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Stars - Eddie Izzard
directors - François Girard
Release date - 2019
0:01 Wow, been awhile since I've seen that.
The Song of Names Watch full article on foot. Yes, this is a wonderful and memorable film. The director, Francois Girard, and, I suspect, the same Canadian production company were involved in the 1998 RED VIOLIN. Like that film it takes place over multiple time periods, in this film clearly stated to be 1951, 1986, and the earliest, unidentified time which can be inferred to be sometime between March and September 1939. The scene shifts back and forth a good deal and some critics found this confusing and destructive of continuity but I found no difficulty in following the story line. Memory is not linear and orderly but rather fragmented and out of sequence, particularly when dealing with highly charged emotionally traumatic experiences. This is an exceptionally intelligent screenplay where not everything has to be spelled out. It's true that a key plot point mystery is fairly predictable. Yet the story builds to a wrenching climax in a way you don't see every day in the movies.
Tim Roth plays well against type as a quiet, introspective Brit. The score composer, Howard Shore, was involved in composing the impressive music in the Lord of the Rings and does an award-deserving job here. I rate the film at 3.5/4 stars. Strongly recommended for everybody, especially any serious music student as well as anyone of Jewish background, particularly of GenX through to Millennials.
Seen this trailer at the theater. Into WW2 films already. So I will def., see this. But if I weren't into WW2 films already, the cinematography was breathtaking, I'd go simply for that alone. William would never have trouble fitting in, he'd beat any bullies to a pulp, Neanderthals were stroooooooooooong. When Bilbo Baggins has a growth spurt and is no longer a manlet.
The song of names watch full version. The Song of Names Watch full article on maxi. The story of Cats is an elaborate and terrible metaphor for the seven deadly sins, where these cats have died and are living in a purgatory awaiting their chance to ascend. Each of the characters fill a role in this, which will be made clear during the write-up. I should note, I have not actually seen the musical, but I did see the movie while drunk, so this write-up will be coming from my memory of a drunk night one month ago with a little help of Google. The scope of this theory is for the movie only, and I am open to people providing better fitting analogies for each of the sins as I am by no means a Cats expert. I would have liked to include gifs of the physical portrayals of each sin, but videos from the movie aren’t on YouTube yet. Each of the characters in Cats fills in for one of the seven deadly sins or as a character in the battle between heaven and hell. All the cats in purgatory wish to ascend to heaven by being chosen by Old Deuteronomy, but each portrays at least one of the seven deadly sins. To be chosen is to leave purgatory and go to heaven is to be a Jellicle cat. The guidance for being a Jellicle cat is given in the book of Deuteronomy, which I will provide below. Sloth The role of sloth is filled by Jennanydots (Rebel Wilson). She is a lazy cat who sits at home all day, lazing about and in terrible shape. In her song, there are references to her working on reforming mice and cockroaches, but we see physically her slothfulness throughout her song. Additionally, the implication during the song is not her hard work, but instead it’s her forcing the mice and cockroaches to work for her, entertain her, and feed her, rather than her working hard for anyone else’s betterment. The song is presented as a duet, with the chorus being sung about her, while she sings a refrain which defends herself. In her refrain is when there is any mention of hard work, while in the sections of song sung about her, all references are to her slothfulness. From the song section sung about her: All day she sits upon the stair or on the step or on the mat She sits and sits and sits and sits … All day she sits beside the hearth or on the bed or on my hat … She sits upon the windowsill or anything that's smooth and flat Pride The role of pride is filled by Rum Tum Tugger (Jason Derulo). It is apparently obvious from the first few moments with Rum Tum Tugger he is extremely vain. Throughout his appearance he is constantly enjoying and encouraging the fawning reactions from other cats, dressing fashionably, checking himself out in the mirror, and milk ing his own song. He even names his bar after himself. There are no specific lines in his song which point to pride, but a holistic view of the lyrics show someone