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Casts=Jodie Foster
countries=USA Thomas Harris user Ratings=9,1 of 10 The Silence of the Lambs is a movie starring Jodie Foster, Anthony Hopkins, and Lawrence A. Bonney. A young F.B.I. cadet must receive the help of an incarcerated and manipulative cannibal killer to help catch another serial killer genre=Horror
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Verdict - Hit
Storyline - This movie does start with an FBI trainee who is on an FBI academy of where here future job will be an police officer, but this what you will see in this movie of how she will get trained to become an police officer such as able to kill the criminal people or arrest these criminal people by getting them, also it teaches the way you shoot, also police has to be fast of where it has to have an good fitness level if i say in this way, but the character name for this movie of this FBI trainee is clarice. Anyway, clarice has been called to an office by professional police officer, but asked been to to an interview of this person which is lecter who is an former serial killer, but has been jail for about 8 years, but is locked in an special cell because they are still dangerous people as from the past who had interview them from jail, this former killer has eaten some part of their body which is disgusting, anyway they have strict rules from this cell. However, the reason of why clara has been asked to do this investigation because there has been an serious killer name buffalo bill, which is occurring now who kill young womans by first either murdering them or kidnapping them, but this murder is disgusting because he remove their skin, anyway apparently he is connected to lecter because he knows this guy from the past, but interviewing lecter may help the police officer to find this serial killer, anyway this first investigation could be helpful for clara in order for he to become an capable professional police officer, however when she first met this former series killer in an jail, but both of them are separated anyway, but lecter is clever who knows anything and he looks creepy, however lecter does not like the main person who is in charge of this jail, anyway clara has slowly asked the lecter question which link to an buffalo bill, however from first instance, he asked to look out for his former patient, so we also know find out as an audience that this former series killer is also used to be an phystarist, anyway clara is heading there to find this former patient who is from different location, but inside the garage, the patient is there of where this former patient is actually killed, however only his head is there, this is just disgusting, but there is insects in his head as well, this is something mysteries of which clara is solving this case and knows that this patient is killed by buffalo, but this lecter is definitely has an link with buffalo bill because he knows him from the past, anyway when i was talking about insect, this mean an moth which is stuck inside the throat, but that is disgusting as well. Anyway, this buffalo bill does do something of which you need to watch, if you want to as he kidnap other womans by putting them in an van and kill them, then took their skin off, oh no, another disgusting scene, anyway she is murdered from this killer and now the police officer as well as clara are investing this case as well, but trying their best to find the clues, but they do find an moth inside the throat and even ask special people about these moth of where it comes, but still these evidence are not enough for police to catch this series killer. Later, there is an special person who their daughter is kidnapped by buffalo bill, however they have been asked by an police officer to get the series killer this time because she could still be alive, anyway clara made an plan of which lecter agree by transferring him to an hospital of which it is still locked up, but will have more freedom, also allow 1 week holiday in an island with police officer as well who will keep eye and keep this series killer with them, otherwise he would escape, but only this deal will work if this series killer help clara to find the clues based on the investigation to get the series killer, also if the girl is not killed, then this deal will work, anyway this is agreed, so lecter is getting transferred, also you know, not all police will agree of what clara is doing. Anyway, there is more points of which i would like to talk about of this series killer of where once it kill one, it will kill more as it is used to this, also it has been revealed that he may has done this due to the abuse he get from the past, also he is an bad killer as well, however there is an story revealed which lecter knows that buffalo bill kill these patient as well as he probably want know one to stand his way as he abducts girls. Anyway, somehow lecter is actually locked up in a different prison, anyway clara visit him as she want to solve this case by asking him the question in order to find the clues which will link to find him, but unfortunately lecter would not tell as he first ask her from the past story, anyway it is now revealed of why this movie is called ' the silence of the lambs. as from the past her father was murdered because of burglar who killed him and her mother died from young age, but she was going to be orphan before being raised by someone, but she hears an lamb who is either crying or screaming want to go away as it does want to live there, probably in an farm that