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I love how Leo keeps roasting Boston in this film and Django. It was an excellent movie but even though the ending was happy it was sad as well, I really wish it had ended like that for real. Just saw it tonight it was hilarious. Ooooh I just got news they meant to just say “Tarantino talking the whole time” in the title, makes more sense now. 2:27. Fall in love with someone who looks at Leo like Brad and Margot do. Omg I was invited to Sylvester Stallones house on Kauai. I borrowed his kayaks. Every piece of art, if it qualifies) is an image of himself! Lol garish colors and giant warholesq images. I really couldnt believe anyone could have such an ego. but there it was.
Guess the dude talked about Fight Club. 2:27 dont ever let it be said that cliff booth isnt a gentlemen.

Touching another mans car is no joke

I truly loved the film. The slow burn with the payoff is well worth it. Another masterpiece. Thank you QT. Song please. Leonardo just the best actor today. I could be crazy but I got the feeling that the line “And awaaay we go” was a Rick and Morty reference. It was a special movie in acting, the fight between Bruce Lee and Brad was incredible, lots of camera footage (tarintino) and of course the ending, what I didn't like in this movie that it was tall than it has to be.
The movie. Made me laugh at certain points. But aside from that, it was lost and had no real direction. It was a lot of movies within a movie. And it was a letdown. I was really hoping to get a fascinating story. The fact that Tarantino spent the majority of his time filming Rick Dalton playing in movies was a huge distraction and I really was hoping for a better plot. Lazy writing is all I can say. His other films are fantastic. This just made me squirm in my chair from boredom. Maybe if I'd have been stoned. Then it could have been better.
All star cast, great story, incredible budget and production value. It's great seeing dicaprio back acting again especially with someone like Pitt at his side. Was easily one of the funniest films ive seen this year. Pitt character says he was a stuntman in Inglorious Basterds (the Gorlami scene) and in Once Upon a Time, Rick says that Cliff was a war hero. Tarantino is a no- talent jerk. The best part was when the little girl told rick that that was the best acting shes ever seen and he started crying! leo is such an amazing actor damn. Stuntman mike. ???. I loved this movie, spectacular. Gosh I love the part lmao. If there was an Oscar for doggoes...

He's fanboying over his own film ?

I got so bored, I am actually writing a review watching it. This movie is so long and so indulgent, that many scene is unnecessary. I don't know where in the world is this movie taking us.
Even if it's for a tribute to Hollywood, the script should have been better written. I feel it's all over the place. If it's meant to take us back memory lane this is not the one. The depiction of Bruce lee was not even accurate at all We have 2 hours of meandering, and I think bringing us to the Manson murder. That is at the last half and hour. Wait for the dvd. So you can fast forward. This was just awesome. if only it could have gone that way. Unforgettable! One of the best movies I've ever seen. It made me weep at the end and I was emotional for hours afterward. Really touched my soul.
Brad stole the show in my opinion Also Leo I mean cmon thats a given. These guys are terrific actors but Brads surprised me the most with his performance.

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