who expects others to cater to their whims and serve them, while the behaviors of Rum Tum Tugger portray an obvious portrait of a prideful cat. Gluttony The role of gluttony is filled by Bustopher Jones (James Corden). The crude fat Tuxedo cat makes an obvious candidate for gluttony, as in most of his shots on camera he seems to be eating or trying to eat something and is very obviously overweight. From the songs: Bustopher Jones is not skin and bones In fact, he's remarkably fat … In the season of venison I give my ben'son To the Pothunter's succulent bones And just before noon's not a moment too soon To drop in for a drink at the Drones When I'm seen in a hurry there's probably curry At the Siamese or at the Glutton If I look full of gloom then I've lunched at the Tomb On cabbage, rice pudding and mutton … It can be no surprise that under our eyes He has grown unmistakably round He's a twenty-five pounder, or I am a bounder And he's putting on weight everyday Wrath The role of Wrath is held by a side character who has no songs in the movie: Growltiger (Ray Winstone). Growltiger is the henchman cat holding all the cats hostage on his boat before trying to kill Old Deuteronomy. The other cats end up escaping and he tries to fight them but is captured and forced to walk the plank. His only role in the film is to hold hostages for Macavity, try to kill someone, and to get into a fight. He does this without any purpose other than working with Macavity despite having no seen benefit from the exchange and seems to relish in the job. Greed The role of greed is filled jointly by Mungojerrie (Danny Collins) and Rumpleteazer (Naoimh Morgan). This duo takes Victoria (Francesca Hayward) in after finding her all alone after Bustopher Jones is kidnapped. Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer try to corrupt Victoria. The pair are cat burglars who break in and steal from homes with no care for who it belongs to. From the songs: If the area window is found ajar, And the basement looks like a field of war, If a tile or two comes loose on the roof, Which presently fails to be waterproof, If the drawers are pulled out from the bedroom chests, And you can't find one of your winter vests, Or if after supper one of the girls Suddenly misses her Woolworth pearls… … We are highly efficient cat-burglars as well, and remarkably smart at the smash-and-grab. We make our home in Victoria Grove. We have no regular occupation. Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer are certainly guilty of the sin of greed and cannot be chosen as Jellicle cats. Lust The role of lust is filled by Bombalurina (Taylor Swift). During the movie, she is seen with extreme interest in Rum Tum Tugger, who ultimately rejects her for only liking what he finds for himself. Unfortunately, most of her song is about Macavity and doesn’t provide as much evidence to her specific sin. In viewing the movie, like most of the cats in the movie, she acts in a weirdly seductive way. In addition, Bombalurina fuels what appears to be a drug-fueled writhing orgy with catnip during her song. This role is definitely harder to place, but from the theatrical release, the role fits best with Bombalurina. Envy The role of envy is filled by Grizabella (Jennifer Hudson). Grizabella was once a popular and coveted cat who is now banished, ragged, dirty, and seen watching the group from afar wishing to belong again. She is envious of the friendly cat group and wants what they have. She is also envious of her past of being beautiful, and in the end, she is envious of the happiness she once had. During the course of the movie, with the help of Victoria, she overcomes her sin of Envy and accepts who she is and is accepted once more. Having repented for her past sin of envy, she is the one who is ultimately accepted to leave purgatory. Filling her role once she leaves comes Victoria, who sings “All that I wanted was to be wanted” and wishing to have beautiful and happy memories. From the songs: Memory, all alone in the moonlight I can smile at the old days I was beautiful then I remember the time I knew what happiness was Let the memory live again … Touch me, it's so easy to leave me All alone with the memory Of my days in the sun The Others Every one of the other cats either portrays some sin, generally envy or pride, but two of them stand out from the others and bear mentioning: Old Deuteronomy (Judi Dench) and Macavity (Idris Elba). Old Deuteronomy: Old Deuteronomy is an obvious metaphor for a St. Peter-esque figure who stands before the pearly gates to heaven and passes judgment on the collected cats on who has repented for their sins and may go to heaven. I only want to add that the name Old Deuteronomy was chosen as a reference to the book of Deuteronomy from the Old Testament, specifically in reference to the repentance needed to overcome sins and get into heaven. The following lines appear in Deuteronomy 2 ? 