The Shawshank Redemption 1080i(hd) 1994 release No Sign Up USA

Liked it: 2230246 votes / Release Year: 1994 / directed by: Frank Darabont / USA / Tomatometers: 9,3 of 10 star / genre: Drama
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Hahaha. 2:03. I want my mama.? I had your mama, she wasn't that great. The Friends thingy was soooooo epic. lmao. This film deserved Best Picture at the Oscars, I can't believe it didn't win it. It's one of the best films ever made. I want my mamma!I had your mamma. She wasn't that great. HAHAHAHA. Clancy Brown is a talented actor and he is such an amazing voiceactor also. Imagine if Lex Luthor beated the crap out of Superman with a kryptonite baton like that and said to the captured Justice League : If I hear so much as a mouse fart the rest of the night. I swear to God and sunny Jesus, you will ALL visit the infirmary! Every last motherfucker in here.
I keep rewinding the Friends part over and over again! Never gets old! ? 1:49. Better ending than Game of Thrones. Me at my first day of sleepaway camp though. Yeah, I rented this... IN HD MADAFAKAS ! Because the effot went into this trilogy cinema deserves not 2.99, but 3,99! PER PERSON. 1 RING TO RULE THEM ALL.

These actors and actresses work work hard ok... Still cry when andy escapes. The quality is quite good because it is not re-encoded. Do you remember the name of that town Clevland: Crap. I was just here for 1:53. My favorite line in the movie is I had to come to prison to become a criminal. You know a grown man is scared when he calls for his mother. Watch Here. Tears came to my eyes. Were suppose to show Hadley and Blutch in jail together and Hadley being welcomed the same like he used to welcome.
You're being obtuse haha. I like how all the other prisoners are upset once the beating starts but if not for their hazing none of this would have happend. This isn't funny, I feel sorry for the fat guy. I know that Im not supposed to be in prison. Just because of how I am. Anyone that could be in prison is there right now. I don't know exactly what he meant by I ain't supposed to be here but it could mean that he was innocent.
Love this movie. 3:25 Cleveland - Crap. 3:00 Goddamn Cracks Me Up Sometimes. Those words he used in the final hearing, are the best lines. Of any movie's of that decade. Morgan's spiruitual speech. I can't stop listening to him again and again.
The Shawshank Redemption one of my favorite movies. 1:27 I love that they used the actual music. One hell of a movie this one of the best. They don't make these kind anymore.











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