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Genre - Documentary
brief - One of the greatest miracles in the Bible; Moses and the Israelites trapped at the sea by Pharaoh's army when God miraculously parts the waters. But is there any evidence that it really happened and if so, where?
When you dont part the waters i wish i could walk through, i will trust yes i will trust in you God?. Patterns of evidence: the red sea miracle free download games. The title should be- “God parts the Red Sea through Moses” because all Moses did was what God told him. And we can do all things through HIM who strengthens us. Patterns of Evidence: The Red Sea Miracle free download soccer. Team no sleep: GOD one and only. Patterns of evidence: the red sea miracle free download song. Patterns of evidence 3a the red sea miracle free download status. Patterns of Evidence: The Red Sea Miracle free download software.
LOL. What a load of BS. Actual proof would be to excavate the sea floor and raise those articles for actual study. This is amazing GOD IS REVEALING ALL PROOF THANK YOU GOD. A&E and The History Channel ? are a joke. &ref(
This is fantastic, to actually see the proof of the crossing of the Red Sea by part of my ancestors! I would have loved to see it up close and personal! I Believe in the Bible, God's Word 1000% This is all so exciting! Amazing! Thank you for sharing. Ron Wyatt change my life and put me on the path to the truth. Patterns of evidence: the red sea miracle free download youtube. ?Online Free Patterns of Evidence: The Red Sea Miracle Download Full. Patterns of evidence: the red sea miracle free download movie. Amazing solid evidences of the biblical truth. Praying that these survive on for ages more testifying. Patterns of evidence: the red sea miracle free download hd. [Darris McNeely] Welcome to Beyond Today Interviews. We have been going through a series of interviews with writer, producer, and director of Thinking Man Films, Mr. Tim Mahoney. Tim, welcome back. We’re glad to have you with us here on Beyond Today Interviews. So, why don’t you tell us about this latest film of yours, “The Red Sea Miracle” and what it’s all?about? [Tim Mahoney] Well, “The Red Sea Miracle” is a film that I actually thought I was making in 2002. It took 12 years for me to make the first film. I guess I’m a slow learner. And then we had to make “The Moses Controversy” because I wanted to clear problems as we talked about with people thinking that Moses didn’t have the ability to write, or the Israelites had the ability to read. Now “The Red Sea Miracle” finally has been able to come forward. And this investigation is from Egypt, which way did they go, in other words? And this pattern in “The Red Sea Miracle” has six parts to it. And it’s a two-part investigation. It’s actually almost like a four-hour film. The first part is going to be “Red Sea” part 1 and then part 2 will follow in after that. So, “The Red Sea Miracle” has a departure point. And we revisit the location where the Israelites would’ve left, because I’m following a geographical puzzle and it has a destination point. So that’s part 1, and then the end of it is going to be while they ended up at Mount?Sinai. [Darris] So what is the departure point?then? [Tim] It’s gonna be from the area of Ramesses or Avaris. That’s what the Bible tells us. And the reason why I say Avaris is that that’s the city that’s underneath Ramesses, and a much older city. And I think that that’s where the pattern of evidence showed up in our first films, that the Israelites were there. And so, then which direction did they go? And we know that Moses fled to the land of Midian, and that’s what the Bible tells us. And he lived there for 40 years. So we investigate, well, where is Midian? What’s the location of Midian? And according to historical understandings as well as pottery, Midian is in the Northwestern area of Saudi Arabia and Southern Jordan. And that’s where we believe that Moses fled to. In fact, there’s still understandings that?Jethro… [Darris] His father-in-law? [Tim] Yeah. His father-in-law lived there. And the question then is, is was Moses in Midian when he went to Mount Sinai? Or did he leave Midian and he’d go somewhere else? Because it says he went to the backside of the wilderness. And so this investigation is assuming that at least that Moses was heading a Southeasterly direction. He?was… [Darris] From Ramesses toward Mount?Sinai? [Tim] Yeah. He’s crossing to the East with the Israelites. Then the question is, the next… So we have a departure point, we have a direction, and then we have a desert. So, the question is, is what desert did Moses?cross? [Tim] For almost 20 years, I’ve been searching for evidence of one of the greatest miracles of the entire Bible, the miraculous parting of the red?sea. Man: Tim, the first question most people ask is, “Where’s Mount Sinai? ” My first question as a geographer is, where was the sea that was parted and?crossed? [Tim] So what do you think the crossing site, where would that be? Man: Oh for once, I’m gonna follow the conventional argument?here. Man: When I look at the Exodus story through the eyes of a scientist, then it contains a lot of observations, which just makes sense to modern?science. Man: I think it is possible to demonstrate that it took place in close proximity to?Egypt. [Tim] There were two major philosophies of the Exodus route. One of them I call Egyptian and the other one I call Hebrew. And so, what does that mean? Well, an Egyptian approach is more of the modern way of thinking right now. And that puts the route of the Exodus very compressed close to Egypt, near the lakes of the border of Egypt. And it has the Israelites leaving and crossing a small desert, and then getting stuck at one of these lakes. And it all happens within a few days of the leaving. The other one looks at the Hebrew version, says that the crossing actually was much further away and that the sea that was crossed in Hebrew is called Yam Suph. And every geographical indication is that Yam Suph, throughout the scriptures, when it says where the geography is, it says it’s the Gulf of Aqaba. Yam in Hebrew means?sea. But the word Suph, that’s the question. What does that word mean? And that word, some people believe it might mean tufi, an Egyptian word. And there are things in the Bible that they would suggest are loanwords from another culture, so that you would get a word like tufi, that could be Yam tufi or something, or Yam Suph or something. So that would actually mean reed or reedy. And that’s the reason why they’re thinking that these loanwords that