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genres Documentary. 41 Votes. 8,1 of 10. 116 M. &ref(,0,76,113_AL_.jpg). Year 2020. GLAD I HEARD THIS. ?YOU ARE LEVEL HEADED. So emotional, beutiful black man. CNN was conspiring this stuff 2 years ago. Such a brave woman. Anita Hill is so very brave. Justice Thomas autobiography My Grandfather's Son is magnificent, and highly recommended. It ends when he is appointed to the Supreme Court. I've heard him speak on a number of occasions. He is a truly great man, and if the black leadership had any genuine interest in improving the overall character of the nation including the group that they purport to represent, they would say so. But they don't.
The so call Holly men know it's all a lie that they Are Holly. Critics Consensus No consensus yet. 29% TOMATOMETER Total Count: 14 98% Audience Score Verified Ratings: 55 Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words Ratings & Reviews Explanation Tickets & Showtimes The movie doesn't seem to be playing near you. Go back Enter your location to see showtimes near you. Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words Videos Movie Info Although Clarence Thomas remains a controversial figure, loved by some, reviled by others, few know much more than a few headlines and the recollections of his contentious confirmation battle with Anita Hill. With unprecedented access, the producers interviewed Justice Clarence Thomas and his wife, Virginia, for over 30 hours of interview time, over many months. Justice Thomas tells his entire life's story, looking directly at the camera, speaking frankly to the audience. After a brief introduction, the documentary proceeds chronologically, combining Justice Thomas' first person account with a rich array of historical archive material, period and original music, personal photos, and evocative recreations. Unscripted and without narration, the documentary takes the viewer through this complex and often painful life, dealing with race, faith, power, jurisprudence, and personal resilience. Rating: NR Genre: Directed By: Written By: In Theaters: Jan 31, 2020 limited Runtime: 116 minutes Studio: Manifold Productions Cast Critic Reviews for Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words Audience Reviews for Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words There are no featured audience reviews for Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words at this time. See All Audience Reviews Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words Quotes Movie & TV guides.
Wouldnt it be nice if everyone followed their own advice. Look at them sitting there knowing a murderer is sitting right beside him and he himself is probably guilty of exactly what he is accusing judge Thomas arrogance. What is scary is that when I listen to Ford and Hill, I believed them. Then I listen to Kavanaugh and Thomas, who defended themselves on so many different levels, including actual evidence and multiple testimonies from other witnesses, etc. I couldnt believe that The Dems had temporarily fooled me.
God did not set up did not set up religions. All human constructs. Not sure I like his “temperament”. I wonder if these film makers feel the same way about?Juanita Broaddrick? or Paula Jones. God bless Clarence Thomas.
10/4/18. Judge Thomas is from my state- GA. Best thing was that he couldn't get a good job offer & was forced to go where somebody wanted to hire him & he became a member of the Supreme Court! God works in mysterious ways. Grassley, Leahs, Feinstein, Biden, Graham? Yall have already gone down this same road, did you learn nothing. Whao so it is a technique the Demorat has been using, The Kavanaugh hearing is like a 100% replay. Love that man.

It would help if you told us when it was going to be released, where we could see it.
