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Synopsis=After watching the news on 9/11 with his family, Fernando travels from Mexico to New York City to find his father, an undocumented worker at the World Trade Center's famous Windows on the World restaurant
directed by=Michael D. Olmos
Duration=107 min
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Windows on the World, despite the fact that it takes place in the weeks following the 9/11 terrorist attack in New York, is a film that is urgently for our time. It is a hero's journey of a son trying to find his father in that grief-stricken landscape and the characters stand in for the millions of immigrants, legal and illegal, who contribute in their everyday lives, to the American landscape. The film seeks to counter the narrative that's all-too-prevalent in today's political and media landscape by telling a story set in America's biggest and most diverse city, at its darkest time. The script by playwright and novelist Robert Mailer Anderson (who also produced the film) is wise and completely engaging; he creates indelible characters who are ultimately inspiring and uplifting. Edward James Olmos gives what he considers to be the performance of a lifetime, and the rest of the cast is terrific as well-with a special shout-out to Glynn Turman. The direction, by Olmos's son Michael, is sure-handed, getting terrific performances from his cast, including his father, in this father-son story, and it's beautifully lensed. The music, including jazz and a title track written by Anderson, is pitch-perfect, supporting the story without getting in the way. This film should be seen by everybody-and I'm sure it will be in mainstream distribution soon, as this is a time when, although the major studios may have turned their backs on substance, terrific indie films like this one have many other possible venues. If you can't see it at a film festival, like I did, keep a keen eye out for it. Terrific and inspiring.
Glad she was able to become a citizen before the Trump era. Only played at movie festivals at this time (unfortunately) Windows on the World is a great movie that will appeal to many of us. It is well written, new in perspective and very moving.
Along with Burning, it is the best movie that I have watched so far this year. Free full windows on the world youtube. More than 70 employees of Windows on the World lost their lives on 9/11, as did the nearly 100 people that made the trip to the 106th floor for breakfast that day. Over the last ten years, much has been written about the legacy of that great restaurant in the sky and the people that worked there. Here's a guide to the best remembrances of Windows on the World, plus photos and links that tell its story before 09/11/01. Remembering Windows on the World: Drinking at 1, 300 Ft: A 9/11 Story About Wine and Wisdom [Esquire] Ruth Reichl Remembers Windows on the World [NY Mag] William Grimes Remembers Windows on the World [NYT] Sweet Remembrance: Windows on the Worlds Dacquoise [The David Blahg] Chef Michael Lomonaco Looks Back After 10 Years [NYDN] Windows on the World: The Wine Community's True North [Wine News] 9/11 Remembered: Marcus Samuelsson [Food Republic] Photos: The History of Windows on the World: The Legacy of Joe Baum [Edible Manhattan] Windows on the World Opening Report (Subscription required) NYT] Gael Greene's First Visit [Insatiable Critic] Mimi Sheraton's First Visit (Subscription required) NYT] Gael Greene's Review from November of 1976 [Google Books] Mimi Sheraton's Second Visit (Subscription Required) NYT] Bryan Miller's 1 Star Review from 1987 [NYT] Bryan Miller's Goose Egg Review from 1990 [NYT] Renovation Report from 1996: Can the Food Ever Match the View? NYT] Ruth Reichl's 2 Star Review from 1997 [NYT] Videos: A JBFA profile of Wine Director Kevin Zraly: CBS News Interview with Chef Michael Lomonaco from 09/16/01 [YouTube] The Restaurateurs of Colors, Both Former WOTW Employees [YouTube] Windows on the World - Then, and Now [CBS News] If you have any remembrances of Windows on the World, do drop them in the comments. All Coverage of Windows on the World [ ENY.
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God bless your dad, and or the other Innocents who perished. Eerily familiar. I dined at Windows exactly 9 times with 8 different young women (took one twice. One became the mom of my child. Another, I married. One has passed away. Twice I double-dated with good friends. Unforgettable, great times talking & laughing in that elevator, at those the bar. Standing against the windows, looking out was a surreal feeling. The views from this video are locked in my head. So many great people on the restaurant staff. 3:55 is like an ominous fortelling of what's to come through the dark clouds. We are so very saddened, while still thankful that we were there - just not on that tragic morning.
Free full windows on the world full. Free full windows on the world game. Free full windows on the world 2016. Let me just say this Mark: I feel empowered, vibrant and diverse after hearing your talk today. Hhahahahahahahahaha thanks man. We play this at my orchestra. Free full windows on the world song. He was tipped of by one of his vip customers at windows. Free full windows on the world 2017. Many on 9/11 became suddenly psychic and decided not to come in or to come in late that right. Isis, Ra, El, three ancient Egyptian gods. Isis + Ra + El. Israel. A holy trinity of three gods, being part of one God. Free full windows on the world map.
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Its heavy stuff but I agree those guys are part of the Globalists plan, backed financially for profit and money making schemes by Banks asking companies to put their money into Green products. If the Police are not moving them on and letting them urinate in the Streets, that makes me suspicious too. The real elephant in the room is Geoengineering, 5G and social profiling, the end game is depopulation and AI controlling us all.
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Free full windows on the world free. They got away with killing John Kennedy and they got away with blowing up wtc building and killing all those people and everone is ok with the BS there told really wake up. Some really good points in this vid, thanks. This is a battle for the heart of the Labour movement, the one that built up Britain after the war, that stands for the poor and dispossessed not the New Labour Tory party of the elites for the elites. People power must win for the future. Thank you for watching. Agenda 21. Charming. Let's lie about the environment as we know most people don't look further than the bbc or facebook. If you want to know go to the UN site and pull up the original 1990s documents, yeah you know, the ones prince charlie boy pushed through the UN on behalf of his paymasters. Read 'Pawns in the Game' by Commander (Canadian Royal Navy) William Guy Carr and you'll see the parallels. The UN 'Iron Mountain' report circa 1950 and also colini 'History of the Jesuits. If anyone thinks WiFi is harmless and that 5G will be good for us then please look up Barrie Trower. I wonder how many steps away from full on 'witch hunting' we currently are.
Free Full Windows on the world of warcraft. Free full windows on the world games. YouTube. I came across this channel thanks to Richie Allen and your advert. Great stuff Mark. Free full windows on the world pc. Sounds like they could have been travellers. 18 years ago today, Canada ( and Italy, my home) will never forget you guys. We are and will always be United friends, Rest in peace to all the people that died on this day, never forgotten in my heart. Martin,Emily,William,melise, Mary, and Monica my dear friends I grew up with and died on this day from a car accident, I'll never forget you my loves. Until we meet in heaven again.
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Im not even religious, but Bishop Williamson is a great man, and makes me want to be a believer

