Guitar Rig 2 Free
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Choose from 54 effects &mdash, immaculate emulations of boutique stompboxes and studio rackmount processors alongside specialist devices, custom built for GUITAR RIG.. In full stereo, with a powerful modulation framework The latest additions include added sidechaining and the new Container module, for creating multi FX with instant performance controls.. Were reviewing the software-only version here, but dont forget that theres the Kontrol edition too, bundled with the Rig Kontrol foot controller.. Premium sound quality, maximum flexibility and total control for guitar, bass and more.. And for complete custom control and a new level of realism, GUITAR RIG 5 PRO gives you the all-new Control Room Pro.. We found that these two new amps can be used together to great effect The Hot Solo provides an authentic mid-boosted ACDC-style rhythm crunch, while soaring, shredding solo tones are effortlessly had with the Van 51.. With this latest version, there are two new amp models, Control Room Pro for advanced mix-and-match cabmic combos, six new effects, and a few crafty functional extras.. Initially, it might seem excessive that over a third of the GUI is given over to the (hideable) browser panel, but in our opinion, the most effective way of getting familiar with Guitar Rig is via the presets.. Create breath-taking effects chains, from custom mix racks to exotic sonic monoliths.. Including the original multi-channel designs and model-specific tweaking options, these amps convey the character, charm and feel of their real-world counterparts, with a vast arsenal of tried-and-true tones for all genres.. This comprehensive, rich and diverse collection harnesses the flexibility and power of digital effects processing, with a range and ease-of-use that hardware can't match.. GUITAR RIG 5 PRO is the ultimate software solution for perfect custom tone with more amps, more effects and more creative potential than ever before, all in a powerful and intuitive virtual effects rack.. The latest version includes two essential new high-gain amps, six powerful new effects, and 19 new cabinets &mdash, exquisitely modeled in stunning sonic detail.. Native Instruments Guitar Rig 5 Pro Acting on impulse Convolution reverb is now on Guitar Rigs effects menu, courtesy of the Little Reflektor.. Joining the pre-existing 15 amps are the Van 51, which is clearly a Peavey 5150 emulation, and Hot Solo, which appears to be a Soldano imitation, judging by the logo the knob style and labels hint at Soldanos Hot Rod 50 model.. A lot of time has been put into these, and famous tones such as those of Satriani, Van Halen, Rammstein, ZZ Top, Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, and ACDC are all on hand.. The GUITAR RIG 5 PRO software offers 17 legendary guitar and bass amplifiers, modeled with the exacting precision of NATIVE INSTRUMENTS' award-winning Dynamic Tube Response Technology.. Every single amp has its own matched cabinet This harmonized amp/speaker setup is easy to use yet super-flexible, providing you with classic sounds in seconds.. And the Control Room Pro gives you even more options, with a total of 27 exquisite cabinet models to choose from.. Guitar Rig is easily one of the most feature-packed guitarbass amp sims on the market, yet it remains one of the most user-friendly. 34bbb28f04 Ixchariot 7.3l,Pinnacle Studio11鴻≪c若激с潟









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