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audience Score 336899 Votes Info The Breakfast Club is a movie starring Emilio Estevez, Judd Nelson, and Molly Ringwald. Five high school students meet in Saturday detention and discover how they have a lot more in common than they thought writers John Hughes Duration 97 m Comedy country USA

Anything that isnt growing is dead. Shoutout to everybody growing.

Well Brian, this is a very nutritious lunch. All the food groups are represented. Did your mom marry Mr. Rogers. Princess is tripping she keeps saying I was stranded on the side of the road me and your baby know you was not stop using those words because in the next sentence you say you was in a hotel room but you got kicked out of that room and have to check in another room where is the stranded part I understand you were stranded in Vegas but if you had enough money to switch to another room I'm quite sure you had enough money for a car service to drive you home if you really wanted to and I'm quite sure you could have used one of Ray J's business cards or I'm quite sure you have your own money so stop being a victim say you were stranded I hate people who think like victims all the time you are not stringing.
Bender is me when my family all went out to eat or forgot to bring me something and I'm just asking them random questions and saying what they're eating sucks trying to subtly flash signs at them that I want some too. Im sorry but every time I hear Boosie say cut his d. I die laughing. Yall love Hollywood smh I been called it hell on earth. If you go to his Instagram page it looks like they posted a pic with the address on it! Yikes. Be safe out here y'all rest up pop smoke. Prayers to your family. The lies he tell, the secrets he keeps. He doing something looking like that.
Hey. CHERRY ?. do you belong to the physics club? ?. http://zasunakana.duckdns.org/ If what Lil Baby says is true then that makes him a hypocrite. How are you going to encourage drug use, but don't do drugs? Rap about what you know or what is positive or don't rap at all. I happy he made the right choice to undo that.
The Breakfast Putlocker Online Watch The Breakfast Club movie to download. Fun Fact: Molly (Claire) and Anthony Michael (Brian) are dating in real life while filming this and in Sixteen Candles. Obeezy what is u doin???. I dont see it in Sara jay. Sophie dee is clearly the ?. He sounded clearer in last years interview I think hes high in this interview by the way hes acting.
The trash club always have something to say negatively about black people an you'll cant see Lenard is informant an not for the people dont forget he came up with WW. #TheBreakfast Fast Download The Breakfast Club counter. WATCH The Breakfast ONLINE ZSTREAM. Ipad The Breakfast Club Watch The Breakfast Club Full Online. So it's sorta social, demented and sad- but social.? There you have it,the definition of the internet. I want their knowledge. These women are fierce. I love how they linked the racism, poverty and inequity in the legal system together. One of the best interviews and another reason Black people need reparations. People disliking this shit automatically without watching are the sheeps of the world, and there's a lot of yall unfortunately. Well, i first saw this film when i was 14, 1n 1992. That put me roughly around the age of the main characters (teenagers) so at first i just thought maybe it had bias on it. then the other week i dusted it off and watch it again. The tagline makes sense, many people lose contact after school is done. The only thing that concerned me in the script is that the flaregun going off in Brians locker and the false fire alarm raised by Bender, seemingly have gone unnoticed by the other 4, as they are not met with any real response from the others. unlike, andy's taping of larry lesters buns- and thats only mentioned coz Brian knows him. What basically the point of it is, is that apart from Bender knowing that Claire is the prom queen, and a comment to Allison, that he has "seen her around" they are anonymous to each other. The dialogue between Bender and Vernon is great, Judd Nelson is by far the most popular character overall (according to online polls ive seen)
but i believe the show stopper is Ally Sheedy. Her poise throughout the film similar to Judd nelsons, only nelson has far more dialogue to work with. All the actors have at least one real powerful bit of acting, Bender explaining what his family are like and then goes up to andy and shows him the cigar burn, Brians "i dont understand pressure" Allisons "i dont have to run to the streets" andy explaiing that his father "will not tolerate losers in this family" Claire when she has been tricked into saying shes a virgin. Generally, i believe this is a greatly underated film, and would have been good to see a sequel, but with the tagline- it kinda makes it impossible. i voted it a 9. well above its average.
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