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Reviews: A woman's panicked decision to cover up an accidental killing spins out of control when her conscience demands she return the dead man's body to his family; USA; &ref(,0,629,1000_AL_.jpg); 32 vote; Duration: 85 min; writed by: Don M. Thompson. Part 1 Part 2 - Current I took your advice. I realised that if I had any hope of finding Annie, before the path swallowed her up, or before whatever was out there found her, then I had to move faster, I couldn’t just walk the way I had been. And so, I took my bike, and packed a bag full of food, water and essentials. Just like we did when we were kids. I was up early, attaching a go-pro to the back of my bag, facing behind me, so as to see if I could catch snippets of whatever was following me. The morning was so cold the air felt brittle. I blew plumes of smoke with my breath as I wheeled my bike down into the woods, and down that familiar path. Fork ? Giant’s Step ? Hill ? Riverbed. The bike slowed me down a little, and allowed my mind to wander. I thought of Billy, of his red hair, and his toothy smile, and the way he’d puff his chest up when he got something right, or impressed us somehow. I thought of how he’d try and hide his black eyes whenever he got them, turning his face from us when we’d meet up, mumbling excuses. I have one vivid picture in particular, of Billy, and Annie. He’d told us that there were goldfish in the lake a way out of town, and we hadn’t believed him ? in fact, we’d teased him mercilessly. We’d teased him the whole day, the whole walk there, and even to the edge of the lake. There are no goldfish in the wild, Billy. Goldfish are only in petshops, Billy. Annie wasn’t having any of it. But Billy was patient, crouching by the lake’s edge, peering through his glasses, waiting. And waiting. Me and Annie got bored, kicked up a fuss. Threatened to leave. But then, like a heron, Billy darted forward, cupping his hands and turning to show us none other than a goldfish. It was luminescent in the sun, a deep, burning orange; the colour of a sunset. He smiled so wide I thought his cheeks would burst, and I could just feel his pride, shining off him, like rays, and it was in his every muscle, and he puffed out his chest, and didn’t even have to say I told you say, just stood there, with the thing flopping about in his hands. And Annie didn’t say anything either, she just smiled back, happy that he was happy, sharing his joy ? and, wordlessly, she held out her hands, and took the fish and lowered it into the water. They crouched, together, by the edge of the lake, and watched the goldfish swim away ? it’s brilliant orange fading to black ? and for a while, they were silent. No-one had won. In fact, they didn’t mention the fish again that day, and we all spent it shrieking, laughing, chasing eachother, until we were so tired that we fell in a heap in the dirt, and lay there until it got dark, basking in the light of the summer sun, and the light of eachother. Complicit in the secret of a summer day, and of a fish that shouldn’t exist. That day played through my mind as I cycled down the path, it’s emptiness now somewhat familiar to me. I heard the familiar caw, the half-voice half-cry, and ignored it. I pedalled on. I pedalled through the stillness, the carvings and signs a blur as I whizzed past, the wind in my hair and whistling in my ears, and I let my daydreams materialise around me, the path so straight I didn’t have to navigate, I could just turn my legs and think. I would stop, every now and again, to tie a new ribbon ? marking longer stretches now, seeing as I was cycling, and I stopped around what I thought was midday for lunch. I sat a while, after I’d eaten, as long as I could allow myself, and found myself almost enjoying the stillness. It still felt wrong somehow, but there was something almost liberating about it. I was an intruder ? sure ? but that came with so much freedom. I felt, for the first time in years, like I could do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. But, my mind kept coming back to Annie, and I pushed on. I must have lost track of time ? lost in my own daydreams. Or perhaps time works differently on the path, the same way space does. The way the path unfolds in front of you feels something like déjà vu. The same stone formations you’ve seen before, the same carvings, the same dirt, the same trees, the same blank sky. When I checked my watch, it was 5:00pm. Shit. I’d been cycling