Jack Wiley - Free Stream The Godfather writer Francis Ford Coppola Online Now 720px

Free Stream The Godfather writer Francis Ford Coppola Online Now 720px

Writed by=Mario Puzo / Ratings=9,2 of 10 Stars / Francis Ford Coppola / actor=Al Pacino / Drama, Crime / year=1972
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The godfather 4. The godfather remix. The godfather song. Pure brilliance. The way the suspense builds up as the train brakes and forces Mike into that do-or-die moment, that tiny window when he has to either act or keep his peace, and you can see he's not 100% sold on the idea, he's close to losing his bottle; makes me feel as nervous as though it were me sitting at that table with the gun in my hand. And the timing's perfect, with the moment not lasting long enough for you to get used to the idea. Makes the gunshots nerve-shattering, no matter how accustomed you are to hearing guns fired in films because this isn't a scene from an action film: it's a masterclass in the art of suspense.
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