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Director - Kitty Green
country - USA
1 H 27min
6,6 of 10
Writer - Kitty Green
audience score - 471 Votes
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YouTube notification on my phone: You want to watch this Black Wid. hits watch. The assistant episode. DARCY'S HERE ??????. The assistante de vie. The assistant quest id. Critics Consensus Led by a powerhouse performance from Julia Garner, The Assistant offers a withering critique of workplace harassment and systemic oppression. 85% TOMATOMETER Total Count: 60 11% Audience Score Verified Ratings: 9 The Assistant Ratings & Reviews Explanation Tickets & Showtimes The movie doesn't seem to be playing near you. Go back Enter your location to see showtimes near you. The Assistant Videos Photos Movie Info "The Assistant" follows one day in the life of Jane (Julia Garner), a recent college graduate and aspiring film producer, who has recently landed her dream job as a junior assistant to a powerful entertainment mogul. Her day is much like any other assistant's -- making coffee, changing the paper in the copy machine, ordering lunch, arranging travel, taking phone messages, onboarding a new hire. But as Jane follows her daily routine, she, and we, grow increasingly aware of the abuse that insidiously colors every aspect of her work day, an accumulation of degradations against which Jane decides to take a stand, only to discover the true depth of the system into which she has entered. Rating: R (for some language) Genre: Directed By: Written By: In Theaters: Jan 31, 2020 limited Runtime: 87 minutes Studio: Bleecker Street Cast News & Interviews for The Assistant Critic Reviews for The Assistant Audience Reviews for The Assistant The Assistant Quotes News & Features.
The assistant paw patrol. The assistante. The assistant movie trailer. The assistant movie times. The assistant videos. The assistant movie near me. This a first! A trailer brought tears to my eyes ?. The assistant movie 2020. The assistants tv series. The Assistant Introduction What can we forgive? Why do we suffer? When is it okay to date the boss's daughter? These questions haunt Frank Alpine in Bernard Malamud's The Assistant. He's a troubled young man in need of a job and looking for some stability in his life. He finds unexpected opportunity at a small, family-owned grocery store in Brooklyn. It, uh, also happens to be a store he helped rob. Like…with a gun. How does that work in the job interview? "I held your store up, sure, but I swear you can trust me. " Have you ever been convicted of a felony? "Well, not convicted exactly. " At least he could say he wasn't the one holding the gun. The store is run by Morris Bober and his wife Ida. They are one of a few Jewish families living in the Brooklyn neighborhood where this story takes place. The times have not been good to them. They're struggling to stay open, and only the extra income brought in to the family by their daughter, Helen, keeps them from going under. The stress never ends. Feeling guilty for the part he played in the robbery, Frank offers to help Morris manage the business. No, he doesn't admit his involvement in the crime. Not right away, anyway. Morris declines the offer. He sees the grocery store business as a prison, and he doesn't want anyone else locked up. Also, Frank is?to put it nicely?less than trustworthy. He's been stealing milk and rolls from Morris and sleeping in his cellar. However, just when it looks like we won't have a story about an assistant, Morris is injured on the job and Frank assumes his place while he recovers. At first, Frank's assistance looks like it's a blessing. Business improves substantially. But his presence does have its drawbacks, big time. He's secretly stealing money from the register and has taken a romantic interest in Helen against the wishes of Morris and Ida. Can you say suspense? This novel isn't just a business drama, and it isn't just a family drama. It's business and personal. The Assistant is also a moving?and at times disturbing?tale of passion and regret, love and lust, forgiveness and hatred, desperation and broken dreams. Frank, Morris, and Helen are as real as any fictional characters you're ever likely to meet. While The Assistant is not necessarily a feel-good novel, you might find it surprisingly inspirational. What is The Assistant About and Why Should I Care? We all suffer, but why? And why do some people suffer more than others? The characters in The Assistant live and ponder this mystery, but they don't find any final answers. Sure, sometimes good choices turn a profit and bad decisions result in disaster, but sometimes the good die young, dishonest people thrive, and wounded souls cannot escape their burdens no matter how hard they try. It's unfair; it's a bummer, and it often makes no sense! Morris Bober and his wife Ida own a failing grocery store. They see it as a prison. How's that for dark? Their adult daughter Helen would love to go to college but has to work to help support her parents. Their son died from illness. They are Jews, a people who have suffered horribly in their history, and are aware of how much they've endured. Anti-Semitism contributes to their poor business?and to their store getting robbed. Morris can't make sense of his suffering, but he's resigned to it and accepts it as the cost of caring for others. Morris has found a way to make his suffering meaningful rather than absurd. His answer may not satisfy the philosophers, but it gives him the strength to be compassionate, kind, and honest even when it hurts. He's a good man, that Morris. Reading The Assistant may not give you clarity as to why suffering afflicts the human condition and why people seem not to suffer equally. Who can? You will, however, gain insight into the ordinarily heroic struggle against life's disappointments and injustices we all know all too well. Just as important, the novel is a realistic look at the plight of Jewish immigrants in mid-twentieth century New York. Real people have suffered the trials endured by Morris, Ida, Helen, and Frank. The author of the novel, Bernard Malamud, experienced them himself. All in all, this is a story about struggle: the struggle to endure, the struggle to thrive, and ultimately, the struggle to keep a darn grocery store afloat. And as we all know… the struggle is real.
