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  • Release Date=1952
  • Director=Federico Fellini
  • Writer=Ennio Flaiano
  • Resume=During a day in their honeymoon, a couple is separated by the city's lust and the desires it produces
  • 83m
  • 8,1 / 10
The White Sheik Theatrical release poster Directed by Federico Fellini Produced by Luigi Rovere Screenplay by Federico Fellini Tullio Pinelli Ennio Flaiano Story by Michelangelo Antonioni Federico Fellini Tullio Pinelli Starring Alberto Sordi Leopoldo Trieste Brunella Bovo Giulietta Masina Music by Nino Rota Cinematography Arturo Gallea Edited by Rolando Benedetti Production company American International Pictures Release date 6 September 1952 ( VFF) 20 September 1952 (Italy) 25 April 1956 (USA) Running time 83 minutes Country Italy Language Italian The White Sheik ( Italian: Lo sceicco bianco) is a 1952 Italian romantic comedy film directed by Federico Fellini and starring Alberto Sordi, Leopoldo Trieste, Brunella Bovo and Giulietta Masina. Written by Fellini, Tullio Pinelli, Ennio Flaiano and Michelangelo Antonioni, the film is about a man who brings his new bride to Rome for their honeymoon, to gain an audience with the Pope, and to present his wife to his family. When the young woman sneaks away to find the hero of her romance novels, the man is forced to spend hour after painful hour making excuses to his eager family who want to meet his missing bride. [1] The White Sheik was filmed on location in Fregene, Rome, Spoleto and Vatican City. [2] Plot [ edit] Two young newlyweds from a provincial town, Wanda (Brunella Bovo) and Ivan Cavalli ( Leopoldo Trieste), arrive in Rome for their honeymoon. Wanda is obsessed with the "White Sheik" ( Alberto Sordi), the Rudolph Valentino -like hero of a soap opera photo strip and sneaks off to find him, leaving her conventional, petit bourgeois husband in hysterics as he tries to hide his wife's disappearance from his strait-laced relatives who are waiting to go with them to visit the Pope. The plotline was appropriated by Woody Allen in his film To Rome with Love. Cast [ edit] Alberto Sordi as Fernando Rivoli, The White Sheik Leopoldo Trieste as Ivan Cavalli Brunella Bovo as Wanda Giardino Cavalli Giulietta Masina as Cabiria, the prostitute Lilia Landi as Felga, the photonovel's gipsy Ernesto Almirante as Dottore Fortuna, the photonovel's director Fanny Marchiò as Marilena Alba Vellardi Gina Mascetti as Aida Rivoli, the wife of Fernando Ugo Attanasio as Uncle of Ivan [3] Production [ edit] The White Sheik was Fellini's first solo effort as a director. He had previously co-directed Variety Lights in 1950 with Alberto Lattuada. Originally the treatment for The White Sheik was written by Michelangelo Antonioni. [4] Carlo Ponti commissioned Fellini and Tullio Pinelli to develop the treatment. It was satirical in nature, targeting the trashy fotoromanzi comic strips that were extremely popular in Italy when the film was made. [5] The male lead, Leopoldo Trieste, a playwright who did not consider himself an actor, reluctantly auditioned for Fellini. During the audition Fellini asked him to compose a sonnet that the lead character would have written to his wife. The poem which begins "She is graceful, sweet and teeny... " was included in the film. [6] Appearing briefly as the prostitute Cabiria, Giulietta Masina would later return to this role in Nights of Cabiria. Her short scene inspired Fellini to write the screenplay and also convinced producers that Giulietta was ready for the leading role. [7] Reception [ edit] Italian film critic Giulio Cesare Castello, writing for Cinema V, argued that Fellini's past as a successful strip cartoonist made him a natural choice as the film's director: "Fellini was undoubtedly the best qualified and for two reasons: firstly, his experience as a strip cartoonist and consequently his familiarity with the secrets and intrigues of the world he was about to bring to the screen; secondly, his gift for sarcastic comment and delight in satirizing tradition... The result is unusual and stimulating but derives more from the failure to establish a basic mood or tone rather than from any direct intention. Fellini should find this tone in future works if he is to avoid the discontinuity we found here. " [8] Soundtrack [ edit] Nino Rota scored the film. References [ edit] ^ "The White Sheik". Internet Movie Database. Retrieved 21 April 2012. ^ "Filming locations for The White Sheik". Retrieved 21 April 2012. ^ "Full cast and crew for The White Sheik". Retrieved 21 April 2012. ^ Chandler, Charlotte (March 2012). "My Dinners with Federico and Michelangelo". Vanity Fair. Retrieved 16 August 2015. ^ Hancock, Joseph H., Toni Johnson-Woods and Vicki Karaminas (2013). Fashion in Popular Culture: Literature, Media and Contemporary Studies. Chicago: Intellect Books. p.?249. ISBN ? 1841507164. ^ Trieste, Leopoldo. "Lo Sceicco Bianco - Fellini - Interviste".. Retrieved 16 August 2015. ^ Smith, Geoffrey Nowell (1996). The Companion to Italian Cinema. London: Cassell. p.?79. ISBN ? 0304341975. ^ Castello's review first published in Cinema V (Milan) December 15, 1952. Cited in Claudio Fava and Aldo Vigano, The Films of Federico Fellini, New York: Citadel Press (1985), p. 65. Further reading [ edit] Aristarco, Guido. Lo sceicco bianco, in: "Cinema Nuovo", n° 1, Novembre 1952. (in Italian) Burke, Frank M. " Variety Lights, The White Sheik, and Italian Neorealism". In Film Criticism, Winter 1978, Volume 3, no. 2, p.?53-66. External links [ edit] The White Sheik on IMDb The White Sheik an essay by Jonathan Rosenbaum at the Criterion Collection.
