Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker ぉShudderき

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  • The surviving members of the resistance face the First Order once again, and the legendary conflict between the Jedi and the Sith reaches its peak bringing the Skywalker saga to its end
  • release year=2019
  • countries=USA
  • Writed by=Chris Terrio, George Lucas
  • Directed by=J.J. Abrams
  • Daisy Ridley
They're going to kill off C3PO. Wow. That really scrapping the bottom of the barrel. ?. Rey is a Clone just like Starkiller. Whats the background music being played. I would love to eventually see a documentary on how this trilogy went down behind the scenes. The lightsabers going up at the end is so awesome. Number 3 spoils everything. 1:18 go go power rangers. I do respect this guy for not disabling comments.
The force is strong with this one. Amazing work man. Bro. that soft piano part that plays before the song loops, my whole entire childhood flashed before me, reminding me when my dad first introduced Star Wars to me. From that day forward I remembered all the times i enjoyed rewatching the Original trilogy, then saw the prequels (I dont mind them at this point) and when then 1st trailer for the force awakens dropped I felt like a kid again and really enjoyed that movie. At this point Ive accepted The Last Jedi and what it is. But knowing that Rise of Skywalker is the end to the saga makes me happy that I was able to create all these memories that I have. Thank you for reminding of my childhood and keep up the amazing work you do sir. And for whoever read this to the end, Thank you. May the force be with all of us. Always.
WERE IN THE END GAME NOW. Watch #StarWars:EpisodeIX- Online Subtitle English "Watch Star Wars: Episode IX - full movie spoilers. There's a part of me that hopes when Palpatine returns he just kills the entire cast. I kinda wanted Ben to stay alive. This look soooooo real I told my mom this was the new star wars trailer. No one's ever really gone. This is just like the endgame trailer, starts out with flashes from previous movies then the actual movie and then a voiceover from the villain that you dont see in the trailer: thanos, palpetine. I watched this.

This guy is just happy. Chill out people we all have things that we are exited for. Rip Kit Fisto

Btitle…. full movie watch online free 123movies movie star wars: episode ix - the rise of tamil dubbed download. HAHA, just rented this on Red Box for 2.00 on Blue Ray.

Couldn't be more excited to see Lando back and having a good time! The rest of this just don't know. They have a lot to fix and alot more to explain. Oh boy, Creepio just got confirmed as canon. Im praying for Darth Jar Jar now. The ending was so bittersweet. Rey goes off into the sunset with BB8, all alone once again. Depressing. “But no one wants to be a hitler” ?. Wow! A semi-correct star wars film theory. Couldve called it: “Star Wars: A Pearl Harbor Story”. The two previous parts just had a bad, lame, uninteresting story. That's what needed fixing.

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