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Alan Moore

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Jerusalem Alan Moore
Publisher: Liveright Publishing Corporation

Jerusalem by Alan Moore The New York Times bestseller from the author of Watchmen and V for Vendetta finally appears in a one-volume paperback.
Begging comparisons to Tolstoy and Joyce, this °»magnificent, sprawling cosmic epic°… (Guardian) by Alan Moore—the genre-defying, °»groundbreaking, hairy genius of our generation°… (NPR)—takes its place among the most notable works of contemporary English literature. In decaying Northampton, eternity loiters between housing projects. Among saints, kings, prostitutes, and derelicts, a timeline unravels: second-century fiends wait in urine-scented stairwells, delinquent specters undermine a century with tunnels, and in upstairs parlors, laborers with golden blood reduce fate to a snooker tournament. Through the labyrinthine streets and pages of Jerusalem tread ghosts singing hymns of wealth and poverty. They celebrate the English language, challenge mortality post-Einstein, and insist upon their slum as Blake°«s eternal holy city in °»Moore°«s apotheosis, a fourth-dimensional symphony°… (Entertainment Weekly). This °»brilliant . . . monumentally ambitious°… tale from the gutter is °»a massive literary achievement for our time—and maybe for all times simultaneously°… (Washington Post).

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