is owned by an human, anyway she escape with one lamb who suffer from this, however what happens, you just need to watch this, however this is why she has horrible dream of this from the past while from this present story, she is solving this case. Anway, lecter refused to answer the question about the series killer, so clara was asked to leave and she went away, anyway later on, lecter do escape by killing police officer, but how he escape, you just need to watch this in order to understand this scene, but he even wear police suit so that no one recognise him, so now he escape. Anyway, clara finds out this information, anyway she is not bothered about this as she do want to find this series killer, but police thinks that they find him, but no, anyway this series killer is also an crazy sometimes, but has an own dog, also he do keep girls, underneath the ground, but his house is also big, also he live alone in an quiet area as well. Anyway, as you watch this movie of which clara herself investigate this case by searching through the house, but she is clever of doing this case and then she arrive at this series killer house who she is suspicious once she go inside, but does recognise an moth, but she knows that this is an series killer and even chase him in an house of which he escape, but you just need to watch this to understand of what happened in this scene, also she does find the girl who is alive, but at the end, clara does kill this series killer who always own technique to do an murderer, but at the end, there is no more an series killer and clara has been proud for herself as well as other police of what she has done which is an big task to do this investigation as it is not always easy. Anyway, do you think, it is happily ever after because what about lecter who is freedom as we know he is an former killer, but they have killed buffalo bill, is it because police cannot find lecter anymore and it is not important, but he is chasing his old friend who works in an cell, is it because, lecter does not like the person who was charge in jail from those days when he was locked in there, this is why he could still be an killer because this could be next target, maybe, well, this is the ending of this movie which these physiological thriller movie, does not mean end in an good way even-though you think that you solved the main case. Extra Information - This movie story was just good, but it was an simple story of 2 hours long about finding the series killer by asking an former killer, but it done in an good way which will keep you attracted of how they will find this series killer, also this movie does contain disgusting stuff, but at least, it is not too much, anyway every actor had good performance, also these killer do actually look evil and series killer, however the dialogue were good in this movie, also this movie is an old movie which has an old style, but these old movie still use different ways to attract us as a audience of how they will kill these serious killer, but if you watch the climax scene, then you understand of what i am saying, also this movie does explore of how trainee are training to be an become policer, also this movie, in an jail, there are creepy people who are there, locked up, also there is more things happening in this movie of which you need to watch when they solve this case, also there is one scene of which other police want to know information about the series killer from lecter before he is transferred, also he does tell one lie of which you just need to watch to understand this, also there will be more information revealed about the series killer when they solve this case, but it is an worth a watch if you not seen this movie.
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The Silence of the Lambs Full Movie dailymotion dailymotion. The silence of the lambs full movie dailymotion series. @KristenStewFREAK yea me either i like it at its limits. The silence of the lambs full movie dailymotion english. I saw that at the theater when it came out. It was one of those rare movies that left you awe-struck. Were getting less and less of those these days.
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How long have you fallen asleep during The Silence of the Lambs (1991) Movie? The music, the story, and the message are phenomenal in The Silence of the Lambs. I have never been able to see another Movie five times like I did this. Come back and look for the second time and pay attention.
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You talking to me. The silence of the lambs full movie dailymotion eng. The silence of the lambs full movie dailymotion free. The silence of the lambs full movie dailymotion episode 1. Love this movie. good in every way great casting. Yes finally. Love love love SOTL. Couldn't be more excited for more videos analyzing it down the road. I will always remember the chills the movie gave me in the theatre.
Just saw the movie for free on the Vice Channel today and I loved it, it was a great movie and very suspenseful. BP is a breath of fresh air! ?. Her life is now a dream so it isnt real lol. This was on tv. clever,freaky so it was definitely worth the watch. One of my favorite Martin Scorsese movie. The silence of the lambs full movie dailymotion season 4. Hal Douglas has an awesome trailer voice. The silence of the lambs full movie dailymotion 2019. The Silence of the Lambs Full Movie dailymotion. Need taxi.

I'm still in love with Clint's voice ??











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