Reason after Its Eclipse: On Late Critical Theory
Martin Jay

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Reason after Its Eclipse: On Late Critical Theory Martin Jay
Publisher: University of Wisconsin Press

Martin Jay tackles a question as old as Plato and still pressing today: what is reason, and what roles does and should it have in human endeavor? Applying the tools of intellectual history, he examines the overlapping, but not fully compatible, meanings that have accrued to the term “reason” over two millennia, honing in on moments of crisis, critique, and defense of reason.
            After surveying Western ideas of reason from the ancient Greeks through Kant, Hegel, and Marx, Jay engages at length with the ways leading theorists of the Frankfurt School—Horkheimer, Marcuse, Adorno, and most extensively Habermas—sought to salvage a viable concept of reason after its apparent eclipse. They despaired, in particular, over the decay in the modern world of reason into mere instrumental rationality. When reason becomes a technical tool of calculation separated from the values and norms central to daily life, then choices become grounded not in careful thought but in emotion and will—a mode of thinking embraced by fascist movements in the twentieth century.             Is there a more robust idea of reason that can be defended as at once a philosophical concept, a ground of critique, and a norm for human emancipation? Jay explores at length the communicative rationality advocated by Habermas and considers the range of arguments, both pro and con, that have greeted his work.

Customer Reviews: Reason after Its Eclipse: On Late Critical Theory Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Reason after Its Eclipse: OnLate Critical Theory (George L. Mosse Series) at Read honest  Burns2012.pdf - University of Edinburgh illustrating his own attempt at such a retrieval in his late reflections on the project in terms critical theorists will recognize as their own, by offering an account of .. “turn” is initiated only after an abortive attempt to defend pre-critical metaphysics in. Eclipse of Reason.14 While this later nuance illustrates that Horkheimer's  Platypus The politics of Critical Theory - Platypus Let us make the most of it, before it is too late! The obstacle is their conception of the relation of theory to practice. This concept of reason fails to discover in the given facts of social life .. [in] the concept of authority, without which, after all, neither Lenin's [vanguard] nor dictatorship can be conceived of. 9. CRITICAL THEORY AND EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY Critical theory challenges the notion of pure reason, showing its . After anintroduction to several of the thinkers, ideas, .. 'the eclipse of reason,' the ' closing of the American mind,' tive action) prove inadequate for democracies inlate capi-. Mass Culture and the Eclipse of Reason: The Implications for IN HIS BOOK The Eclipse of Reason, Max Horkheimer, founder of the Frankfurt. Institute for such consisted in its assault on the capacity to engage in critical thoughggsit The issue is the capacity for theoretical or conceptual thought itselfm Nlarcuse asserted the fundamental transformation of the individual inlate capiw. "After the Eclipse: The Light of Reason in Late Critical Theory Thinking in the Humanities. Martin Jay, University of California, Berkeley. "After the Eclipse: The Light of Reason in Late Critical Theory" Reason after Its Eclipse: On Late Critical Theory (9780299306502 Reason after Its Eclipse: On Late Critical Theory [Martin Jay]. Martin Jay tackles a question as old as Plato and still pressing today: what is reason, and what  Redeeming Reason: Domination and Reconciliation in Dialectic of Reason must become aware of its own essential natural character. the question) in the book's preface.8 The work's original title, after all, was . How else is one to understand the repeated argument in Eclipse of Reason that the reduction of rationality to its .. Ingram, Critical Theory and Philosophy, 76. Critical Theory, the Critique of Enlightenment Reason - A consequence of this critique is that the late Critical Theory as represented by Adorno and One of the hallmarks of critical theory is its critique of Enlightenment . DE is a critique of culture, after all, and the effects of rationalization and the cultural .. Horkheimer‟s Eclipse of Reason, and “The End of Reason,” as well as  Power, Capital & the Rise of the Mass Surveillance State: On the Rather, in modern capitalism, with its instrumental reason and positivist logic, such The Mass Surveillance State and a Critical Theory of Society [24] In an age defined by the eclipse of reason[25], “to be able to distinguish . Following a similar line of thought, Adorno argued after the Second World War  Fredric Jameson's Critical Theory of the Postmodern - Thinking Utopia: Fredric Jameson's Critical Theory of the Postmodern of capitalism from its classical mode to its monopolistic and “late” modes can theeclipse of art by way of its complete immersion in the commodity form. . consequences of capitalism‟s global transformations in the period after the Second World War. Lukács' Theory of Reification and Contemporary Social Movements Key Series: Critical Theory, the Crisis of Social Philosophy, Advancing But the authority of their self-interpretation has misled commentators into . After theEclipse: The Light of Reason in Late Critical Theory – Martin Jay. The dialectic of reason and unreason in our time is epitomized in the 64 CRITICAL THEORY AND THE DOMINATION OF NATURE. The dialectic of of human rationality derives its impetus from the uncontrolled interaction Max Horkheimer, Eclipse of Reason (New York: Columbia University Press,. 194?] .. from the late 1960s. . After all, how could there be a revolutionary subject when.

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