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Lo sceicco bianco film. Synopsis Two newlyweds come to Rome from the provinces for their honeymoon. The apparition on the swing of the white sheik Alberto Sordi, star of the photo strip soap opera. And thus the illusions of the world of entertainment. The kindly prostitutes of the capital, among them Giulietta Masina’s Cabiria. The whole of Fellini’s world can already be found in this first solo effort by the director from Rimini ( Luci del varietà was co-directed with Lattuada). “The originality of expression finds concrete form in an unrelenting disquiet that is reflected and manifested in the malicious way in which the camera moves, sometimes staring pitilessly, at others satirically inciting gestures, deeds and actions on the part of the petit bourgeois protagonists grappling with the fulfillment of their provincial dreams. A petite bourgeoisie seen as a renunciation of authenticity, as a desire to pursue a host of common and flaccid myths with touching dedication: from the brass band of the Bersaglieri to the world of photonovels; from the carriage ride through the streets of Rome to the honor suicide and the yearned-for [papal] audience. ” Lino Del Fra, “Bianco e Nero”, yr. XVIII, no. 6 (June 1957) Director’s Statement The first day of shooting of Lo sceicco bianco got off to a bad start. [... ] I arrived at Fregene at a quarter to ten when the appointment had been for half past eight. They had all set off on a barge that was a kilometer away on an immense expanse of sea. They seemed to me to very distant, out of reach. ] I asked myself “And now what do I do? ” I couldn’t remember the plot of the film, I couldn’t remember anything. I just wanted to get out of there. To forget all about it. But then all my doubts vanished as soon as I set foot on the rope ladder. I hoisted myself onto the barge. I slipped in among the crew. I was curious to see how it was all going to end. Federico Fellini, Fare un film (Turin: Einaudi, 1980), 51-52 Producers/Distributors PRODUCTION 1: FONDAZIONE CINETECA DI BOLOGNA via Riva Reno 72 40122 Bologna, Italy Tel. +39 051 2194214 PRODUCTION 2: RTI-Mediaset PRODUCTION 3: Infinity PRODUCTION WHEN THE FILM WAS MADE: P. D. C. - O. F. I. PRESS OFFICE: Andrea Ravagnan - FONDAZIONE CINETECA DI BOLOGNA Tel. +39 051 2194833.
The White Sheik is a characteristically distant film by Fellini, a giggle-inducing featherweight screwball comedy that opens very cynically on the first two days of a marriage, a socially meticulous layman having brought his virgin bride to Rome for their honeymoon, a meeting with the Pope, and to introduce her to his uncle. When he takes a nap, she, already regretful and bored, sneaks off to find the offices of a romance magazine she reads devotedly with the intent to meet the film's title character, a manly soap opera hero. Blindly smitten, she does not care when she finds herself far from Rome, alone on a boat with this hunk, hilariously over the top with Alberto Sordi in the role, leaving her distraught groom to scramble covering for her. Fellini and Michelangelo Antonioni's goofy set-up leads to a hilarious satirical turning point and subsequently Fellini's trademark lingering and wanderlust.
This is self-steering gear, one you can watch very easily and indifferent to the characters' pain, pleasure, grief or joy because Fellini wants only to have some farcical fun at arm's length. As always, even Nino Rota's lush, carnivalesque music is almost incidental, as if it were source music, complete with Fellini's quaint imagery. Really, it is quite a funny movie.
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Lo sceicco bianco circus band. Lo sceicco bianco altalena. Lo sceicco bianco trailer. Lo sceicco bianco casalecchio di reno. Lo sceicco bianco streaming. 10 stars 9 stars 8 stars 7 stars 6 stars 5 stars 4 stars 3 stars 2 stars 1 star Рейтинг 7. 2 Название Lo sceicco bianco Год 1952 Жанры драма, комедия Страна Италия Режиссёр Федерико Феллини Сценарий Федерико Феллини, Туллио Пинелли, Эннио Флайяно Актёры Альберто Сорди, Брунелла Бово, Леопольдо Триесте, Джульетта Мазина, Эрнесто Альмиранте, Лилия Ланди, Фанни Маркио, Джина Маскетти, Йоле Сильвани, Энцо Маджо Время 1 час 27 минут Премьера 6 сентября 1952 в?мире DVD 24 октября 2007 Это рассказ о приключениях провинциальной девушки в Вечном Городе, где в трагикомической манере переплетаются ее страсть к киногерою ?Белому шейху? с возможностью благополучно устроить свою жизнь. Разочарования и обиды соседствуют в фильме с желанием понять и принять любящего человека. Воспроизведение видео в?вашем браузере не?поддерживается.
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Lo sceicco bianco colonna sonora

Semplicemente un maestro... Alberto starai giocando. scopone. 6 stato il piu' grande R.I.P.

Lo sceicco bianco
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