The Rideshare Guide: Everything You Need to Know about Driving for Uber, Lyft, and Other Ridesharing Companies
Harry Campbell

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The Rideshare Guide: Everything You Need to Know about Driving for Uber, Lyft, and Other Ridesharing Companies Harry Campbell
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing

The Rideshare Guide: Everything You Need to Know about Driving for Uber, Lyft, and Other Ridesharing Companies by Harry Campbell An industry leader's guide to making Lyft and Uber work for you.
In less than five years, ridesharing has grown from nonexistence into a billion dollar industry. Uber now has two million drivers in the United States, Lyft has seven hundred thousand, and both show no signs of slowing down. Despite the large number of drivers, Uber and Lyft provide little in the way of help for new drivers, who complain that there is a lack of guidance when starting out.
Harry Campbell, founder and director of The Rideshare Guy blog and podcast and a driver himself, can help. The Rideshare Guide offers a comprehensive and engaging handbook for current and prospective rideshare drivers. Learn how to:
Decide between Uber and Lyft Maximize passengers and profits Maintain a five-star rating Keep safe and interact appropriately with passengers Navigate legal matters and tax codes

Campbell explains these and much more, also including funny, shocking, and bizarre tales from the road. Whether you are thinking about becoming a driver or a veteran wondering about UberPool and tax help, The Rideshare Guide by the Rideshare Guy has the answers.

Tennessee Rideshare Insurance - The Rideshare Guy Eliminate coverage gaps and don't worry about which policy is primary if youhave an accident. Best of all, GEICO's ridesharing coverage is offered at rates typically much lower than taxi and commercial rates. Also, Uber, Lyft, or other on- demand service—drivers are not limited to just one transportation networkcompany. Rideshare insurance: Coverage while you're on the clock Rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft have made it possible for anyone with a smartphone and a car to pick up passengers and make a few extra bucks, or even start a full-time job. But while most of these drivers have car insurance – after all, it's required by law in almost every state – many of them don't realize that their  NYC Startup Via Exposes Yet Another Flaw in Uber's Business Model Do you drive for Via or have you taken Via? Let us know what you think in the comments! A few weeks ago, I gave a ride to a woman who travels regularly to New York City, and she raved all about a startup ride hailing service called Via. I was intrigued, because the conventional wisdom about ridesharing  Driving with Uber and Lyft: a guide for single moms [+sign up bonus That is one of the reasons driving for ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft are so popular with moms: You use what you have (extra time, a car), and While there are other rideshare companies, these two have dominated the market in a way that allows drivers and riders to use either in pretty much  A Blog And Podcast For Rideshare Drivers In certain markets, Uber and Lyft have been making changes from driver pay to how surge pricing is shown to drivers. If you're in one of those markets, you mayhave noticed the changes. If not, the changes may be rolling out soon to you! Today, senior RSG contributor Christian Perea gives us an update on all the changes  Uber and Lyft Car and Driver Requirements - HyreCar To see if you are likely to qualify to join either of these ridesharing companies,check out the requirements below. What are the different types of Uber? Uber (If you have an extra car that meets these requirements and you're not utilizing it much, you can make money renting it out to other Uber drivers. Uber vs Lyft: Comparing the Rideshare titans | Rideshareapps New Study Finds Uber Use Reduces DUI Deaths · LAX To See Ridesharing Options In Coming Weeks · Court Case May Result in Uber Price Increase, Other Possible Changes · How To Schedule an Uber Ride. Last update: 3rd November, 2017. Table of Contents [show]. Uber vs Lyft:  Rideshare Insurance For Lyft & Uber Drivers-Updated April 2018 See all your Lyft and Uber insurance options in every state. Get Lyft Rideshare insurance is simply a must have if you're going to drive for Lyft, Uber, or anotherrideshare service. Without a The companies offering some form of gap coverage are Safeco, Farmers, Allstate, Mercury, American Family, USAA, and Travelers. Do Uber and Lyft Drivers Really Only Make $3.37 per hour? Last week, an MIT study came out making the salacious claim that ridesharedrivers were earning a profit of just $3.37 per hour. Uber and Lyft have all the data necessary to do this, and I think what we'll see is that, yes, some drivers do earn below minimum wage, but others may be earning over $20 per  Rideshare: The Comprehensive Guide | We are a comprehensive resource for popular rideshare app services, Lyft, Uber and Sidecar. Here you will find promo codes, information, and helpful resources. Driver Resources - The Rideshare Guy Senior RSG contributor Christian Perea tested Getaround, a rental car service forUber drivers, and explains how it works, what you can expect when signing up todrive, and how you can . Some use their ridesharing business to show off their business skills, while others don't want to mention it at all. The Rideshare Guide: Everything You Need to Know - The Rideshare Guide: Everything You Need to Know about Driving for Uber, Lyft, and Other Ridesharing Companies: Harry Campbell: 9781510735316: Books - Should I Rent, Lease or Buy a Car for Uber and Lyft? - Uber and Lyft both started with the same basic idea… Find people who already own cars and give them a platform to earn a little extra money, working their own hours with their own cars. The idea originally was for people with cars (and jobs) to earn a little extra spending money. However, as these two  Business of Rideshare - The Rideshare Guy Today we have a guest post from QuickBooks Self-Employed with more information on what to do in 2018 after the passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The good news is that most drivers will end up paying less in federal taxes this year IF they take advantage of the right deductions. Right now, you can get a 30 Day free  California Rideshare Insurance: The Best Options For Drivers Uber and Lyft are two of the largest ridesharing companies in the world, and their humble start in Silicon Valley made way for an entirely new type of vehicle coverage in the . If you're looking for California rideshare insurance, another great option is to check out State Farm's Rideshare Driver Coverage.

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