4 / 5 stars 4 out of 5 stars. Film about assistant to a New York film mogul details how stress, humiliation and bullying become the enablers for abuse by powerful men Second tier of wrongdoing... The Assistant. Photograph: Forensic Films K itty Green’s The Assistant is a claustrophobic, intimately unsettling movie about the assistant to an arrogant and abusive New York based film mogul; it can claim to be the first drama which addresses the #MeToo issue, and therefore very contemporary ? although appearing on the face of it to be set before the #MeToo movement took off, and before this kind of behaviour was publicly challenged. (Having said which, part of the film’s point could well be to suggest that the abuse continues right now. ) As a study in media misogyny and the sexual politics of collaboration, it is incidentally much better than the recent Fox News movie Bombshell. The movie takes place much of the time in near wordlessness, to the sound of ambient office noises ? scanners, printers, coffee-makers ? subdued murmurings and overheard snatches of conversation and shouting elsewhere, in the inner sanctums of powerful men’s offices. The one stretch of conventional dialogue is the abrupt and jittery conversation that this assistant has when she is rash enough to raise some concerns with the hatchet-faced head of Human Resources. It’s a nerve-jangling sequence which reveals the momentary influence of David Mamet and his Hollywood play Speed the Plow. Julia Garner is excellent as Jane, a young woman who appears to have swallowed and internalised all the stress and humiliation of this job - a supposedly prestigious post that she appears to have landed shortly after graduating. She instinctively knows that silence and submission is the way to survive and the way ahead. Her day starts horribly early (she has a car to pick her up in the morning, her one tiny and un-enjoyed perk in her low-status ordeal) and she must do all sorts of menial filing and clerical tasks, as well as dealing with the mogul’s wife who furiously calls demanding to know where her spouse is. Julia is subject to a thousand misogynist micro-mortifications daily: she has to cover up for her boss and at some level understands that a great deal of everyone’s administrative energy is consumed by this same thing. But it does not seem to get her any respect; Julia does not get to join in with the jokes and frat boy high-jinks of her two young male colleagues whose only moments of contact with her come when they advise her on the emails of apology that she keeps having to send to her boss on account of being indiscreet about his movements when his wife has called. Dealing with the boss’s wife is woman’s work - as is having to deal with his kids when the nanny brings them in to the workplace and parks them with Julia while she deals with something else. Julia is worried. She sees beautiful young women signing mysterious legal documents without an agent or lawyer present for no obvious reason ? and finds herself having to pick up items of woman’s jewellery and accessories that the boss’s guests appear to have left behind in his office and get them quietly back to their owners. She is disturbed that he has hired a beautiful young woman as his second “assistant” ? to whom the film’s title may in fact ambiguously refer ? and has put her up in a downtown hotel where he is in the habit of taking “meetings”. Julia is just new enough in the job for this to be shocking to her and to make her feel that she should do something about it: hence the visit to the Human Resources manager, exquisitely played by Matthew MacFadyen with the same carapace of defensive wearied cynicism he had in the TV drama Succession. The Assistant is a shrewd look at the second tier of Weinsteinesque wrongdoing: the sexual abuse has to be enabled by assistants, who are often women and subject to bullying interspersed by spurious gestures of ersatz charm or assurances that they are themselves being groomed for greatness as independent producers. Julia herself is being glimpsed at a watershed moment: will she stand up to the abuse and risk career catastrophe, or go along with it? It is a sombre, realist study of what day-by-day, moment-by-moment abuse actually looks like.
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The assistant to the regional manager. I would love to see this movie. The assistant quest aqw. The assistant trailer. Having just watched the trailer I think some of your complaints are how he doesnt have a comeback to her banter. The trailer cuts too early to tell. Maybe theyre saving the bond quips for the movie. I remain hopeful. The assistant engineering family. Comments: Country Roads! The Hulk! 1:06. I have 1) no idea what this film is about, and 2) an inexplicable urge to watch it. Great job, Julia Garner. Im waiting for live action rapunzel. The assistant review.

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