4: … and obey his voice in all that I command you today, with all your heart and with all your soul, then the Lord your God will restore your fortunes and have mercy on you, and he will gather you again from all the peoples where the Lord your God has scattered you. If your outcasts are in the uttermost parts of heaven, from there the Lord your God will gather you, and from there he will take you. These instructions are what is needed to be accepted as the “Jellicle” cat, provided up front. Macavity: Macavity is analogous to Lucifer. Throughout the film, he is lurking in the darkness, shows magical powers only seen otherwise by Mephistopheles, and is shown as through-and-through evil. His whole goal is to get to heaven for himself and does so only through wicked deeds. His goal is to get to heaven through trickery and evil and is rebuffed by Old Deuteronomy. In the song Macavity the Mystery Cat, sung by Bombalurina, Macavity is referenced as the cause of many evil deeds, but he is never seen there. This is not in reference to how skillful he is, but rather Macavity is the source of evil in cat’s hearts and is the ultimate cause behind these acts committed by others. While he is the cause, he is never present because he is Satan, guiding the cats to evil action. The song even references the visualization of Macavity as a snake, just like the Bible. From the song: Macavity, Macavity, there's no one like Macavity He's broken every human law, he breaks the law of gravity His powers of levitation would make a fakir stare But when they reach the scene of crime, Macavity's not there … He sways his head from side to side, with movements like a snake And when you think he's half asleep, he's always wide awake … Macavity, Macavity, there's no one like Macavity For he's a fiend in feline shape, a monster of depravity You may meet him in a by-street, you may see him in the square But when a crime's discovered, then Macavity's not there Conclusion: This movie was terrible. Why did I spend some of my life writing this?
Never go full neanderthal. The song of names watch full fight. The song of names watch full free. I see maybe one film every three or four is one I won't miss. I rewatched Parasite yesterday here in Seoul (the local multiplex chain owned by the company that produced the film was hosting special showings in celebration of the Oscar wins), and I noticed some thematically-relevant details, some of which non-Korean audiences wouldn't be able to catch or fully appreciate, so I thought I'd share them here. First, the dialogue. A notable feature of the Korean language is the strict separation between its formal and informal register. Obviously, all languages will distinguish between professional/official usage and casual/intimate usage (e. g. tu vs vous in French, or American customer service reps saying "How may I assist you" instead of "How can I help you"). However, in Korean (as in Japanese), this divide is baked into the grammar in a way that makes the social and hierarchical dynamics of every conversation and interaction almost painfully explicit. The film plays with this linguistic feature to illustrate the theme of crossing or blurring "the line" between the classes, as frequently alluded to by the Nathan Park character. That is, the line between the formal and informal register gets blurred when the lower-class members manage to cross over to the other side, and its usage also reflects who has the upper hand when the lower-class characters are fighting amongst themselves. The interactions between Ki-jung (the poor sister; art tutor) and Yeon-kyo (the rich mom) are full of interesting examples of the former, the most obvious being the scene where they are standing outside the house, discussing hiring Mr. Kim (poor dad) as the Park family's new driver. The expectation here is that both should be speaking in the formal register, with the Rich Mom occassionally lapsing into casual speech due to her seniority and status as employer. However, in that scene, Ki-jung reciprocates with lapses of her own that are bold and frequent enough to stand out as jarring and borderline unrealistic to a Korean viewer. Given Korean social norms, just the age difference alone should be enough for Ki-jung to adhere strictly to the formal register, but she ends up speaking to the Rich Mom almost like a close friend or immediate family member, while barely keeping up appearances. To a Korean audience, this gives a subtle but powerful indication that Ki-jung has managed to be accepted very deeply into