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star=Mark Wahlberg Peter Berg writer=Robert B. Parker Countries=USA 6,9 of 10 Been there, than that. Another average action movie from Mark.

Netflix announced the other year shows like Santa Clarita Diet would be axed in favour of more Netflix films etc.
Please bring back SCD. You're going to see people hating on this movie but It was a movie to entertain and that is exactly what it did. Did it break social or cinematic boundaries? People must have had some crazy expectations of another "Departed" or Scorcese type film. It wasn't that. No. Not every movie can or should do that. It was a good story. The writing was sufficient and it tells the classic story archetype of the "Dragon Slayer. I would definitely watch it again and I hope they have a sequel. Watch the movie and enjoy it for what it is.
So I knew Peter Berg and Mark Wahlberg were doing quite a few movies together, but I did not have it on my radar that it was already 5 in a row. Just read this from another reviewer and was a bit surprised. I think the combination works, this time with a little bit of help from Wakanda (an actor from Black Panther movie.
This is like a buddy movie and it has quite a few of the ingredients! It feels like a flashback to the 80s many times, in a good way as I would say and think, but that is up to you to decide. Fun, action and a little bit of sexy time (also rather funny too by the way. if that sounds like entertainment for you, be Bergs guest.

www.newsbreak.com pennsylvania/www.newsbreak.com/pennsylvania/philadelphia/news/0OwDk9Eu/movie-watch-the-willoughbys-full-length-imdb-id-tt5206260-hd-720p/0OwDk9Eu movie-watch-the-willoughbys-full-length-imdb-id-tt5206260-hd-720p
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