since the sun came up. Even if I cycled faster than I had all day, there was no way I was making it back before dark. A type of animal panic began to rise in me, and my heart started racing, as I desperately pedalled back the way I came, pedalling so hard my legs screamed in pain, until the trees and sky all blurred into one muted colour, and there were tears in my eyes, and still I went faster, as fast as I possible could ? And the light started to drain from the world around me, like it was being sapped, pulled between the trees and out into the world and replaced with darkness, and as I slowed down, and came to a stop, I realised that there was no way I was making it out before nightfall. Something in me resisted the idea of going too far into the bush, the forest ? but I had no choice. I felt something worse would come if I stayed on the path. And as it got darker, and the path seemed to shrink, I knew I had no option but to find a small clearing and spend the night. I figured I’d use my coat as a sort of blanket, and my bag as a pillow. I found a clearing, not too far from the path and was about to set my bag down, when, I felt something like a sixth sense: that feeling that stops you stepping out into the road, the feeling that you get when you realise someone’s moved the furniture in your room ever so slightly ? something like a realisation, a primal part of my brain telling me that wasn’t safe. And so, I climbed a nearby tree, until I was some way off the forest floor, and sat in the crook of it’s branches, and rested my head against the trunk. I didn’t really need to sleep, anyway ? I just needed to be safe, for the night. And it was in that tree that night finally fell, and the world around me was pitch black, and there was no moon. I couldn’t make out my hands in front of me, and all I could do was push my back against the trunk of the tree and hold onto a branch ? tight. There was nothing. Silence. Not even the rustle of the leaves. And then, coming from what could only be the direction of the path, the half-voice half-caw. Except, this time, it wasn’t as loud, or directionless. This time it was deeper, throatier ? closer. The voice was broken, and I realised with a chill that it was doing a poor imitation of my voice, not only the words but the tone, the pitch ? but it wasn’t quite right, it was faltering and hoarse and, in a way I cannot fully describe, inhuman. It sounded closer to wind through a reed, air unnaturally forced through wet pipes. An…nie The voice was getting closer still. I heard leaves begin to rustle, and I realised that whatever it was had left the path as well, and was making its way, slowly, through the bush, through the forest, searching for me, calling for me, the only way it knew how, it’s voice rasping and searching and getting louder and louder still An…nie An…nie But it wasn’t only growing louder, it was growing faster as well, as if the thing could smell me, or sense where I was somehow ? not exactly, but it knew I was near, and it was spitting the words out one after the other after the other after the other, like it wanted them gone, like it wanted them gone and for me to hear and to come running. It was slowly tracking me down, following whatever trail I’d left like a predator, like my presence here was blood in the water, and I could hear the faint snap of twigs as it moved, moved in the dark towards me, and there was nothing I could do, but sit in my tree and try desperately to not make a sound, holding my breath, my whole body shaking in fear, beads of sweat running down my back ANNIE ANNIE ANNIE ANNIE And I could tell it was at the base of the tree I was in, walking round the trunk, whatever shape or form it had obscured by the dark, shrieking her name, so close to me, so close that I could feel it, as a presence, as a source of something I couldn’t name, some malevolent force that I knew wanted me gone and then- Silence. Then a sound like a tape rewinding, cycling through several different voices at a rapid speed, but backwards, so I was unable to make out what they were saying, but I could tell they were real voices the path must have heard, getting higher and shriller, until I had to cover my ears, and still the voices played, blurring now into one distinct, shrill squeal and then: Her voice. JA…COB? Her voice ? my name. She was saying my name. Or at least, this thing was imitating her saying my name. But I could tell it was her voice, I’d know her voice anywhere, and then the thing