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Josh Boone / Country - USA / Release Year - 2020 / Creator - Dave Cockrum. So glad to finally see Magik getting some attention she was always one of my favourites. Who's here after dark Phoenix trailer. Omg I have been waiting for this allllll my life ?????. You've got Charlie Heaton, kids with powers being experimented on and people coming through walls. You sure this isn't Stranger Things. É??é??å?3.1. Å?å?c.c. Im so glad theyre focusing on the less popular mutants that have cool powers. What is the song playing at the end. September 2019 and I still waiting for this movie realiced.
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After two long years. They all look kinda dumb. Love how dark and gritty it looked and different from past x-men films. 變身特務 小鴨.

The original trailers looked good. This one just makes me feel Meh

When magneto was right. The Clone version of Wolvy thaught it was Sabretooth. Guess Not. We would like to see the old mutants first in the MCU before seeing the new ones ??. 東京教父 線上. I love how alot of comments are like marvel making horror? Nope, this is Fox not marvel, think all Xmen movies. Edit: After reading the comments let me make it clear. Yes this is marvel characters but not marvel studios, this is Fox studios. This movie is not in the MCU. Imagine if this movie turns out to be best X-Men movie of all time.
E7 88 86 e7 82 b8 e6 96 b0 e9 97 bb remix. Can we take a moment of silence for the people patiently waiting for this movie. If the movie was retooled to be more mcu-friendly and maybe as a way to begin introducing the x-gene, it'll have been worth the wait.

I wish they didnt reveal that the guy is still alive. What a spoiler

I swear the even the director won't say 'cut' by this point which is Nice.
E9 80%86 e8 bd 89%e4 b8 89%e5 9c 8b 12. This is gonna be soooo awesome.
É??è??a à z. &ref(https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/marveldatabase/images/7/7d/New_Mutants_Vol_1_53.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20180131042759)

Æ??ä¸?ä¸?à l'étranger. Well, I'm done with the x-men, I'll stick to the movies of it I have this looks horrible. This movie should be called Old Mutants at this point. “Not coming to theaters near you”.

4.1/ 5stars









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