they see, that they’re suggesting are loanwords, are pulling the story, the narrative of the Exodus close to Egypt. And the other words that the Hebrews version is saying, those aren’t loanwords from Egypt. Those are Hebrew words, and they mean something?different. [Darris] So, let’s back up a moment then from that to the story of the Exodus and the leaving of Egypt. How many people?left? [Tim] Well, there you go. Another?word. [Darris] Another?word. [Tim] And, you know, in “Moses Controversy, ” well, was Moses writing an eye witness account? So, very interesting that you should bring that up because today, again, I would say the Egyptian approach believes that there’s a word called Elef, E- L- E- F, Elef. And that means thousand. In fact, if you look at some people, some scholars have told me it’s used over 400 sometimes. Almost in all of those cases, it’s always means 1, 000, Elef. And why is that critical, is that Moses tells us that when the Israelites left, there were over 600, 000 men of fighting age, you know, of?fighting… [Darris] Which meant more people with wives and?children. [Tim] Yeah. You know, once you add all the women and children, and by the way, there’s a mixed multitude that also joined them. That’s the reason why some people say that there was probably 2 to 3 million people in that group. Now, the challenge is, is that a lot of people, a lot of archeologists say, “Well, there can’t be that many people. There’s no way that there’d be 2 to 3 million people wandering in the wilderness. ” That’s just too many people, number one, to sustain. And then they’re gonna say that there weren’t that many people that actually were in the promised land, you know, Canaan at the time. So, that is the investigation, because later on, Moses gives you the same number again when an offering is given and a census is given. So, those numbers are seen three times that there was that many men. And so, the question then is that, is there a naturalistic way to explain the amount of people and how they could have survived in a natural way? In other words, is there a place where there’d be that much?water? Is there a place where they could camp? In other words, camps that would have to be quite large. I started to consider, well, what happened in recently with Syria and with people being displaced? And what I understand that there’s several million people, millions of people that fled. And actually, the distance that I think that they fled is further than what the Israelites would have fled. And it’s millions of people that have been, you know, fleeing with their possessions. And then I looked at sort of looking at marches of people. Like, there’d be 2 million people at a big event or something. And you could see the aerial photography of that. And you start to realize, wow, you can get a lot of people into a space. It’s not as if they would be stretched out person by person. They’d be in?groups. And then I started placing animation of let’s say 30, 000, 40, 000 people, 60, 000 people with animation characters. You go, “That’s really that many people? Are you sure? ” Because it doesn’t look like that many people. If you look at a stadium, you know, you’ve got 60, 000, 70, 000 people in a stadium. And, you know, they’re all rung up in that area. Yeah, there’s a lot of people there, but once you start spreading them out, you know, on a land space, you can see that, well, other than the fact that they would need to have water and food, what we’re being told is that God provided for them. What we’re seeing is that there is a conflict. There’s a tension between what the Bible is telling us and what even modern scholars…even many Christian scholars are saying. It can’t be that many?people. [Darris] The critic would say, there’s no evidence of that sojourn and other people. This is one of the things that I have puzzled with over the years, because there’s no archeological evidence or anything left it seems of the wanderings of these people according to the biblical account. Have you met that challenge or…? [Tim] Yes, well, I was thinking, do I tell you…? I’m not gonna tell you, but there is actually very exciting evidence that I’m not gonna say what it is yet?but… [Darris] But you’re gonna tell us in your?films? [Tim] Yeah, the films will come out and I’ve actually seen the evidence and it’s substantial. And so, it always goes b
Ron Wyatt found amazing evidence of the exodus, Red sea crossing and Noah's ark. This Bible-affirming investigation is so large that two films were required. It’s one of the greatest miracles in the Bible; Moses and the Israelites trapped at the sea by Pharaoh’s army when God miraculously parts the waters, rescuing the Israelites and destroying Pharaoh and his chariots. But is there any evidence that it really happened and if so, where? That’s what investigative filmmaker Timothy Mahoney set out to discover 18 years ago and now he is ready to share what’s been uncovered; a controversy between two dramatically different approaches in reading the biblical text. One approach is Egyptian, the other is Hebrew. Both will lead to two very different conclusions on the location of the Exodus crossing site and the cause of the miraculous parting of the sea. What do these different approaches tell us about miracles ? and what do they tell us about God? Run Time: 2 hours 30 minutes #PatternsOfEvidence #RedSeaMiracle Categories: Inspirational.

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I have seen old documentaries of Mt Sinai and Ron Wyatts' info. Very few outsiders have ever been able to go there. The historical presentation of the Exodus was amazing. Given all the landmarks according to the Bible, there doesn't seem to be any other path possible than the one shown here. The Menorah pictograph is incredible. If the Saudis were Christian I'd bet more people would be aware of the truth. &ref(
Patterns of evidence 3a the red sea miracle free download html. You should change the title Allah parts the sea. Something went wrong, but don’t fret ? let’s give it another shot. Thank you for your time and truth.

Patterns of evidence: the red sea miracle free download free.
Patterns of evidence: the red sea miracle free download songs. Patterns of evidence: the red sea miracle free download pc. Thank you for sharing ? great presentation ??. Ron Wyatt discovered thisnin the 80s, then the ark of the Covenant after that. Patterns of Evidence: The Red Sea Miracle free download.
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Patterns of Evidence: The Red Sea Miracle

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