The Matrix Fmovies

A programmer is brought back to reason and reality when learning he was living in a program created by gigantic machines which make human birth artificial. In order to set humanity free, Neo will have to face many enemies by using technologies and self-trust
Rating - 8,9 of 10
Country - USA
Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne 1999
Duration - 2 h, 16 m
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The Matrix gives me an inspiration for Stan Lees legacy. I just realized after 20 years that Morpheus doesn't have anything holding his glasses up besides his nose. Trinity logged off for a second. He went out like a boss. Watch Matrikss Movie Online Blu-rayor Bluray rips directly from Blu-ray discs to 1080p or 720p (depending on source) and uses the x264 codec. Only movie Ive been to where the audience clapped at the end.

I did some Bruce stuff. Somewhere in a parallel universe he said yes.

I would say he discharged into Mobil ave. So there's this giant mechanical spider, and it's being piloted by this racist dude, who you will attempt to seduce by. I'm in.

Its all a simulation. The end. Or, is it? LOL

Wow,the woman in the red dress is so sexy,i can't believe. 2018 and still great movie. The sequence of the machines breaching the dock inter-cut with the ship racing back is terrific. Only few seconds with green crap as sgi. Mostly natural effects and stunts. That is the movies soul. I just finished watching the matrix, I will continue to the next reloaded and revolutions. It's either a prequel or there is no reality known to humans except in the Matrix. Neo: What are you trying to tell me? That I can eat bullets? Morpheous: No Neo! I'm telling you that when you take this Red Diet Pill, you won't have to.
You missed the significance of the little girl. She's important to the story because, remember, she was there at the end talking to the Oracle after the Architect. I've read somewhere that she was the result of the machine's discovering love and she was given power to create the next Matrix. Notice that the little girl runs up to the Oracle at the end and points at the beautiful sun rise. The Oracle asks Did you do that? and the little girl nods her head and says For Neo. She created the sun rise with love for Neo.
Amazing. 0:38 Neo be like, BUT CAN U DO DIS. You broke this groundbreaking movie down very nicely! Bravo! I learned so much that I didnt truly appreciate from a technical standpoint. ?.

First time watching I thought she was the baddy. then I got all confused lol

I love how he could've easily just shot his balls when he was dodging the bullets. I was 13 and my mind felt like it was imploding in the theater lol. I love these films. Great action & story. Right back then when the Wachowski siblings were the Wachowski brothers. Watch online film Matrikss hd 720 for free full. Thanks for this. And as to my favorite scenes, The Oracle in the first and second movie- was so sad the Lady who played her died. Population-uh. That's one crowded rave-uh. :P. 0:38 me when I try to escape school but the principal saw me 1:00 when the principal is fired.












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