Motherless Brooklyn solarmovie

Directed by Edward Norton
Audience score 28298 vote 7,1 / 10 year 2019 Writer Jonathan Lethem Countries USA


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Norwich games. Motherless brooklyn showtimes showtimes. Motherless brooklyn wiki. Motherless brooklyn book setting. Motherless brooklyn edward norton. Motherless brooklyn movie imdb. The movie pulls you in hard and fast. Edward Norton did an outstanding job becoming the character or Lionel. His demonstration of a person suffering with tourette's syndrome was spot on. He also did a great job in writing for this film. He was able to make the character someone you feel sympathy for but also very likeable and funny. The actress who portrays Laura was also very believable on her role. The music was beautiful all throughout the movie. I honestly cannot say that any of the actors or actresses including the supporting cast were anything less than believable in their roles. The only thing I felt was a little lacking was the final conclusion to the movie. I feel like you spend all that time watching this guy work so hard for justice that it would have been nice to have visually see it all unfold and have the "devil get his due" so to speak. It has been a long time since I have watched a mystery movie that had such a developed plot and story line. It was refreshing and I have nothing I feel it should be compared to. It was in a league of it's own.
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Motherless brooklyn quotes. Motherless brooklyn book summary. Motherless brooklyn nominations oscars. Was motherless brooklyn nominated. Motherless brooklyn 2019 cast. Edward Norton is one of my favourite actors. He directed this movie too. To take the role of being a Tourette's Sydrome patient, he should make reference to the 2008 movie Front of the Class. Jimmy Wolk did a better job in my opinion. Motherless brooklyn showtimes san francisco.
Motherless brooklyn norton. Motherless brooklyn museum. This has some good acting, especially Edward Norton who has a great performance, Norton is also a decent director and the movie has some good angles and shots and a pretty cool photography, they did a great job in recreating this historic time. But unfortunately these were the only good points everything else is bad, the story is very weak and for a mystery movie there's not much of a mystery it's actually pretty basic, especially after reading the sinopse and having in mind the ideia of a murder and a detective with Tourette I expected a great mystery with a lot of twists and a big depth.
I thought that due to the fact of the main character having Tourette that this would be a important factor in the story and particularly in solving the mystery but it wasn't, IF" only I was wrong this would have been much better but now I just thing that was unnecessary and brought pretty much nothing to the development of the story. Some things were also pretty obvious from the jump and they were confirmed near the end, a good mistery movie makes you think some tipe of way and then surprises you, well Motherless Brooklyn doesn't do that. The story is so simple that I could tell you all about it in a simple paragraph, at some points it even felt like a story for kids. There is no plot twist or amazing revelation that compensates the two hours plus you sat watching this, the ending is really lame and looked like from a Nicholas Sparks movie. If you're looking for a great mystery movie this is definitely not it.
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