Justice Clarence Thomas scoffed at 2020 Democratic front-runner former Vice President Joseph R. Biden recalling his confirmation hearing nearly three decades ago, suggesting Mr. Biden didn’t have a grasp of the law and was just playing politics. “I have no idea what he was talking about, ” Justice Thomas said in a new documentary about his life, detailing his childhood and rise to the Supreme Court. The legal questioning from Mr. Biden, who at the time was chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee and running the confirmation hearings, was aimed at Justice Thomas’ views on Roe v. Wade, the ruling which legalized abortion in 1973. “One of the things you do in hearings is you have to sit there and look attentively at people you know have no idea what they’re talking about. And it was fine. I understood what he was trying to do. I didn’t really appreciate it, ” Justice Thomas added. But that, of course, was not the memory of his confirmation hearing that most consumes him. He is still haunted by Anita Hill, who came forward to say the judge sexually harassed her ? a claim he vehemently denied. The allegation had been investigated by the FBI, which said it was unfounded, but somehow, as things do in Washington, it leaked to the press. “This was a crime, ” Justice Thomas said in the two-hour documentary. The film, “Created Equal: Clarence Thomas In His Own Words, ” was exclusively revealed to a crowd last week in the basement of the National Archives. Many of Justice Thomas’ close friends and allies were on hand Tuesday night for heavy hors d’oeuvres and refreshments steps from the eternal home of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution before heading to a theater located a few flights below the nation’s foundational documents. The audience was littered with Trump administration officials, federal judges, Supreme Court employees, Justice Clarence Thomas’ law clerks, as well as key judicial advisers to President Trump, such as Federalist Society Executive Vice President Leonard Leo. The film depicts Justice Thomas sharing his personal and professional maturation with never-before aired details and insights unfiltered through the lens of the press. Justice Thomas walks viewers through his upbringing in Savannah, Georgia, with the influence of his grandfather, his Catholic education, and eventually his rise to the Supreme Court. He surprises viewers with an account of his youth as a far-left advocate who transformed over the years to what some court watchers would describe as the most conservative justice on the high court. Justice Thomas said he worked hard to get perfect test scores in school, making sure he could avoid criticism as he rose in his career. “Leave them nothing but race, ” Mr. Thomas said of his critics. The only black justice currently on the high court replaced the late Justice Thurgood Marshall, the court’s first black member, in 1991. He’s been known for his “bloodthirsty” originalism as well as his silence. While many of his colleagues like to pepper attorneys with questions during oral arguments, Justice Thomas goes years ? at one time more than a decade ? without asking a single question. Instead, he relies heavily on the parties’ briefs. “We are judges, not advocates, ” Justice Thomas said, explaining his reason for staying mum. Bruce Pack, the documentary’s filmmaker, said in an audience question-and-answer session after the screening that Justice Thomas has not yet seen the film, but his wife, Ginni Thomas, has. “Ginni [Thomas] said she cried when she saw it, ” Mr. Pack said. “Justice Thomas may not look forward to seeing it, but I hope he does. ” Mr. Pack said he intends for the movie to debut Jan. 31, 2020, and wants it to hit movie theaters in 20 cities as well as its planned airing on PBS. Mr. Pack said while getting the documentary shown on PBS was always his goal ? to reach audiences skeptical of Justice Thomas ? he is on a mission of getting it in front of high school students. Mr. Pack said Justice Thomas’ story and that of his family is not well known, but Mr. Pack thought the story should be a regular fixture of secondary school education, particularly surrounding Black History Month. © Copyright (c) 2019 News World Communications, Inc. Rating: 9. 5/ 10 (11 votes cast).
????? Alternative Server Link Here DOWNLOAD# STREAM ↑↑↑↑↑ Michael Pack Rating: 40 Vote Director: Michael Pack Tomatometers: 8, 4 / 10 Runtime: 116 Minute genre: Documentary. It has been said that the very moment a man finds himself, he finds God. This captures the story of Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas, a man of deep faith whose youthful struggles with racism caused that faith to be shaken but who later returned to it, more deeply and more resolutely because of his great character and refusal to settle for anything but truth. The new film "Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words" will be released in theaters nationwide Jan. 31, exquisitely timed with Black History Month. But this is also a time of great tensions and divisions in our nation, with race continuing to be one of the main issues dividing us. Thomas published his memoir, My Grandfather's Son. in 2007, which tells the story of his journey from beginning life dirt-poor in Pinpoint, Georgia, to his confirmation as U. S. Supreme Court associate justice in 1991. Now filmmaker Michael Pack delivers Thomas' remarkable story to us in his own words, bringing to the screen exclusive interviews with Thomas and his wife, Virginia Thomas, in which they speak their minds. TRENDING: Anonymous' White House 'insider' identified and will soon be gone, says DiGenova Judge Thomas strikes a strong personal note with me because I