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Country: USA writers: Amanda Silver Star: Donnie Yen genres: Adventure directed by: Niki Caro 2020
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Don't tell me i was the only one who cried when hearing reflection on the background. And I can't even finish a drawing ???. Tho Balto got the recognition then, Togo got his, now, even if its in the long run - just like what he did, the long run. ?. I miss the talking dragon... Who went here after watching the Mulan's live action teaser. No Mushu. I need some Mushu. Did they have to reshoot shot this movie be case the original actor said something about hong kong. Diesel is the name of the adult dog that plays Togos character. He is actually a descendant of Togo.? This is just an amazing movie.? I basically cried majority of the time.? So moving and beautiful. Thanks for sharing this beautiful story.????.
I'm unfathomably glad this isn't a musical. Thank you disney. When i think aladdin would probably have been one of the greatest films of 2019 if there was no songs, i'm genuinely happy to see this. Thank you. I cried so much SPOILER ALERT. Especially the part where Togo was running towards Sepp at the end, then it played where he was running towards him again when he was a small lil pup! ???. Bizarre. Why is everyone speaking english. Aurora helps Idina finished her high notes... She's totally a professional with a big humble and giant heart, how much talent. Love you Aurora???. 1:28 such a great shot with her reflection through the sword.

Damn the trailer gives me chills every time. Is it just me, or did anyone else feel that Mushu killed this moment for them. No haircut No mushu No songs No Shan Yu. I wasn't sure about this remake at first, but after watching this trailer so many times, I'm actually starting to get really excited and interested. This might turn out to be the best live-action remake Disney has made since The Jungle Book in 2016. “Did they send me daughters when I asked for sons” Mulan: and what about it. Me: Lmaoo WHEN THEY BRANG UP SAMA- My family: There was so much detail! The clothes, the hair, the settings, they really improved. Me: Y-Yea... I noticed too. Me watching the movie in 360p like: omg so detailed... Intelligence, stamina, courage THE UNTOLD TRUE STORY.
0:25 Disney+ looking at my bank account. Looks interesting but it's probably ???. Is she allowed to do that.









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