the Rich Mom's confidence, and is treated as a peer, not just an employee. The crossing of lines in this particular relationship is also illustrated using cinematography, in the earlier art therapy job interview scene where Ki-jung is spouting nonsense about Da-song's drawing to the comically receptive Rich Mom. In that scene, the 180 degree-rule is broken dramatically when the Rich Mom gasps tearfully in reaction to Ki-jung asking about Da-song's traumatic event. In that moment, the camera crosses over to the other side of the forbidden line, from behind Ki-jung's back while showing Rich Mom's horrified face. And from then on, the shot reverse shot between the two characters in that scene consistently violates the 180-degree rule. This is a genius way of cinematically showing that Ki-jung's infiltration has achieved a level of success that her other family members haven't quite managed. By the way, in that scene near the end where Mr. Park and Mr. Kim are crouching behind bushes wearing indian headgear? Same shot reverse shot editing, but the 180-degree rule is preserved, as Park ruthlessly quashes Kim's slight incursion over the line. This is, of course, the default expectation, but still, the contrast was palpable for me, as I had noticed the first violation, was on the lookout for another, and it never happened. Going back to the dialogue, the interactions between the poor characters are also rich with subtext expressed through register. In the beginning, the pizza place owner complaining to Chung-sook (poor mom) about QA issues with the folded boxes is also speaking in the informal register in a way that is gratingly, almost aggresively disrespectful considering the age difference. Also of note is the scene between Chung-sook and Moon-gwang (former housekeeper) when the bunker is first revealed. Moon-gwang starts out speaking with extreme deference, while Chung-sook arrogantly lapses into the informal register, but when the other family members enter the scene, their registers become reversed instantly. The Korean audience at last night's showing erupted in laughter when Moon-gwang told Chung-sook to STFU due to the blatant shift in her tone of speech, which might also have been apparent in the subtitles, but probably not to the same visceral degree. There are also some details about the scholar's rock that I haven't seen discussed on reddit. For one thing, in the scene where Ki-woo is leaving the house for his first tutoring session, we see Poor Mom in the background vigorously scrubbing the scholar's rock with a toothbrush. That sight would probably have left Min-hyuk's grandfather (the rock's original owner) apoplectic, as the supposed value of these rocks lie in the way that they have been sculpted by nature, which means every crease and wrinkle is part of what makes the rock special. Subjecting it to such rough abuse would obviously cause minute alterations and damage, thus defeating the purpose of owning such an item. I saw this as a subtle indication of the lack of habitus (cultural knowledge/awareness shared by the upper class) on part of the Kim family. Also of note is a throwaway line by Min-hyuk when he is presenting the rock to the Kims. I don't know if this detail made it into the subtitles, but he says that his grandfather started collecting scholar's rocks when he was a cadet in the Korea Military Academy, which is basically Korea's West Point. This is an evocative snippet of characterization, because that means his grandfather was a career officer during the time period that Korea was ruled by military dictatorships, and would thus have been in a position of some power. The Korean military has also been plagued with corruption until fairly recently, which together was enough to make me wonder how a cadet could have affored these expensive collector's pieces, and just how exactly Min-hyuk's family became rich enough to comfortably afford him studying abroad. Another quirk that kind of confused me was when Mr. Park whispers in his wife's ear about his suspicions of his then-driver drugging a girl and having sex with her in his car, the wife blurts out something about meth and cocaine. Obviously, these are uppers, and not what a Western audience would immediately think of when considering date rape drugs. However, drug usage is so effectively suppressed in Korean society, and common knowledge on the subject so minimal, that the average moviegoer would only ever have heard of weed and meth (by its Japanese brand name philopon, which is the word the wife uses). Thus, references to, say, ketamine or rohypnol would entirely have gone over the audience's heads, which may have been a consideration in Bong writing the scene the way he did. It's even possible