said JAKEY? And I knew it had to be her, or mimicking her, because no-one else ever called me that, a nickname from childhood that stuck, that her and Billy would call me when we were alone, that they stopped calling me when we got older except when we were really drunk or upset or scared, like the nickname was a secret that brought us closer together when we needed it, and even though the voice wasn’t quite right, and it was broken, I had to bite my lip. A wave of emotion washed over me. The voice was getting quieter, as if fading into the distance, as if the thing had given up searching this area and was slowly making its way down the path, but I almost wanted it to stay. She was out here. Somewhere. This thing was hunting her too, but she was out there. The voice that simultaneously was hers, and wasn’t, continued:
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4-28-99 Todd Cameron Smith, Taber, Alberta "Ever since the shooting at Columbine in Colorado all I've been able to think about is doing this. " 5-20-99 T. J. Solomon, 15, Conyers, GA Heritage High He became obsessed with Columbine. Most of the parties who dealt with him agree that Columbine played a key role in stimulating his behavior. 11-1-99 Bad Reichenhall, Germany, windowsill sniper Martin Peyerl, 16 According to his schoolmates, after Columbine Martin was heard to say "Cool, I would like to do that too. " 12-6-99 Fort Gibson, OK Seth Trickey, 13 "Trickey... was deeply influenced by the Columbine shootings. " 2-21-00 POTSDAM, Germany -- Police arrest a 16-year-old girl for allegedly planning a bloodbath at her school on the anniversary of the Columbine High School shootings. "She regarded the Littleton shooters as heroes. During a search of her home the cops found videos and newspaper articles about Columbine. " 4-20-00 Stabbing attacks in an Ottawa-area high school -- on the anniversary of the Columbine massacre in Colorado -- left five people wounded. According to an article in the Ottawa Citizen, a 15-year-old boy, who was teased mercilessly by his classmates, became obsessed with the Columbine school massacre and the violent perpetrators of the tragic event. He posted pictures of the young men in his lockers and began counting down the days until the anniversary. 1-20-01 Al DeGuzman, De Anza Community College, Cupertino, CA (planned) Investigators are alleged to have also recovered an audiocassette on which DeGuzman expresses sympathy for Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, several articles about the shootings and notes allegedly written by DeGuzman in praise of Klebold and Harris. "Eric Harris is God. He's my savior, " was alleged to have been written on his website. 2-5-01 Hoyt, KS Royal Valley High School Three students, ages 18, 17, and 16, were arrested for plotting an attack on their high school "They often talked of the Columbine massacre.... they seemed to become obsessed. " 2-8-01 Preston Junior High School, Ft. Collins, CO Three teenage boys were jailed on charges that they planned to copy the deadly Columbine attack at their junior high school in Fort Collins. Police found evidence hauntingly similar to that found in the aftermath of the Columbine shooting. Was planned for 4-20-01. 3-5-01 Santee, San Diego County, Santana High School The San Diego district attorney says Andy Williams, the suspect in the "obsessed with Columbine. " 3-22-01 Jason Hoffman, 18, Granite Hills HS, San Diego, CA, arrested after shooting up his school. He had commented to another student that he was "planning another Columbine. " October, 2001 Four teens from New Bedford, Massachusetts are arrested for planning an attack on New Bedford High School. They said specifically it would be "bigger than Columbine. " 4-26-02 Robert Steinhauser, Gutenburg Gymansium, Erfurt, Germany After a search of Erfurt shooter Robert Steinhauser's computer, police allegedly found extensive documentation on the Colmbine massacre. 