Midsommar ?yts

Creator - Ari Aster
actor - Florence Pugh
Release year - 2019
brief - Dani (Florence Pugh) and Christian (Jack Reynor) are a young American couple with a relationship on the brink of falling apart. But after a family tragedy keeps them together, a grieving Dani invites herself to join Christian and his friends on a trip to a once-in-a-lifetime midsummer festival in a remote Swedish village. What begins as a carefree summer holiday in a land of eternal sunlight takes a sinister turn when the insular villagers invite their guests to partake in festivities that render the pastoral paradise increasingly unnerving and viscerally disturbing
runtime - 148minute
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Personnaly, I think that the main themes were loneliness. We can clearly see how much each caracter is self absorbed in his own world. The american students come from the individualist world of the I and the Me first. On the other side, the cult is all about us. The main caracter lose her self and sense of identity as she is progressively depaterned by the cult. They use drug to make her more vulnerable and suggestible. They lovebomb her and mirror all her emotion so they become a reflection of herself. At the end she becomes part of the madness of the us of the cult. Anyway it was a master piece.
Hey! Just found this channel a few days ago, watched through many videos and most of the time, I agree with the points made, more or less. Also I understand that this is not only a review (mostly subjective) but comical entertainment. Now that I pointed out that - I think - I understand the concept of the channel, I have a few arguments to make on this video. First of all: Many things you pointed out and brought up were examples (I mean Sarah Connor) from a bunch of different genres (typical horror flicks, which I also love. Those characters, those plotlines fit there, but this movie is something else. The whole point of showing Dany's journey wasn't so that she could redeem herself. She wasn't a protagonist, if anything, she was the antagonist of the movie. She was clingy, emotionally demanding and a big user of people. I felt that she never really wanted to get better. She was selfish, dumb, egoist. She didn't even knew what she wanted to do with her life anymore. As for the guys they were all ambitious, balanced out characters. Except for Mark. He was that guy from college who was always drinking and somehow got a degree after 8 years. To cut the case short this wasn't about a typical empowered woman, nor was it about female emancipation. It was the opposite: it showed us how weak Dany was without Christian or at the end without her newfound family. She didn't do anything and even when she tried she failed miserably because she was unstable, highly dependent, and unreliable. Also I wouldn't categorize this movie as horror. It definitely isn't. There are some visually violent or disgusting parts but that's it. It is more like a drama based on some old book of russian realism. There are lots and lots of fine movies out there like this. Also there are theatre recordings (for example: Waiting for Godot. The whole story of the movie was a major conflict of the characters and their friendship. They could've - like you said - pack their stuff and decide to go home, report the whole shady stuff and be the heroes. But they decided to stay and if they did so, they should've at the very least try to get a better understanding of themselves, the nature of the cult and deal with it only to become a bit like the cultists themselves. But again, they didn't. Their ambition vanished and they became a bunch of motherless children trying to act like a grownup. Which they weren't. I think this was a reference to todays generations and their inability to deal with crisis, social interactions or tradition. They did care about people disappearing, but they simply didn't have the nerve to do something about it. They questioned the locals briefly and when they've got a dismissive, shady answer they simply got stuck and stuck with it. Many of my age has this problem in real life too, it's a thing. There were some really good metaphorical pictures too. Also the thing with the cult. It implemented pagan traditions, mostly scandinavian but it took it to a modern era and showed the viewer how today's cults work. How someone with the skills of manipulating others can talk people into horrible things (Charles Manson, David Koresh, Heaven's Gate, and so on. If anything this movie is an art-film. Telling us many things through the plot, the characters, the folks, but not telling us a story. I can understand that it may be boring, pretentious, dumb to someone, but that has to do with the misbelief about the genre. It is not a horror in a traditional way, it is not packed with action, there are no hidden misteries, there is no boogeyman. Still if you take it for what it is, it can be mindbending, philosophical, food for thought. If you haven't already. give it a go or another round with different expectations. While this movie was entertaining FOR ME, I don't think it was that good as other critics say it is. It was a mediocre art-film, not even close to (for example) Lars Von Trier's movies.
When i travel in South east asia. They have some what similar ingredients for brewing love potion. It mind boggling. This movie wasnt even scary. it would be trippy to watch while on LSD though. Movie midsommar 2019 with english subtitles movie. Any take on the movie that says that Dani had a happy ending because she found community isn't WRONG, necessarily, because yeah Dani was completely alone and yes she DID find people to support her and so she technically is happy in some messed-up way now, but that only happened because the cult groomed her to be happy as one of them. Like lots of PoC in the comments, I had the exact same feeling of dread when the group arrived in Halsinga, both because I'm a person of color and because of all the typical horror movie red flags Aster used (overly-happy cult, deceptively perfect facade, uncomfortable protagonist, odd traditions, etc. Like yeah, part of me was glad that Dani was free, but she was actually just trapped again under a guise of love. The Harga does treat her well, but only to acquire and use her.
I expected so much more from this movie, but really, this was crap. First of all it's way too long, sometimes we watch the sky for 30 sec for no reason. Characters are annoying (especially Dani's boyfriend) and it's not even a horror movie. There is some mystery, but it's more annyoying than interesting. I did not finish the movie, because I was so fed up with it. 2:53 no, i've been given reply all when i've been directly talking to someone. I love how they visualized Danis moment of ecstasy or out of body experience at 3:45. As a swede this is hilarious. Movie midsommar 2019 with english subtitles full.

The first film that will make you want to sleep with the lights off. I had to turn off hereditary when I watched it it really just made me feel absolutely awful.

