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93Min Becky is a movie starring Lulu Wilson, Kevin James, and Joel McHale. A teenager's weekend at a lake house with her father takes a turn for the worse when a group of convicts wreaks havoc on their lives release year: 2020 directors: Jonathan Milott liked It: 1880 vote &ref(,0,128,190_AL_.jpg)
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Starring Lulu Wilson in the titular role "Becky" is a gory action thriller drama. It's about a angry teenage girl who ends up facing off against four aryan supremacist when they come knocking at her family cabin in the woods looking for something hidden in the basement. They hold her father hostage together with his girlfriend and her young son while chasing after Becky.
The performances are mostly good especially by Kevin James as the main villain. It was different seeing him in something which is not a comedy. The supporting cast all do well with the material they have. Lulu Wilson acts well for the most part although there are some scenes where she seems like she is overacting but that might be how she was directed rather than her actually doing it erroneously. The movie is too violent and it all gets a bit too much as the "hero" is a 13 year old girl that ends up killing people with a boat motor, a handgun, a lawnmower and that's when she is not setting them on fire or taking their eyes out. The way Becky surprises the first villain and kills him is ok, the second bad guy is neither fit nor intelligent so you could almost buy that she takes him out too. Taking out the the leader and the main henchmen called Apex who is 7 feet tall and weights 350 pounds and was helping her in the end however is too far fetched. The movie also tries to mix a message of female empowerment with hardcore violence and it doesn't work to the desired effect. A big problem is that she executes Apex in cold blood in the end and this was a someone who helped her and saved her life. Basically the movie is pushing for female empowerment and girl power while at the same time saying that she would have failed if the man didn't let her go and help her first so it becomes a very confusing message. A question that could also be asked is who is this movie made for? The protagonist is a 13 year old and yet no 13 year old should see this movie due to its graphic violent scenes. Adults will watch it but may find it distasteful, unrealistic and will have trouble relating to the main character who is a moody and angry teenager. In my opinion the movie would have been better served if the lead actress was older and if the story was better developed. It was worth a watch but nothing special in the end.
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A very unlikeable 12 year old girl suddenly turns into an assassin that outsmarts and brutally takes out 4 grown men. The movie can't decide whether it wants to be gritty, or ridiculously / hilariously unrealistic. The chemistry between the characters is terrible. The girl, as mentioned, is too unlikeable to root or care for. The plot is not the most exciting. And the motives of the villains centre around a mysterious key - in which its purpose is never even revealed. So as far as the view is left concerned, a whole bunch of violence and death occurs for absolutely nothing.
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