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Published by: partin malermo
Info: estoy resfriado 1999

countries: Japan
score: 28066 vote
directed by: Shôgo Furuya
creators: Satoshi Kon, Keiko Nobumoto
8,4 / 10 star

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Satoshi Kon was one of the most talented directors that ever worked on the medium of animation. Here we have another solid offering by the director. Perhaps not as great as Paprika, which was his film that impressed me the most, but still it was a stronger film than Perfect Blue for me.
It is a very solid and well constructed drama/comedy that just happens to be animated. One of the main characteristics of this film is that it's pacing is much faster than most other films, perhaps the outcome of it being animated: since each second costs 12 frames of animation it makes sense to minimize the amount of "fat" in the film to reduce costs and thus make a less dragging film. Highly recommended.

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You can draw some interesting parallels with perfect blue and the new bojack season. Tipe-X versi Jepang wkwkwk.

The intro's song make me feel weird. I love it

Tôkyô goddofâzâzu watch. やっぱりかっこいい??. It's no good to be beaten with a whip. You never fail to give me chills, Breadsword. And I hope you never stop managing to do so. It's finally getting dub.
I've been there myself, wonderful performance but dead crowd, only a handful of people that dances especially foreigners. Sadly it's a jazz themed event so people aren't accustomed to this type of music. このぬるぬる動いて変身しまくる集団を描いて動かすって人にできる所業じゃない…. Holy pheck! I love Tokyo Godfathers! It's a tradition of mine to watch it around xmas time. Merry christmas buddy and keep them glorious reviews coming. T c3 b4ky c3 b4 goddof c3 a2z c3 a2zu watch medical. Money, that's fine. This looks like it's going to be beautiful. Love the music. Tokyo Godfathers is amazing. T c3 b4ky c3 b4 goddof c3 a2z c3 a2zu watch driver. Tôkyô goddofÃzÃzu watch tv. I loved Tokyo Godfathers! It was the best! I am also a big fan of Japanese animation so it was a big treat for me. My favorite character was Mayuki. My favorite part was when Gin said something like "I feel like some meat." and he looked at a cat and Mayuki was like "Don't you even think about it! and she hugged all her cats tightly. The movie of course had good themes like the main theme I think was don't look at apperences look at the inside. Like Hana, Gin and Mayuki were the most awful looking people, yet they had wonderful hearts.
Drummer the best.

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Interesting fact this movie does technically have a dub made by the company animax (I think that is there name) but they have never officially released it on DVD and it was only ever used once when they aired this movie on American TV. After that it was never used again. This is a great movie and one of the best Christmas films of all time. I just now noticed that it seems like the IMDb is creating a new format for reviews and I personally don't care for it, but I will keep writing reviews anyway. So this movie features three homeless people who find an infant and try to find her parents. That's really all there is and all there needs to be. The weirdest thing is that I heard that Japan is actually the least religious country on Earth. Well, maybe not the least but two thirds of its population are not religious.
It's not like this doesn't contain any references to the baby Jesus. It explicitly mentions him at the beginning of the story through a play. I think it's great that such a secular country can look into the religious themes of a holiday. I thought Christmas in Japan had something to do with KFC. Did I miss that in this movie? I am glad the movie was rated PG-13. There was a scene where a woman was breast feeding two babies at once. Another breastfeeding scene appeared later. You'd think with any bare breasts that much, a movie would be rated R. I'm glad the MPAA understood that breastfeeding is something perfectly natural. What's so beautiful about this film is the gorgeous animation. I think this might be the most realistic anime film I've ever seen. It may also be the only one that wasn't based on a manga or directed by Miyazaki. It's great that other artists are learning to create anime masterpieces.
When Hokusai come to NA, Imma watch this as her catalyst. I NEED TO SEE THIS HFBVJKJEBVRV. Children who chase lost voices is sp good i kept forgetting it was not a ghibli while i watched lol. Tôkyô goddofâzâzu watchers. 2020 desde México!???♂?. Thanks this is a great present I love this MOVE. Beautiful video, these vids are something special. T c3 b4ky c3 b4 goddof c3 a2z c3 a2zu watch services. Tôkyô goddofâzâzu watch now. T c3 b4ky c3 b4 goddof c3 a2z c3 a2zu watch performance. Sayang sekali crowd nya kurang hype, apa pada kagak bisa menikmati genre nya ya itu, kalo gw disitu auto jingkrak” ? dan gw baru tahu kalo tokyo ska paradise ke indo tahun itu ???♂?.
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7.9 / 10
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