that Bong himself is unaware of such matters and didn't realize the discrepancy. Either way, the scene does make sense if we assume the Rich Mom only knows about, and has access to, her husband's drugs of choice, but Western audiences might have had difficulty fully appreciating just how deviant the Parks' drug habits are by Korean standards, and how dangerous and life-endingly damaging such an allegation would be under the Korean justice system. Hence their decision to avoid any untoward attention by keeping the whole affair as hush-hush as possible. That's all I can think of right now that you'd have to be Korean to pick out, but yesterday's viewing, which was my second time watching the film, left me with a whole new appreciation for how much detail and foreshadowing is crammed into every frame: For example, in the scene where Ki-woo asks Da-hye "do I fit in? " while looking out the window at the birthday party, there's a vertical line through the window dividing the two, and Da-hye is leaning against the line as if she's trying to cross. In the fantasy scene near the end where Ki-woo has bought the rich house and Mr. Kim emerges from the basement, Ki-woo is staring up at the clouds in reference to his earlier line to Da-hye about cloudwatching as an affectation or pretension, and Chung-sook is standing on the exact spot that Mr. Kim was shown burying Moon-gwang's corpse, staring down at the ground, which also contrasts with Ki-woo who is looking up. When the Kims are drinking beer together in their home, everyone switches to a more expensive imported brand after they all succeed in infiltrating the rich house, except for Chung-sook, who still drinks the cheap domestic brand. I wonder if that has anything to do with how she was the only one to escape the whole ordeal relatively unscathed. I also loved the way the janitor with the cleaning machine intruded on Chung-sook and Ki-woo's moment at the end when they were paying their respects to Ki-jung. That was such a Bong Joon Ho thing to do. There was a thing with oral fixation and infantalization of males, with Mr. Park sucking on a refrigerated package of boyak (Korean medicinal brew), and the bunker-dweller sucking on a bottle of milk during his first appearance. There were also a lot of interesting choices in cinematography, like how the semi-basement house was frequently shot with the camera at ground level instead of from the basement floor. This stood out in the peach fuzz scam sequence when Mr. Kim is rehearsing his lines while being coached by Ki-woo. Mr. Kim is standing on something and comfortably in frame, but the other characters are way below and barely visible.... and so on and so forth. There's a lot more
When he goes inverted over the top though. in my head I am always like damn thats sick. "The Song of Names" directed by the wonderful François Girard, surpassed all of my expectations! The story is about the relationship two "brothers" and how that relationship changes over the years as the mystery unfolds. The score, by the great Howard Shore, expertly showcases the film's haunting, mysterious tone. Acting, directing and cinematography, to name a few, were all brilliant. Certainly worth a watch, even if just for the magnificent violin solos! The film catches your attention from the very first scene and leaves you wanting more after the shocking finale. I would recommend this film to musicians, as well as anyone who loves a good character-based mystery.
The real masterpiece! the film which makes think... I hope this movie, like it's predecessor. is a love letter to those amazing machines, and the men that fly them. I hope they give enough praise to the F-18. The song of names watch full movie. Aqui esta el comentario español que tanto esperabas... :V oc no me voy c va a. nada :v. 5% ppl: Talking about the actual movie. 95% JoJo fans: It's free real estate. The song of names watch full length. The song of names watch full hd. The song of names watch full movie online. The song of names watch full online. Será que eu sou a única que falo em português. The subtitled name is less than 10 million domestic gross. The Song of Names Watch full article on top.