know well what he means when he talks about being attacked for being black by not acting and saying what is expected from a black person. I was in the early days of my own work in policy activism when Democrats brought Anita Hill into Thomas' confirmation hearing. I helped organize a large group of black pastors to come to Washington from around the country and demonstrate support for him. When Branch Rickey, president and general manager of the then-Brooklyn Dodgers, recruited Jackie Robinson to be the first black in Major League Baseball, Rickey warned Robinson that he would be challenged to focus on the game and not react to the racist jeers that would come not just from the stands but from his own white teammates. "They'll taunt you and goad you. Rickey warned. "They'll do anything to make you react. They'll try to provoke a race riot in the ballpark. " Justice Thomas had to stand the same test. Except this time, it was not whites trying to drive a black man off the field. It was liberals, black liberals and white liberals, trying to drive a black conservative off the field. Thomas describes what he had to endure. Y)ou're not really black because you're not doing what we expect black people to do. " And with regard to what the left was trying to achieve with Anita Hill, he said: People should just tell the truth: This is the wrong black guy. He has to be destroyed. This circles back to Thomas' similarities with Jackie Robinson. Both men drew their strength from their deep faith to stand with integrity in the face of merciless attacks. Thomas talks about the restoration of his Catholicism after his youthful rebellion and black radicalism: I asked God, If you take anger out of my heart, I'll never hate again. Anger and hate are just other forms of slavery. Other people are controlling you. Thomas became a free man once his faith was restored. Thomas is now the most senior associate justice on the Supreme Court and has become one of America's great conservative elder statesmen. His opinions over these years have already created a legacy of finely and rigorously reasoned jurisprudence, faithful to the core principles on which America was founded. When Thomas was sworn in, after enduring what no man or woman should have to endure in his confirmation hearings, in his speech he alluded to Psalm 30, which reads: I will praise you, Lord, for you have rescued me. You refused to let my enemies triumph over me. Weeping may go on all night, but joy comes with the morning. " What better way to pay tribute to America and black history than going to see this important new film. Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words Watch freelance. Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words Watch free mobile. Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words Watch free software. MSN!? :. Created equal: clarence thomas in his own words watch free music. This post tracks developments in “Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words, ” a new documentary about the Supreme Court Justice and the toxic confirmation he was forced to endure. Links:? Homepage, IMDB, 11-28-19, Thomas compares ‘modern-day liberal to Klansman in new film Per the New York Post, “‘I felt as though in my life I had been looking at the wrong people as the people who would be problematic toward me, Thomas says in the film Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words, according to ABC News. ‘We were told that, ‘Oh, its gonna be the bigot in the pickup truck; its gonna be the Klansman; its gonna be the rural sheriff. But it turned out that through all of that, ultimately the biggest impediment was the modern-day liberal. ” 11-16-19, Townhall: “Stunning Documentary” Releases May 2020 on PBS Per Townhall, “Filmmaker Michael Pack conducted hundreds of hours of interviews with Thomas and his wife Virginia to create this stunning documentary, which will see a wide release in May 2020 on PBS. ” 11-13-19, Cato: “Justice Thomas, Unscripted” Per Cato, “Drawing on a rich array of historical archive material, period and original music, personal photos, and evocative recreations, Justice Thomas, unscripted, takes the viewer through his complex and often painful life, dealing with race, faith, power, jurisprudence, and personal resilience. ” 10-23-19, Double Standard for Black Conservatives vs. Black Liberals Per The Washington Examiner, “‘Theres different sets of rules for different people, Justice Thomas said in the films trailer. ‘If you criticize a black person whos more liberal, youre a racist. Whereas you can do whatever to me, or to now [HUD Secretary] Ben Carson, and thats fine, because youre not really black because youre not doing what we expect black people to do. '”. Created equal: clarence thomas in his own words watch free movie. Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words Watch free. Created equal clarence thomas in his own words watch free download. Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words Watch free online. Created equal: clarence thomas in his own words watch free online. Created equal: clarence thomas in his own words watch free watch. ?演: Michael Pack ??: Michael Pack ?型: ??片 制片国家/地区: 美国 ?言: 英? 上映日期: 2020-01-31(美国) 片?: 116分? IMDb?接: tt10256238 0 有用 [Deleted] 看? 2020-02-05 RBG的?立版本,具有?似的身份,却是?立的性??色甚至形象,可以?察如Clarence Thomas之寡言,影片中他却用极?清晰的表述回?自祖父起?人?利与个人的?展,政治立?的意味?高于个人的?? 你?注的人?没写?短? Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words的??. ( 全部 条) 什?是?? 无?是一部作品一个人,?是一件事,都往往可以衍生出?多不同的??. 将?些???分出来,分??行??,会有更多收?. 我要写影? Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words的影?. ( 全部 0 条) 豆瓣成?常用的??. 以下豆列推荐 ( 全部) ??Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words的??: feed: rss 2. 