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&ref(https://m.media-amazon.com/images/M/MV5BNWMyZTA1MTItMzFhOS00NGY5LWJlZDMtMzczZmRjOThkMmViXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMjUxMTY3ODM@._V1_SY1000_CR0,0,629,1000_AL_.jpg) / Duration: 2 hours, 14 minute / actors: David Thewlis / 7 of 10 / Audience score: 40038 Votes / Country: USA
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Why is number 7 even unusual, everyone looking can see it coming. smh. The worst movie of 2020. When my friend and I watched Hereditary we accidentally paused it right at the shot in 9:20, where Annie is seen on the ceiling. We didnt notice and went to get snacks and when we came back and went to unpause it we saw her and I swear I nearly choked on my drink. Both of us were legitimately scared to unpause.
Bro I was watching the exorcist part and when the demons face was on the screen one of my posters fell down, my heart nearly dropped and Im home alone. Thank you for waiting until the film was available on streaming platforms. Most of the world lives in countries where cinemas will only screen shitty superhero blockbusters and comedy flicks. I don't even have access to Netflix, but I can always download the film via torrent. Know what would have made this video awesome? Zoom in or circle what we're suppose to see. Half these i have no idea where it is.
Sorry, I had to pause the video mid-sentence because I wasn't sure if the music was from this video or from another tab, it's just too loud and distracting. Jacobs Ladder the party scene with the spike coming out of her mouth. Shoulda been in there. This is the amount of people who came here for a better understand of this movie after watching it ????. 0:26 is the whole truth! Mood 4 EVERY Kaufman film ????????????. I've never seen the film and have never heard of it. But upon watching the first few seconds of the clips you showed, I can already guess what kind of mood the filmmaker is trying to invoke in me as a viewer... damn, that's some good editing+directing.

I didn't see anything that looked like a hanging munchkin

I daydream about a better life all the time, I sure am terrified you after watching this movie. Kaufman is overrated. He drowned himself on narcissistic self pitty. With all due respect, that's my opinion. I only knew jesse from Black mirror and Game night. I'm thinking of reading the book now because I didn't understand everything as I wanted to. Im thinking of never watching this movie ever again.

That dinner scene was soo intense. better than horror movies

I thought for sure 2 men and a baby would be on here with the “ghost boy” in the window

OMG. You look good. On my calendar. I know it's referencing the Oklahoma dream sequence but once they get to the gym I can only see Woody Allen as a janitor fighting a J. Crew model a la Bane v. Batman at the end of The Dark Knight Rises meets West Side Story. NUMBER 15 : CREEPIST THING S FOUND IN THE BACKGROUND (chills voice. You need a change in hair style. It's really annoying, good video though. Hereditary has many parts where things are in the background great movie.
Synecdoche New York, is probably one of the most important pieces of cinema ever made, but to be honest no one with and IQ below at least 120 could even begin to understand why. I think the movie was a statement about memory being a conversation with yourself. In this case, just before you decided to end things. Me after watching the film. Truly beautiful. #I'mThinkingofEndingThings Online HBO 2020 Watch Online I'm~Thinking~of~E.n'd'i~n~g~Things~full~movie~viooz.

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