This has a very The Importance of Being Earnest meets A Midsummer Night's Dream vibe to it. Looks fun. The song of names watch full game. The song of names watch full body. I have the game Ancestors about these things but then when i see the trailer im like neanderthals need to fit in great. The song of names watch full moon. The best thing about that movie is Timothee Chalamet. I'm in mourning. for my life. Nice review. Information will be added as it becomes available! | Physical copies are not widely available yet! Just like with the release of 'The Marshall Mathers LP2', 'SHADYXV', the 'Southpaw' soundtrack, 'Revival' and 'Kamikaze', we also have a Megathread for 'Music To Be Murdered By', including links to different types of content. And remember, just like every SotW post or previous Megathreads, we want this to be an open thread, so feel free to discuss everything 'Music To Be Murdered By'! Music To Be Murdered By On Official Channels: Spotify iTunes Amazon Music Apple Music Google Play Music Smarturl Merch Store Album Cover - Alternative - Second Alternative | Album Back | Booklet Announcements: Eminem: Twitter - Instagram - Facebook Paul Rosenberg: Twitter - Instagram Denaun: Instagram Royce: Instagram Released Singles: Darkness: Music Video | Audio | Lyrics - Lyric Video | Spotify / iTunes | Cover Godzilla Ft. Juice WRLD: Music Video | Audio | Lyrics - Lyric Video | Spotify / iTunes | Cover Other Releases: None (Yet) Reactions/Responses From Other Artists/Celebrities: LL Cool J Big Sean Westside Gunn Machine Gun Kelly Joe Budden / Podcast Album Review Peter Rosenberg Redman / Alternative Busta Rhymes LeBron James Swae Lee Lloyd Banks Music To Be Murdered By on other subreddits: Music Hiphopheads Live performances: None (Yet) Interviews: None (Yet) Videos: Instagram live Hello, Darkness, my old friend... These bars are only meant for the sharpest knives in the drawer MTBMB promo trailer Pictures: Inspired by the master, Uncle Alfred! New Profile Picture Now that's what I call advertising Darkness, my old friend... Album Photoshoot For you to go against me, it's simply insane, you will die It's your funeral, prepare to die. This is music for you to be murdered by Gentle Listener THE TIMES SQUARE BILLBOARD IS UP!! Who do you think Eminem just buried? From the Booklet Photoshoot From the MTBMB photoshoot A collage of album concept covers that were taken into consideration Possibly New Photo Discussion Threads: Premonition - Intro Unaccommodating Ft. Young M. A You Gon' Learn Ft. Royce Da 5'9" & White Gold Alfred - Interlude Those Kinda Nights Ft. Ed Sheeran In Too Deep Godzilla Ft. Juice WRLD Darkness Leaving Heaven Ft. Skylar Grey Yah Yah Ft. Royce Da 5'9", Black Thought, Q-Tip & Denaun Stepdad - Intro Stepdad Marsh Never Love Again Little Engine Lock It Up Ft. Anderson Farewell No Regrets Ft. Don Toliver I Will Ft. Kxng Crooked, Royce Da 5'9" & Joell Ortiz Alfred - Outro Extra: Fan art by /u/ObeseButCute 4K Wallpapers by /u/frdptrs Doodle made to celebrate Em’s new album by /u/colleendoodles EMINEM x HITCHCOCK MTBMB Phone Wallpapers by /u/lilcatfriend Phone Wallpaper by /u/SHADYP00L MTBMB Eminem portrait drawing by /u/SheepsGraphics Fanmade Promo Poster by /u/BenJoshTobiasAlJoel Hogwash by /u/aaka98 Godzilla fan made cover by /u/pewdxepie 11. / Alternative by /u/BenJoshTobiasAlJoel Just a fan art I made by /u/Gemini_salt Who's enjoying Music to Be Murdered By?! by ShadyAir More fan art by /u/ObeseButCute Alternate digital album art by @thibaultjohnmcclane Hall Of Fame by /u/Sevenmillyn Infinite - MTBMB MTBMB Custom Art MTBMB Custom Art #2 I made the MTBMB album cover out of the other 10 Em albums. by /u/dyajiv Custom MTBMB Album Art by /u/GraysonGoodwin The album we REALLY wanted... by /u/sjamie2204 MTBMB Fan Made Poster. Reviews: Forbes Medium The Guardian The Telegraph Melon Rolling Stone Pitchfork Variety NME EW HipHopDX Other: Eminem new tweet HAPPENING It’s s fan diss track Please don’t give us another 10 minute dictionary freestyle with no beat I can’t wait for the inevitable merch drop to disappoint y’all Please tell us she ain’t joking I bet Em is watching us right now going crazy Activity from Em draws my full attention ILLA ON THE BEAT What is happening?! I'm perplexed Eminem’s longtime producer comments on The Tweet Kamikaze 2, the album where you reply to everybody who didnt like the album where you reply to everybody who didnt like the previous album This might be a reach. My prediction for this Friday Fredwreckla IG story Saw an Eminem fan account point this out on Twitter. Hmmm... Am I the only one who don’t want a Kamikaze 2 album? Kamikaze was good but he needs to move on and do something different Crooked responds to the Em tweet 7 Indicators That Point To A New Eminem Album We made the news guys!!! 88! - Source Eminem sent 50 a new song to jump on recently Is this the problem em was talking about? He ain't denying it REAL923 on Instagram: “@bigboy was in the studio with #DrDre yesterday and he listened to some new unreleased music from him and #Eminem!! ” 50 Cent Confirms Eminem is Working on a New Album and He’s Featured on It is mixing new Eminems album! Hitsdailydouble (#1 source) posted and took down an article that a rapper was dropping a surprise album Dec 20 but that chances on making