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This blew me away totally. Stunning, beautifully shot and full of empathy. Best nature documentary l have scene.

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Highly recommended to those who enjoy nature docs, personal stories of rebirth and edibles. A man experiencing a mid life crisis depression develops an obsession with an octopus (while ignoring his own family. He has an extraordinary ability to tolerate cold water, hold his breath and swim around for extended periods, and then repeat it for over 300 days. The photography is extraordinary and there is much to learn about this amazing creature, the octopus, that is. Just see it. One of the most extraordinary and touching documentaries you will see. Granted the edibles were pretty great, but once the interactions with the octopus began, I was fully immersed in this story.
Stumbled upon this doc, on Netflix. When I'm feeling a certain way (ie-stoned immaculate) I love putting on nature docs, and melting into my couch. And the Oscars goes to. *optional, of course. There were moments where I had tears streaming down my face. The beauty and the finite aspect to this world-both above and below the water, become glaringly apparent. At one point, I thought I was suffering an existential crisis, lol. There are many parallels to draw, from a life lived beneath the surface. There's something fascinating about life under water, and there's such an innocent curiosity to the human protagonist, that it really envelops the viewer in the surrounding environment. The cinematography is absolutely stunning, as well.











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