Dark Waters Free Part 1 Drama genres director Todd Haynes

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genre - Drama, History
Runtime - 126Min
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Country - USA
A corporate defense attorney takes on an environmental lawsuit against a chemical company that exposes a lengthy history of pollution Todd Haynes
He had to give oral while worshipping Satan. Poor guy. They really humiliated him at his initiation. Excellent as Always.
This is what happens when you do not have federal rules and regulations monitoring companies like DuPont. And to think we have people who want to do away with the EPA. The 3M company was also complicit in this poisoning. This is proof positive why we need the EPA and EPA admins who enforce regs which is not what we have now in DC.
The southern third of Sweden is just as populated as much of mainland Europe, he should have gone to Lappland and hiked for a few days inland to get a truly isolated area. I went to see this movie today and it is sooo good, the acting is flawless, the movie is well played and executed, and you can feel the emotion through the screen i recommend to all to go and see this masterpiece <3. I am sorry to say that this was a dreadful movie, a copycat of Civil Action that we come prepared to like because of the theme and our knowledge of the issues.
At least it could have been cut 30 minutes with nothing missing whatsoever. It was sloppy. Here is just one example: Anne Hathaway delivers a lecture to the CEO, whose good-guy motives defy explanation, after she is told she can go see her husband in the emergency room. She stands there giving a five-minute lecture? That highest-ranking guy, head of a company who defends chemical companies, suddenly and inexplicably supports our protagonist throughout the movie. The whole thing was, sadly, insulting. And the role of the children? C'mon, Mark. You can do much better. We are on your side.

female voice: we have lost objective apples, the enemy is winning. Why is Anne Hathaway in the thumbnail, when its obviously a Mark Ruffalo movie. Omgggg mark and anne are my favs <3 <3. Dark waters verdade envenenada. I could listen to you tell stories all day. Your voice.

@Chris Stuckmann Dude, if you like Dark Waters, then you're going to love The Report starring Adam Driver (available on Amazon Prime Video. It's similar but rather than dealing with DuPont, it deals with the enhanced interrogation (torture) methods employed by the CIA post-9/11. I've seen it twice. Youre going to get mad as hell with what you learn and what was done in that movie. The movie is about keeping the government accountable and providing oversight. Highly recommend, watched it twice. And Adam Driver gives an Oscar worthy performance in this movie, just like Marriage Story but more restrained. Think The Big Short and All The President's Men but with the serious tone of Spotlight. Check it out man. You're going to love the movie and feel righteously angry.
Opět jsem hrdý Čech, co se naší hudební tvorby týče. ??. I gave a homeless guy a 500 once because I felt guilty for not doing enough in my community. Thats the same as Dupont giving 680 million for not doing enough. Let that sink in. Im still here and they're still here. As a monster hunter, hes literally a Witcher. The white wolf himself. ??. A plus for the filmmaker is that he used the entire screen to tell his story(not really a good thing for someone who likes sitting close the screen but. br> I got more of a tv show vibe from this movie rather than a movie. It was long with a lot to say and it moved from scene to scene like I was binge watching something on Netflix.
It's biggest crime was that it was boring due to the feeling that the movie was never going to end. A bit ironic as the purpose of the movie was about a man who kept fighting a uphill battle on a steep road. Mark Rufflo was that man, but his quiet warrior persona, though very amusing at times that needed it was overall lackluster. Not enough pep in the step. Tim Robbins gives a speech in the film that they give oscars for and though I felt the passion, the way it was film was very low key and it lost something as I watched it. Overall, I like it. I like what it gave to me I like what I got from it, but it was a little bland in delivery.
Wrote an essay about this in college. Yeah its pretty messed up stuff. Has JoJo in title, story about Nazis. In JoJo part 2, part of the protagonists were Nazis. Hm. Loving this material Dark Waters. This movie has me pondering every product I use now. Excellent storytelling. Fantastic casting. I even loved how some of the real characters were actually in the film as well. Good cinematography. The only reason I didn't give it a 10 was because it was slow in some parts. Overall, a must see that hopefully changes your life. Rewriting history, there never was a black bounty hunter that hunted Harriet Tubman. Is this the same DuPont that John DuPont was a member of? The guy that killed the wrestler that Ruffalo portrayed in Foxcatcher. Video speed set to 1.25. Honest Trailer for “The Wizard” starting pre-Peter Jackson King Kong & an absolute savage.
The Hulk loves Sanders! Fight the corruption and feel the Bern! ?. Wow, this almost reminds me of Silkwood and there was another movie similar to Dark Waters, Erin Brockovich w/ Julia Roberts.? I'll rent this one though.?. What an upstanding dude. I'd love to live in sweden or norway so peacful and far from civilization. if only i hvae lots of money. So happy to see you've got a new video up DW! I was getting worried about you! Congrats on 10,000 subscribers, you've certainly earned every one. Don't let a few bad apples spoil the bunch with the Dogman stories. There will always be crazies, just don't let them get to you man. Happy Memorial Day to you & yours! Lillie.
Glad you got prayed over God Bless ?. 1:08, but Chris, what about your viewers from other continents. This film is not political? What a bizarre, nonsensical statement by Goldberg.

1:31 did he just pick up a manequin? Lol

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Dark Waters - by wakenga,
February 02, 2020

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