Blue Cube Icon For Mac Design Program


Iconfinder is the leading search engine and market place for vector icons in SVG, PNG, CSH and AI format.. Any additional custom icons would be pushed left Probably not the best for people that might have a very wide hierarchy view, but i think it helps get around the indentation/clutter issue some people are having? This is a definite improvement over the last release! I'd fade the default gray cube icon even more, making it 50% more transparent, but otherwise this works for me.. Where Prefab roots are Those are all the blue icons Whether objects under a Prefab root are part of that Prefab or added as an override.. Though, that icon is user settable Maybe something like this would have less clutter for those concerned: Normal GOs wouldn't have any icons and prefabs would have an icon to the farthest right, before the carrot.. Those of you who've been using the Preview Build knew this already, though the icons have a slightly new look in the beta.. We still might not be able to make everyone happy, but if the prior feedback is anything to go by, the new icons should work well for most people.. Though, it does seem like Unity's intention is to add more icons in the future The redesign showcased at Unite Berlin does show various icons according to type in the hierarchy: If the direction is to improve readability in the hierarchy with more icons, please do.. We have taken that feedback to heart and made the icons for GameObjects more subtle than they were in the Preview build (where they were the classic 3-colored GameObject icons).. Looking at 3DSmax, it's not all that different Maybe the icons are too bold in Unity (even in the current toned down version) and should use a more flat design? For me, i'm not bothered by the icons at all - i actually kinda like them.. If the intention is show more information in the hierarchy, then icons should probably indicate a main component.. With the introduction of improved Prefabs, objects in the Hierarchy now have icons in order to convey information about Prefabs that would not otherwise be easy to see.. Though an option to turn it off seems like a good idea The prefab's text is still colored blue and the prefab type icon could also be in the upper left corner of the inspector anyone who needs to know the type.. I think we need to see more of Unity's plans here Will they be adding icons for everything?What if it doesn't have a renderer? What about multiple components?You cannot keep stuffing info on the left, long term I propose that all the icons be shifted to the right justified side instead and include: prefab state visibility toggle camera / renderer / etc icons You can't keep pushing this stuff on the left.. For others it may be news The icons let you see: Whether a Prefab is a Prefab Variant, Model Prefab, or regular Prefab.. Fully fading out the icon for plain GameObjects can also work, but in that case I'd move the 'plus' icon for added prefab elements to the center of icon space, since it would no longer have a foundation to attach to: On the subject of docking icons at the right edge of the screen, I tried that for a while with custom hierarchy windows, but I found that layout to be pretty inconvenient vs.. With the exception of prefab types, nothing distinguishes GameObject's from one another.. Left side icons, since it was often hard to see what exact line corresponded to what exact icon.. Currently the only problem with this approach is that everything is a GameObject.. As with many features, we've heard many different opinions about the icons Here in the forums we had many people pitch in with opinions in the.. Prefab icons are now properly standing out vs Plain objects And I suppose I can always just edit default editor resources to make the default state fully transparent or otherwise less noticeable. 773a7aa168 The Sims 1 CompleteCollectionMrDJvip障,keygenc帥若糸茵2009









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