date were “slim” to none 13/12? Bizarre just tweeted this - managed to screenshot before it got deleted This post should excite you. Logic thinks Kendrick could be dropping rather Em. Mark Batson and Dre back together, producers of Relapse. Dec 21 marks 10 years since Relapse Refill dropped... Royce in new Sway interview: "I'm mad at Nick Canon, because he's distracting my friend. " Distracting from what ? Y'all really think there is an album on the 20th? XXL Tweet rumour that a surprise project is coming from a big name rapper Fred Wreck posted this a few hours ago... maybe EMs project? FRED WRECK JUST POSTED THIS!!! hmmmmm FRED WRECK WITH A PRODUCER WHO WORKED ON RELAPSEv!!!! AND ANOTHER!!! It’s happening. So what do we know about the new album? Ok it's happening! Skylar Grey via IG stories again. She isn't playing, something has to be coming. Fredwreck took the E off his story, posted a pic of Snoop in Detroit Full list of Dec 20th Album Drop Hints What if this is our Friday superstar release? Let's not forget this image. Boner! L #1. The photos of her in Em merch and ALL the clues on her stories still can't be a coincidence, right? Producer S1 ('Nice Guy' 'Normal', 'Caterpillar', 'Bad Guy') Confirms Work With Eminem, Says He's Been Recording A Lot Recently Eminem after Kamikaze does well 300k views in 30minutes, no trending page nothin'. Royce produced You Gon Learn and Darkness This sub rn: It's crazy to think everyone here probably has their headphones in and listening to the same thing lmao. Ight imma head out this coffin and listen to the new Em joint Joe Budden Listening to Eminem Ft. Slaughterhouse Mike Saputo, Eminem's cover art designer shares details about MTGMB Can’t wait for buddens next podcast Music To Be Murdered By has reached #1 on US iTunes (Albums) Eminem criticised for lyric about bomb at Ariana Grande gig Annoys me when they change the covers. It was the top image when I bought it, now it’s changed to the bottom image. "Got no plans to retire, im the same man that you admire" Reaction channels waking up to news of a new Eminem album Juice actually did record the hook specifically for the eminem song, his photographer posted this on his instagram story. Respect to The Telegraph for not holding a grudge with Em’ like Forbes and Pitchfork. The Telegraph rates the album 5/5 stars Godzilla is #1 on Trending! Interesting. It seems Em owns the masters to this one. First week sales predictions Official MTBMB logomark by Eminem's designer Mike Saputo A historic moment in the legacy of r/Eminem MGK on the album Eminem is the face of New Music Friday on Spotify What happened to the 50 cent and Hopsin feature? “From one master to another, Marshall. ” All 20 tracks from 'Music To Be Murdered By' have entered the top 100 on US Apple Music #1 in 48 countries in just 8 hours. With no promotion Most streams for him in a day on Spotify MTBMB vs KAMIKAZE vs REVIVAL first day streams on Spotify 50. 5 million streams first day This guy, Keith P. Rein predicted MTBMB album concept back in 2016 Eminem - Darkness (Behind The Scenes) just in case yall didnt see this one Music To Be Murdered By Action Figure This is what’s at stake stans - Don’t quit! MTBMB gun cover without parental advisory Yep, Song of the Week MTBMB is the #1 album on Amazon Music Full Youtube Banner Image MTBMB surpasses Mac Miller's 'Circles' on U. S. Apple Music Eminem will have #1 album in 3 different decades and top 3 in 4 different decades. The photo without the weird CD effect on it Eminem’s ‘Music To Be Murdered By’ On Track For Historic No. 1 Debut Radio singles of Music To Be Murdered By - Do You Agree? What would you have preferred? Paul confirms the original cover was too innapropriate for retail 100K US SALES Increase in streams on day 3 And that makes MTBMB best reviewed album since TES Godzilla sold 100k units in the US!! Nathan Mathers Instagram story. Google play top charts right now Prepare to be blown, like an old nintendo cartridge MTBMB is currently the 4th highest rated Rap album ever and top Eminem album by user score on Metacritic Godzilla has reached #1 on the Spotify UK Top 50 Forbes trashed Ems album when it dropped but now their review Im looking at is praising it. What's up with that? Was trying to find White Gold on twitter and found this gem. That would be sick! Joe Budden wants Em to stop dissing him. MTBMB passes TPAB, GKMC, and MBDTF on Metacritic user scores. It is now 2nd highest rated user album of all time. Damn fans are loving this shit It is official, MTBMB is the highest ranked eminem album. We weren’t the only ones surprised Let's take a moment to
Its gonna make it to Netflix Im calling it. F: on the journey.
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