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Shôgo Furuya, Satoshi Kon genre Comedy rating 28068 vote Country Japan creators Keiko Nobumoto average rating 7,9 / 10.

What is the Japanese title of Metropolis

I think Tristan forgets that the religious theme of Christmas is the redemption of Man though the birth of a helpless infant.? To me, the three street people (the Three Kings? who rescue the infant, are themselves rescued (though I haven't seen the film yet, I presume the perfect ending doesn't leave everyone dead in the gutter) by the child. Considering how to the Japanese, Christmas is a lover's holiday with no Christian overtones at all, having such a story of birth and redemption is pretty powerful stuff for a Japanese audience. Knew it was going to be this! Great Christmas post! And wow, your reviews have grown so much in the last two years.
Im so excited I read the manga back in middle school the art was beautiful and this looks like itll live up tp it. I can't stop getting goosebumps, from the godly but have underlay mysterious art, the sound, kenshi's voice... I can't think of satoshi without gettin misty eyed, haha. Gone too soon! He was innovating every catagory, character work, film work, meta commentary, etc etc. Ghibi is amazing too of course but satoshi fucks up your life, haha. And as a wee gay dude seein queer characters represented in a good AND bad light was important to me ?.
I just watched the movie. It's amazing how easily it pulled my heartstrings. I recommend it, Just go and watch it. NOW. For anyone wondering, the song featured around the 1:00 mark is called spirits of the sea by Kenshi yonezu, I get chills every time I listen. This movie is very well put together - including the sequence of events, music to set the mood, kind humour, good character development, expressive animation, and a touching story. It's a Christmas miracle tale but also one that is very different from any other, showing a variation of the Three Wise Men story unravel in modern day Tokyo. The story is complex but fast pace of events and action-packed sequences make you sit on the edge of your chair. Voice acting is excellent, so it is advisable to watch the movie with the original soundtrack, with subtitles.
The best part of this movie though is that it shows those Christmas-associated feelings of love, kindness, and sincerity in an unobtrusive and non-patronising way. People of vastly different social status have their fates entangled in a complicated knot of events, which connects them and makes the audience realise how we all really have very similar emotions and understanding of fundamental values, and that we are not all that different from each other. If you start watching with an open mind and set any preconceptions on how people are supposed to behave aside, you will have a great time going through an emotional roller-coaster together with the three main characters, and will properly enjoy this movie. Best watched during a holiday season.
Best Beethoven remix ever. Black Friday'le alakalı, olayın dijital ayağını pek takip ettiğimi söyleyemem ama perakende mağazacılıkta bir ay önceki satışlar düşmediği yani insanların black friday dönemi gelsin de öyle alışveriş yapayım demediği gibi hakatten bu dönemde satışlar minimum %70 civarı artıyor. İndirimler balon mu? Memlekette kriz hissedilmeye başlandığı, doların 2 küsür lira olduğu dönemleri unuttuğumuz andan itibaren yapılan tüm indirimler balon, en azından yöneticisi olduğum giyim firmasında böyle. Yine perakende giyim sektörü için konuşacak olursam, bana göre tüm bunlar yerli müşterileri analiz etmek için yeterli kriter oluşturmuyor. Çünkü satışların %50- 60 yer yer daha fazla kısmını her zaman turistler (İran, Lübnan, Fas vs) oluşturuyor... Opening the iTunes Store… If iTunes doesn’t open, click the iTunes application icon in your Dock or on your Windows desktop. Progress Indicator Opening Apple Books. If Apple Books doesn't open, click the Books app in your Dock. Progress Indicator. This is a beautifully drawn Japanese anime. On Christmas Eve, three homeless vagrants finds a baby. Then a night of adventure begins. There are Japanese mobsters, lots of family drama, lot of interconnected coincidences. If there was one big problem for me, there are way too many coincidental run-ins that it gets too mind-numbing after awhile. As for the characters, we have three distinct and well drawn characters. They are all damaged in their own way, and we see how their friendships help save each other. This one is a definite recommend not just for the beautiful animation.
Have a good christmas everyone. 16:14 I can't stop staring at that giant Metroid Prime poster. Just to clear something up, Yes there is an English version & its been out for at least 10 years. I own one & so does a friend of mine, they are easily bought in Ireland & Europe. Woww thanks. I may be watching this tomorrow for Anime Club. I liked very much Apple Seed 2003 it's a piece of art. You have a Happy Christmas Tristan and keep up the great work. I still get emotional whenever I think of Satoshi Kon's passing. The world lost such an amazing person far too soon. These upcoming anime movies look sick but I just want atleast one blood gorged anime movie this year.
Bah humbug -Me. Still gonna watch this. Why wont the internet give me a full free version of this movie. i hate those damn websites that make you fill out a survey just to watch a movie or even a clip. i just want to watch the damn movie not have my email bombarded with spam or my computer filled with viruses. Okay when I first saw this sub, I was young - like this would be a good ten or more years ago - so a lot of some of the deeper meanings were lost on me. That said, even when I could't understand a lot of these meanings I knew that this was great and deep, and it really is worth watching.
Manga seviyoruz ya we could be the same falan. Episode 84: Tokyo?Godfathers We’re wrapping up Ani-May this week with what I can honestly say is one of the finest holiday films we’ve ever featured on the podcast! Satoshi Kon’s 2003 holiday opus Tokyo Godfathers is a fairy tale about redemption, miracle babies, and all the good stuff you would hope a Christmas movie would be about, all wrapped in the guise of a quest narrative that’s slightly comedic and very melodramatic, but it all works out in the end. Joining us this week are Niall Flanagan and Dwayne Moloney of the Secret of the Sailor Madness podcast. Niall and Dwayne are the best animation experts we know, leading us through the finer points of Satoshi Kon’s catalog, mid-2000s Japanese culture, proper “Ode to Joy” usage, and a whole lot more! Right click to download! Click below to listen now! SHOW NOTES FOR THIS EPISODE: Tokyo Godfathers is available to stream on Crackle (in the US). Check out Secret of the Sailor Madness / Dynamite in the Brain today! SEE ALSO: Kumiko the Treasure Hunter SEE ALSO: Home Alone 2 KRANKOMETER: (5, 5) Questions? Complaints? Requests? Hit us up at! About Joseph Wade I've written about movies on the internet since 2009. Formerly of Something Awful, Front Row Central. Maybe I'll get back around to the writing thing one of these days. This entry was posted in podcast and tagged 2003, animation, christmas, podcast. Bookmark the permalink.
This movie is amazing! It's a shame how unknown it is in my country :o. Product Notes In this unofficial animated remake of John Ford's "The Three Godfathers" from director Satoshi Kon ("Millennium Actress"), three homeless people-an alcoholic, a transvestite, and a teenage runaway girl-find a baby in a dumpster on Christmas Eve. While the transvestite wants to keep the baby at first, he decides to join the others on a mission to find her parents. During the journey, the three face their pasts while encountering a host of colorful characters who populate Tokyo. 92 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtrack: Japanese Dolby Digital 5. 1; Subtitles: English. Region Free.
Ive heard this movie has amazing animation and is really good. FINALLYYYYYY. this came out in japan back in may 2019. sooooo happy they're finally showing it in the US and Canada ??????.









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