugh admittedly, but more to witness the demise of the old man and the rise of the new star eventually and the crime and brutal murders that come with it. As for Michael, this of course also includes him losing his wife when he is in Italy. Had that murder not occurred maybe he never would have returned and the story could have taken a completely different path. I think one of this film's biggest strengths is that despite the really big quantity of characters, even for a 3-hour movie, they are all fairly memorable with their quirks, mannerisms and backgrounds. Take McCluskey for example. The movie could have done completely without him and he is really only there to serve as support for the Turk, but still he is truly memorable. Actually, his little words on how he frisked hundreds of guys like Mike for guns is another somewhat funny moment. He has no idea what's coming his way. I also want to say a few words on Fredo. He is not as big as the others in here yet or actually he is not too far away either. His scenes are all memorable and he is really definition of weakness and incompetence in 1970s cinema. Of course, that is even more the case in the sequel where he plays an absolute key character. But in this one here, he is also vital really and you could write pages alone on his character and how he (re)acts. Truly sad really Cazale died so early, but he left us a truly remarkable character and honestly every film he made was a winner basically. Now another thing to add here is that it also the small moments that count. When Mike lies to Kay at the very end, we find out 100% where his priorities are now and that he won't let anything get in the way of keeping his father's empire intact. Another strength here is that Puzo and Coppola are not scared of killing off major characters and it works oh so well because it makes a whole lot of sense. Pay attention to the permanent contrast of new/young life vs. death towards the end. When Vito dies, there is nobody around him except his very young grandson and that still puts major focus on the family component that is oh so crucial here, also when Mike talks about somebody treating Fredo badly. Or the christening of course, which is the best example with the baby and the alleged goodness vs. all the killings that take place at the same time. Vito was gone and that point already and he had gotten soft anyway, but Mike is not scared one bit about blood on his hands to defend his family's honor. Overall, this is a tremendous movie and when we see the bodyguard guy close the door eventually between Mike and Kay, it is all clear. Mike has turned into his dad by then. And how things go on, you can watch in the second film that in my opinion (thanks to Bobby) is even better than the first, even if the majority does not disagree. But yeah as for this one here, it was the third time I watched it I think and it gets better with each viewing I suppose. It is a film you don't wanna miss out on. Highly recommended, really close call between Cabaret and this one for me when it comes to 1972's finest. I'd still go with Cabaret though I think. It is just as much of a masterpiece. And finally, also pay attention to all the minor references included in here that seem even more interesting if you know how the saga continues. This is also why it is so much worth rewatching. One example would be Vito swearing on his grandchildren's well-being. There's many more. Do not miss out and girls who read this don't trust people saying this is a film that will only or mostly appeal to males. If you like quality filmmaking, then there is no way you should not watch! Oh yeah, but obviously you need to be able to stomach the violence. Just one example, there's a guy shot in the eye through his glasses and we see the blood pouring from his head and that is far from the most violent stuff depicted in here. That's all, folks. Watch it, don't be scared by the running time. You will not ask yourself afterwards if this was really worth 3 hours of your time, but if you are ready immediately for another 3 hours, namely the sequel. I was lucky enough to watch this film on the big screen and I am already looking forward to an occasion to see the second (and third. Certainly pick this opportunity over a small television or laptop screen. If necessary, wait for the 50th anniversary when it certainly will be shown again in many theaters. Mobster filmmaking at its finest.
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