Thought it was happy? The cult was a CULT. I always thought of the film as someone going from one abusive home to another. Also I totally connected the movie to fascism because it looks a whole lot like Rodnovery, which is a modern pagan movement that explicitly is based around white nationalism. Movie midsommar 2019 with english subtitles translation. Movie midsommar 2019 with english subtitles 1. Hereditary used dark colors. This one's brighter and more colorful. Finally, something new that's rarely heard of in the horror genre. ??. Movie midsommar 2019 with english subtitles episode 1.

Movie midsommar 2019 with english subtitles pdf

Finally i know what happens here. Shes dancing with live and dead. Forner may queens from the photos are dancing. The one girl speaking swedish to her is definitely a dead spirit. Danis sisters spirit comes too. Danis mom doesnt look happy at all, and danis sister is an evil entity that has taken Dani and made her not care rhat innocent people are slaughtered. Movie midsommar 2019 with english subtitles greek. Guys this was about revenge. The man who brought the british couple wanted to get back at them because he liked connie but she liked Simmon. He knew they were going to die and so did pelle. Pelle liked Dani. He hated how Christain, Josh,and Mark talked about her. So to get back at them they were sacrificed on purpose it was a setup. How did they know Josh was going back to take a picture? BECAUSE OF PELLE. Thats why Dani won may queen. THEY FAKED wanted her and knew she was vulnerable and wanted to get rid of her he was talking shit about christian so when it was time for him to sacrificed he knew she wouldnt be as sad because he had sex with ole girl and he didnt want her to begin with.
Movie midsommar 2019 with english subtitles 2018. The fact that the Harga believe in doing this high like a kite is just nuts. The scene was just amazing to watch which kinda reminded me of the OG Wicker Man Maypole dance, in which the people were having fun being a part of the custom. Movie midsommar 2019 with english subtitles date. This movie did nothing for me tbh hereditary was a lot more hard hitting. This guy's voice drives me mad - I think he must be on something as well? Other than that I loved the quirkiness of the film and expected it to be full of more terror, but I'm still thinking it about 5 hours after watching it on Blu-Ray Director's Cut - Excellent. I cant help loving this scene cuz its really beautiful. they look fun and the music is so cool and the dance performance is great.
9:34 Awesome touch of detail with the kid filming in the background while Peter has his freak out in class. 18:00 It's a-me, cultist. Movie midsommar 2019 with english subtitles. Cinemasins made a bunch of scenes into Cinemawins(never noticed King Paimans light in the background the one time I saw this movie... You can tell Dani is starting to feel free and included with all the girls even though she has no idea what shes doing. Movie midsommar 2019 with english subtitles free. Cinema audiences' admiring response to 'Midsommar' is the most mysterious aspect of this ho-hum 'horror' film which shamelessly copycats "The Wicker Man. The story begins with the murder-suicide of a female college student's parents and sister - and this tragedy supposedly motivates her to accept an invitation to visit the religious community where a fellow student from Sweden had been raised.
Accompanied by her semi-estranged boyfriend and a couple of disposable pals, the visitors arrive at their destination and the narrative immediately goes downhill. Instead of growing tension and menace at the remote hamlet, the creepy cultists offer long-winded rituals, tedious chanting and absurd occult beliefs. The story never develops the witless students into sympathetic characters, nor the peasant-costumed pagans into truly sinister villains. As a result, when bad things start happening, it's impossible to care about any of the rustic weirdness or the ultimate fate of the fall-guys.
Movie midsommar 2019 with english subtitles 2017. Movie Midsommar 2019 With English subtitle workshop. This is nothing i know dudes who ate cake with hairs, pubic hairs, spit, piss and nails in it. Movie midsommar 2019 with english subtitles 123. Gabriel Burn LMAO. This movie was one long acid trip. WARNING: There are spoilers in the comments section. This movie let me scared of swedish people. This movie is my kind of movie. No matter what you say, I loved it. Paimon had been in Charlie since she was a baby nursed nursed by her grandmother, which is why she had the “cluck” compulsion and was always building her “toys” with empty pill bottles and bird heads (because putting a head on a new body is basically what Paimon does - like the mannequin with Charlies head in the treehouse. Before Charlie, the grandmother had tried to put Paimon into her own son, Annies brother Charles, but he mistook the voice of Paimon as schizophrenia and killed himself. After Charlies death, Paimon sort of hangs out haunting Peter, but Peters too strong for a direct possession (“Peter! GET OUT!”. so he arranges for the dad to die in front of Annie so that she is finally weak enough to possess. It is seeing his father burned and his mother decapitate herself that traumatized him enough to throw himself from the attic window, and as his soul leaves his body Paimon is finally able to take it for himself.
Movie midsommar 2019 with english subtitles watch. I feel like this movie was meant to be watched while you're on some sort of drug. What happened to Will. Wait. People tought that was an happy ending? Holy shit More anti-cult awarness is needed.

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Taking a sin away for the reply thing all, coming from someone that literally JUST checked gmail once he said that, it does indeed give the option to reply all to an email that was sent to just you. Overrated movie. Midsommar was a rip-off of The Wicker Man just as Hereditary was a rip-off of Rosemary's Baby. Ari Aster has zero talent. And before anyone tries to argue the point, how about I make a movie where a woman steals 400,000 then goes to an AirBnb where she is murdered by the reclusive homeowner, who later turns out to have a psychotic delusion that he is really his long-dead twin sister? I'll call it Insanity. And anyone who criticizes me for stealing 90% of that movie plot from another just doesn't understand art and is jealous of my talent.

A terrific after hereditary, much more engrossing than hereditary. Florence Pugh is top notch. Music was pitch perfect. The film gets inside you.

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