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&ref(,0,182,268_AL_.jpg). Actors=Naomi Watts. June was once a known counter-culture figure, but that was a decade ago. She now lives alone in her South Bronx apartment, having all but cut herself off from the outside world. It's the notorious "Summer of Sam" and June only has to look out of her window to see the violence escalating with the brutal summer heat. The city is on a knife's edge, a pressure-cooker about to explode into the incendiary 1977 New York blackout riots. director=Alistair Banks Griffin. score=901 votes. 1 hours 39 M.
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Fact: Even Batman listens to his mom. Almanyadan tüm yetkimle oyumu elbette azeri kardeslerimiz icin kullanicam! Azerbeycan = türkiye ALLAH'in izniyle kazaniriiiizzz kazanmasak bile ilk 10'a girebiliriiizzz sizi seviyoruummm <3. Did the guy at the end of the trailer actually say IT'S PULLING ME UNDERWATER. I'm no detective, but. No upcoming screenings. Available No Tickets Available artDate | amDateFormat: "dddd, MMMM Do"? artDate | amDateFormat: "h:mm A"? [[]] You may not purchase more tickets at this time. About It’s July 1977, and New York City is awash with escalating violence. A citywide blackout is triggering fires, looting, and countless arrests, and the Son of Sam murders are riddling the city with panic. June, once a celebrated counterculture figure, attempts to retreat from the chaos by shutting herself inside the yellowed walls of her grandmother’s South Bronx apartment. But her doorbell is ringing incessantly, the heat is unbearable, and creeping paranoia and fear are taking hold. Visitors, some invited, some unsolicited, arrive one by one, and June must determine whom she can trust and whether she can find a path back to her former self. With Hitchcockian tautness, writer-director Alistair Banks Griffin flawlessly captures the style and texture of the 1970s and the interior unraveling of a woman who, like her city, is teetering on a knife-edge. Naomi Watts’s astonishing performance is that of an antihero racked with paralyzing anxiety. In this eerily resonant allegory for our times, she is, like all of us, weighing her actions in a world on the brink of collapse. YEAR 2018 CATEGORY NEXT COUNTRY U. S. A. RUN TIME 99 min COMPANY Hanway Films WEBSITE EMAIL PHONE +44 2072900775 Credits Director Alistair Banks Griffin Screenwriter Producers Brian Kavanaugh-Jones Bailey Conway Anglewicz Bradley Pilz Co Producer Ged Dickersin Director Of Photography Khalid Mohtaseb Production Designer Kaet McAnneny Editor Robert Mead Costume Designer Brenda Abbandandolo Music By Saunder Jurriaans Danny Bensi Casting Stephanie Holbrook Actor Naomi Watts Emory Cohen Jennifer Ehle Kelvin Harrison Jr. Jeremy Bobb Brennan Brown Artist Bio After receiving a BA at Rhode Island School of Design, Alistair Banks Griffin directed a short film, Gauge, which premiered at the 2008 New York Film Festival. In 2009 he received a Cinereach grant for his first feature film, Two Gates of Sleep, which premiered at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival and won grand prize at CPH PIX. After residencies in Berlin and San Francisco, Griffin directed his Sundance Lab?supported second feature, The Wolf Hour, starring Naomi Watts.
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