0. Clarence Thomas quietly occupies a unique place in American life. Anyone who ascends to the nations highest court is, by definition, special, but that undersells Thomas. Hes been at the center of the culture war and the debate over the soul of the Constitution?not exactly two minor issues. If that werent enough, Thomass life growing up black in Georgia gives him the quintessential American success story, even as he has been vilified by the American elite. And in a period characterized by reevaluating racism and its legacy, Thomas has been uniquely targeted with racist smears. Prominent public figures?and not just anonymous internet trolls?have attacked Thomas on racial grounds. Its material suited for an inspiring Hollywood movie centering on the black experience in America, akin to recent releases Just Mercy and Harriet. But thats unthinkable to the elites who have so reviled Thomas for the entirety of his public life. Thankfully, we now have a definitive documentary covering Thomass life in director Michael Packs Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words. Drawing from more than 30 hours of interview footage, Created Equal knocks down myths about Thomas one after another: that he is an intellectual lightweight, that he doesnt express his views, that his hardscrabble origins are a narrative contrivance, and more. David Rutz breaks down the most important news about the enemies of freedom, here and around the world, in this comprehensive morning newsletter. Sign up here and stay informed! The idea that Thomas has no jurisprudential "content" is a persistent one. Racist cartoons showed him as a servant at the feet of the late Antonin Scalia, a fellow originalist, but that picture ignores the reams of opinions Thomas has authored. Hes a prolific opinion-writer whos somehow painted as a slouch copying others work. The lazy black man is hardly a new idea in the annals of smear campaigns, but Thomas has been the target of something much more bizarre: the charge that his upbringing was contrived to get him confirmed. Few could see the pictures of his shack in Pin Point, Ga., and the slums in Savannah, then hear him describe the wonder of seeing his grandparents home with a functioning bathroom and modern appliances, without being moved. His grandfather Myers Anderson worked him and his brother silly in the city and on the farm, and the lessons learned are fresh in his mind?not just because he looms over his office in the form of a stoic bust. In light of his experience at the bottom rung of society, its striking how much of the elite opinion about Thomas uses directly racist language and
View photos Click here to read the full article. If you watch “Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words” looking for a clue as to Thomas’ inner workings, a key to who Clarence Thomas really is, then you’ll have to wait a while before it arrives. But it does. The reason it takes so long is that Thomas, dressed in a red tie, light shirt, and blue jacket (yes, his entire outfit is color-coordinated to the American flag), his graying head looking impressive and nearly statue-ready as he gazes into the camera, presents himself as a regular guy, affably growly and folksy in a casual straight-shooter way. And while I have no doubt that’s an honest aspect of who he is, it’s also a shrewdly orchestrated tactic, a way of saying: Don’t try to look for my demons ? you won’t find them. The revealing moment comes when Thomas recalls the 1991 Senate hearings in which he was grilled on national television as part of the Supreme Court confirmation process. Does he go back and talk about Anita Hill? Yes, he does (I’ll get to that shortly), but?that isn’t the revealing part. Discussing Anita Hill, Thomas reveals next to nothing. His métier now is exactly what it was then: Deny, deny, deny. More from Variety Film News Roundup: Clarence Thomas Documentary to Get Theatrical Release Anita Hill's Commission Launches Entertainment Industry Survey on Sexual Harassment Katy Perry and Anita Hill Honored at the DVF Awards Thomas tips his hand, though, when he recalls the moment that a senator asked if he’d ever had a private conversation about Roe v. Wade. At the time, he said no ? and now, 30 years later, that “no” has just gotten louder. In hindsight, he’s incredulous that anyone would simply presume that he’d ever had a private discussion about Roe v. He’s almost proud of how wrong they were to think so. In a Senate hearing, when you say that you’ve never had that kind of conversation, it’s in all likelihood political ? a way, in this case, of keeping your beliefs about abortion ambiguous and close to the vest. A way of keeping them officially off the table. In “Created Equal, ” however, Thomas is being sincere. He has always maintained that he finds it insulting ? and racist ? that people would expect an African-American citizen like himself to conform to a prescribed liberal ideology. And in the same vein, he thinks it’s ridiculous that a Senate questioner expected him to say that he’d ever spent two minutes sitting around talking about Roe v. But talk about an argument that backfires! I’m not a federal judge (and the last time I checked, I’ve never tried to become a Supreme Court justice), but I’ve had many conversations in my life about Roe v. Why wouldn’t I? I’m an ordinary politically inclined American. I mean, how could you not talk about it ? ever? Abortion rights, no matter where you happen to stand on them, are a defining issue of our world. And the fact that Clarence Thomas was up for the role of Supreme Court justice, and that he still views it as A-okay to say that he’d never had a single discussion about Roe v. Wade, shows you where he’s coming