Moses couldn't have been Akhenaten. More and more people at starting to see through this climate change con or as it called global warming depending on which weather phenomenon they are dealing with. Obviously it's got to do making money of a gullible public tax payers in the long run. Terroism against our nation will not stand, George W. Bush. I love this song. Some people did something quote from American patriot Ilhan Omar. She disgusts me. Great post. I am old enough to remember the scare those same climate idiots had pushed in '70ties about how dangerous to the?ozone layers?are spray bottles and that we all should stop using them if we want to live more than?couple of years from that point on.

Where is Spiderman when you need him. Smh

Ms. Warwick said this is her personal favorite because of a war that should never have happened. Please support us on Patreon I will be uploading specialized content for patrons of? Windows on the World. Click below for all our shows and also… 9PM SUNDAY LIVESTREAM A ND CHATBOX Bitchute Channel If you benefit from our information please contribute here: Patreon Link LIVE STREAM ON SPREAKER 9pm SUNDAYS Please Subscribe Here New shows Every Wednesday at 8pm on Windows on the World You Tube Channel Mark Windows guest livestream shows on? Eric Von Essex channel Latest interviews Richie Allen show interview starts at 56 mins Our series of talks The Bigger Picture ?are available to book through the website. Go to? Live Events FORTHCOMING EVENTS: THE BIGGER PICTURE You can download our Bigger Picture Poster Here ALL TALKS TALKS 2020: 8th Feb, The Cornerhouse 1 Christchurch Street East Frome BA11 1QA? 11:00 AM ? 6:00 PM GMT ? EVENTBRITE BOOKINGS PAGE 9th Feb 12-7. 30pm The Dartmouth Inn, Totnes, Eventbrite bookings page SAT 15th Feb 10 on the door: KonSept Fitness, 10 Mengham Road, Hayling Island, Hampshire, PO11 9BL Sat 22nd Feb Worthing, East Sussex,? EVENTBRITE BOOKINGS PAGE Some recent interviews: To understand how the narrow reality and accepted corridor of opinion is imposed and why you are controlled through it, it is necessary to understand the system you are born into. Interview with The Irish Megaphone Interview with Richard Willett “A BUSINESS PLAN FOR THE WORLD”. Interview with Ciaran Boyle:? An Irish Perspective. More on his channel. EXPOSING USEFUL IDIOTS! IN OUR RECENT SHOW CITIZENS ASSEMBLIES = END OF CHOICE? We described how public participation in local planning has been taken away. The recent Citizens Assemblies in Oxford will usher in draconian restrictions on private travel and the closing of streets to all traffic. The implementation of this agenda in Waltham Forest was very unpopular and now Walthamstow Deputy Council leader Clyde Loakes who was the front puppet for implementation of “Mini Holland” in Waltham Forest has been chosen to front the same agenda in Oxford under its new brand “liveability”. The video below includes soundbites and outright lies and all in the name of sustainable development the UN Agenda to control and manage population in Smart Cities with only public transport and cycling. None of this has been properly thought out. Check out our archive on Mini Holland and Agenda 21/30/ All comments on the video below are “shadow banned”, this is very sinister considering that this is meant to be about public engagement, the amount of dislikes is revealing though. NAMED AND SHAMED! The UK Venues that Hate Truth Listen to the phone call to the organization who banned “The Bigger Picture”: Phone call to The Hamblin Centre Mark Windows Interview with Richard Willetts of Glitch in the Code: PODCAST LINK: Global Action Plan ? Its just business Richie Allen Show with Mark Windows (Starts 30 mins in) The Bigger Picture, an overview Please support us by downloading our feature documentaries: Here Piers Corbyn Climate Challenge to the UN IPCC Small Charity and Venue Under Threat: FULL STORY Check out our? Crimestoppers Takedown Mark Windows on Richie Allen show (31 mins in.
I used to know Piers and Weather Action and he is a fantastic guy and brilliant fun. Free full windows on the world download.

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