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Duration - 105 Minute / countries - USA / Release Date - 2020 / director - Chris Sinclair

These guys are really good, to me they show a very realistic version of christianity, giving up the easy life and helping the sick and sinners. They are currently in Syria with the Syrian Democratic Forces. It really makes you heart bleed for the Syrians and especially the kurdish Syrians. Please pray for the Syrians and all sides of the conflict. Play 0:00 0:00 Settings Fullscreen level 1 This is the same SEAL who was shot in the leg in that video of them saving the young girl in Mosul. level 2 These guys are fucking heroes level 1 I thought the free Burma rangers only offered medical support not direct action. level 2 This is called preventative medicine. level 2 At the end it says "Stronghold Rescue and relief along side free berma rangers. " Im assuming they are their own group that just works with fbr. level 2 He's curing social cancers. level 2 They're not Doctors Without Borders. These guys fight their way in and out of places they go if necessary. Their stated mission is: "To bring help, hope and love to people of all faiths and ethnicities in the conflict areas, to shine a light on the actions of oppressors, to stand with the oppressed and support leaders and organizations committed to liberty, justice and service. " level 2 No, they are the forst and only armed humanitarian services. On the paper they are only siposed to gollow the front and provide protection and medical services to civilian and people in need after the battles. Still I’m pretry surprised to see that they actually fight too in front. KEEP UP THE WORK STAND UP FOR WHAT IS GOOD! FBR is way more in a legitimate reason of their presence there level 2 People are joking but I'm wondering this too. I always thought the only fighting they did was purely defensive or when covering rescue operations. level 2 Put that kind of reload in a video game and a lot of players would complain of 'slow reload times'. level 2 I fucking know! That's what impressed me most, I was like goddamn, his reload looks like a call of duty reload almost, fucking clean as shit with the liter of adrenaline in his bloodstream level 2 Hearing that click was like "oh shit bad time to need a reload". He just did it right on the first try like another day at the office and moved on. level 2 Literally thought it looked like it was out of a video game with the way it raised slightly off-screen and how smoothly he popped it in and racked it. level 1 This is awesome. Love how he’s rolling with an ak too. level 2 I know the dudes a Seal, but do they get a choice of what weapon to operate with? Or is this because he's rolling with a different crew trying to blend in?
A Free Burma Rangers have inspired me and everyone around the world, as well as many other jounalists or reporters who risk their lives to get the reports document the events in the war zones. Unfortunately, most innocent men, women and young boys were forced to accept and live under brutal jihadi rule and their Sharia law because they trapped and couldn't find ways to escape. Besides, they had have great trauma and fear for their lives by seeing and witnessing the jihadists' atrocity and torture of their victims in public vivews, such as beheading, crucificing and displaying the their dead bodies for days, stoning women for adultery, cutting hand off for theft, burning alive of the victims in the bread ovens who were deemed as spies, throwing gays from the high building to death, and sticking the heads on spikes around the fences at the Raqqa square and inside the Raqqa stadium.
&ref(https://images.unsplash.com/photo-1504194104404-433180773017?ixlib=rb-1.2.1) Thanks for all you guys bring the love and help my Karen peoples ?? Im happy to see more videos. I love it ?. **The conspiracy subreddit is a thinking ground. Above all else, we respect everyone's opinions and ALL religious beliefs and creeds. We hope to challenge issues which have captured the public’s imagination, from JFK and UFOs to 9/11. This is a forum for free thinking, not hate speech. Respect other views and opinions, and keep an open mind. ** **Our intentions are aimed towards a fairer, more transparent world and a better future for everyone. **.
Wow. i am stunned! God be with you guys. I am so proud of you. I can dig it... I like there voice.

God bless, great job. Since this is Foodforthought, I'm trying to follow Reddiquette as best I can. He didn't "create" the insurgency, as it started long before he was born. While the conflict has some of its bases in religion, it seems that the religion in question is Buddhism and its various strains, not Christianity. Moreover, as kingvultan noted, the majority of the FBR are not Christian. I'll leave most of the "I do not believe... " sentence alone, since it's an opinion, but Evangelicals must be an awfully strange lot to think highly enough of some complete strangers to send people into areas to risk their lives to convert and then not think highly enough of the other strangers who live in that same area to leave them in "an ocean of blood. " Finally, the article makes clear that the FBR, including its "Christian fanatics", has cautiously welcomed the peace offers from the government.
Free Burma Rangers are nothing but armed missionaries working for US deep state.

Watch FrEe BurMa Putlocker Movie Online…

free burma rangers Full Movie, how long Fr*ee. Ran&g~ers. Tl;dr; Pilots & aircraft needed for humanitarian evacuation in Syria **now** David Eubank is the leader of The Free Burma Rangers? (FBR), whose mission mission is to provide hope, help and love to internally displaced people inside Burma, Sudan, Kurdistan, Iraq and Syria regardless of ethnicity or religion. Here's their website. Here's a podcast he recently was interviewed on. Below is an email that David just sent out. --------------------- 7 October, 2019 Sari Kani, Syria Dear friends, We are near Sari Kani, north of Tel Tamir, where hundreds of wounded people are trapped; a ceasefire has been announced and if it holds we are planning to use this opportunity to evacuate wounded people trapped by the Turkish and FSA assault. Sari Kari has a hospital but it is surrounded and has been damaged by airstrikes and shelling. We don’t know how many patients and staff are there. Right now, what is needed is a humanitarian air corridor as soon as possible to save lives. Please read our statistics below. I am up at the front and we cannot get further through the Turkish airstrikes. Numbers for this area near Sari Kani, north of Tal Tamir: Wounded: 653 (including 35 wounded children)? ?Many of the injured are trapped?by Turkish airstrikes and cannot move to aid. Killed by airstrikes and shelling: 218 civilians (18 children) Displaced People: 150, 000 people have fled the Sari Kani area 150, 000 have fled Tel Abyad 60, 000 have fled Kobani 5 SDF medics have been killed, 1 in an airstrike, 4 captured on the road and executed; 5 have been wounded 4 ambulances have been hit by air strikes. The Casualty Collection Point (CCP) 15 kilometers north of Tel Tamir was destroyed by an airstrike on 12 October. There are still civilians in Sari Kani. In Tal Tamir there is a hospital with 50 staff, including 7 doctors. Patients are treated and sent to Hassaka and Qamishli?for better care. There is no other outside assistance or medical care. The front line here is 35 kms north of Tal Tamir at Sari Kani ?and west of Tel Tamir 20 kilometers in Aleaa. The Turks and FSA are attacking from the north and west. FBR is providing relief and medical care for the wounded and IDPs and will help evacuate wounded and civilians if the ceasefire holds. Thank you and God bless you, David Eubank Free Burma Rangers --------------------- I'm sure that there are a lot on this sub who have the type of flying experience and skill necessary to land in these conditions. And I'm sure there are aircraft available somewhere in the region. There are an incredible amount of dangers and unknowns, but asking the question can't hurt. I believe in a God who can accomplish anything. You don't have to be part of that, but be part of an effort to save some lives. The way forward: volunteer an aircraft or yourself. Looking for aircraft with unimproved field capability and the space to carry 20+ ambulatory pax.
How Many Free Burma Rangers free burma rangers OnLinE free 2018.
May God almighty bless you. Such an amazing man, his family and organization. Thank you Alain for such wonderful videos. We love the Eubank family and are thankful for them following the Lords calling. We love and miss Kaw Thoo Lei every day and when God is ready he will let us return. Yesu Gay Naw FBR.
Very good from Thailand.

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