from. He has opinions and convictions. But he is, in a word, incurious. He’s a go-along-to-get-along kind of guy, a man who worked hard and achieved something and enjoyed a steady rise without ever being driven to explore things. He was a bureaucrat. Which is fine; plenty of people are. But not the people we expect to be on the Supreme Court. “Created Equal” is structured as a monologue of self-justification, a two-hour infomercial for the decency, the competence, and the conservative role-model aspirationalism of Clarence Thomas. Since he followed the 1991 Senate hearings, even in victory, by going off and licking his wounds, maintaining a public persona that was studiously recessive, there’s a certain interest in “hanging out” with Thomas and taking in his cultivated self-presentation. The movie, in its public-relations heart, is right-wing boilerplate (though it’s mild next to the all-in-for-Trump documentary screeds of Dinesh D’Souza), and there are worse ways to get to know someone like Thomas than to watch him deliver what is basically the visual version of an I-did-it-my-way audiobook memoir, with lots of news clips and photographs to illustrate his words. The first half of the movie draws you in, because it’s basically the story of how Thomas, born in 1948 in the rural community of Pin Point, Georgia, was raised in a penniless family who spoke the creole language of Gullah, and of how he pulled himself up by his bootstraps. After a fire left the family homeless, he and his brother went off to Savannah to live with their grandfather, an illiterate but sternly disciplined taskmaster who gave Thomas his backbone of self-reliance. He entered Conception Seminary College when he was 16, and he loved it ? but in a story Thomas has often told, he left the seminary after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. when he overheard a fellow student make an ugly remark about King. That’s a telling anecdote, but there’s a reason Thomas showcases it the way he does. It’s his one official grand statement of racial outrage. In “Created Equal, ” he talks for two hours but says next to nothing about his feelings on the Civil Rights movement, or on what it was like to be raised in the Jim Crow South. As a student at Holy Cross, the Jesuit liberal arts college near Boston, he joined a crew of black “revolutionaries” and dressed the part in Army fatigues, but he now mocks that stage of his development, cutting right to his conservative awakening, which coalesced around the issue of busing. Thomas thought it was nuts to bus black kids from Roxbury to schools in South Boston that were every bit as bad as the ones they were already attending. And maybe he was right. Thomas, using busing and welfare as his example, decries the liberal dream as a series of idealistic engineering projects that human beings were then wedged into. There may be aspects of truth to that critique, but liberalism was also rolling up its sleeves to grapple with the agony of injustice. The philosophy that Thomas evolved had a connect-the-dots perfection to it: Treat everyone equal! Period! How easy! It certainly sounds good on paper, yet you want to ask: Couldn’t one use the same logic that rejects affirmative action programs to reject anti-discrimination law? Thomas projects out from his own example: He came from nothing and made something of himself, so why can’t everyone else? But he never stops to consider that he was, in fact, an unusually gifted man. His aw-shucks manner makes him likably unpretentious, but where’s his empathy for all the people who weren’t as talented or lucky? In “Created Equal, ” Thomas continues to treat Anita Hill’s testimony against him as part of a liberal smear campaign ? and, therefore, as a lie. He compares himself to Tom Robinson, the railroaded black man in “To Kill a Mockingbird, ” viewing himself as a pure victim. Thomas’ wife, Virginia Lamp, who sat by his side at the hearings (and is interviewed in the film), stands by him today. But more than two years into the #MeToo revolution, the meaning of the Clarence Thomas/Anita Hill Senate testimony stands clearer than ever. It was the first time in America that a public accusation of sexual harassment shook the earth. The meaning of those hearings transcends the fight over whether one more conservative justice got to be added to the Supreme Court. Thomas now admits that he refused to withdraw his nomination less out of a desire to serve on the Supreme Court than because caving in would have been death to him. “I’ve never cried uncle, ” he says, “whether I wanted to be on the Supreme Court or not. ” It’s an honest confession, but a little like the Roe v. Wade thing: Where was his intellectual and moral desire to serve on the court? By then, he’d been a federal judge for just 16 months, and he admits that he wasn’t drawn to that job either; but he found that he liked the work. Thomas also explains why, once he had ascended to the high court, he went through a period where, famously, he didn’t ask a single question at a public hearing for more than 10 years. His rationalization (“The referee in the game should not be a participant in the game”) is, more or less, nonsense. But his silence spoke volumes. It was his passive-aggressive way of turning inward, of treating an appointment he didn’t truly want with anger ? of coasting as a form of rebellion. It was his way of pretending to be his own man, even as he continued to play the hallowed conservative role of good soldier. Best of Variety The Best Albums of the Decade Sign up for Variety’s Newsletter. For the latest news, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. View photos.
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