8-20-02 Bomb plot at high school thwarted in North Dallas, TX The unnamed youth had a poster about the Columbine shooting in his room. 9-18-03 Atlanta, GA A 14-year-old Lovejoy High School student was arrested after police said he planned a Columbine-style massacre at the school. The boy was arrested after students told school officials that he tried to recruit them to take part in a plan to "make history by turning Lovejoy into another Columbine. " 1-13-04 Dutchtown, LA Two high school students were arrested and accused of creating an elaborate plan to re-create the bloody Columbine High School massacre on its five-year anniversary in April(4-20-04). "Apparently, they were planning to wake up at 4:20 a. m. on April 20 of this year to do this. " 2-9-04 Jon Romano, 16, Columbia High School in Rensselaer County, NY Fired three shotgun rounds at school. wrote a four-page suicide note and left it at home beside his DVD of Bowling for Columbine. Romano stated in a letter written before the shooting that he was not a “monster, ” and wondered how he was different from the two teenagers, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris.... 3-16-04 Josh Magee, Malcolm High School, Malcolm, Nebraska Arrested after pipe bombs and a rifle were found in his car outside school as he contemplated attacking. Parents and school officials in this tiny town north of Lincoln said Magee often spoke about the 1999 Columbine shootings... "He asked them in class last week if they knew who Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were. Then he said, `I know them. '" " May, 2004 16-year-old Jacob Roya and 17-year-old Niklas Ekberg, detained by police in Malmoe, Sweden for planning to shoot up Slottsstaden School and then blow it up. "osecutors said the two teens allegedly planned to emulate the 1999 massacre at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado" "osecutors said the attack was to have happened April 20, 2005" 6-18-04 Bull Run Middle School, GAINESVILLE, Prince William County, VA (35 miles west of Washington, D. C. ) Student arrested at school with guns, part of a larger plot to shoot people at school "The 12-year-old.... had researched the 1999 shootings at Columbine High School in Colorado for a class report. " 9-17-04 Marshfield High School, Massachusetts teenagers arrested for planning a school attack on the anniversary of Columbine. One wore a t-shirt to school that had pictures of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold that said “Remember the Heroes. ” 9-17-04 Andrew Osantowski, 17, arrested for planning attack at Chippewa Valley High School, Clinton Township(suburban Detroit), Michigan Online, Andrew compared his plan to attack his high school to the Columbine High School massacre. He copied Eric Harris' writings several times in his monthly journals. 9-24-04 Rafael S., aka "Junior" 15, Islas Malvinas Middle School No. 2, Carmen de Patagones --had seen the documentary "Bowling for Columbine" days before the shooting 10-7-04 Vista Ridge High School, Austin, TX Police have arrested two Texas teenagers in an alleged plan to attack their school. They allegedly were planning to wear trench coats to hide their weapons just as the Columbine High School killers did. "Their words were, they wanted to 'recreate Columbine. ' " 2-13-05 Robert Bonelli Jr., 24, of Glasco/Saugerties, N. Y. Shot up Hudson Valley Mall, wounding two people. In Mr. Bonelli's room, the police found piles of news articles and other accounts, photographs and documents printed from the Internet, all related to the 1999 shootings. "It would appear that he had a lurid fascination with Columbine and the shooters. " 3-21-05 Jeff Weise, Red Lake HS, Red Lake, MN The original plan called for a group of Red Lake teens--the 'Darkers'--to attack their school on 4-20-05, the sixth anniversary. 12-15-05 Two teens, 15- and 17, arrested for planning attack at Quartz Hill High School, Lancaster, LA County. Located at the home of one boy were pictures of domestic terrorists including the two Columbine killers. 3-20-06 Rochester Hills, MI An 18-year-old male high school student was arrested and charged for writing a threat on a bathroom wall to bring a gun to school and start a massacre he called, "Columbine Part Two. " 3-24-06 Foley, AL Two male high school students, ages 15 and 16, were arrested and charged with planning to carry out a shooting plot at their high school on the 7th anniversary of the Columbine High School attack this upcoming April 20th. 3-25-06 Seattle Rave Slayer Kyle Huff Owned a black trenchcoat, had downloaded info on his computer about Columbine. 4-5-06 Atco, NJ Four teenagers, ages 14 to 16, students at Winslow Township HS, were arrested and charged in connection with a plot to kill 25 people in their high school lunchroom on the anniversary of the Columbine attack. 4-17-06 Platte City, MO Two male students, both age 18, were arrested in connection with a school shooting plot. Their plan included planting explosives and bringing weapons to the school on the seventh anniversary of the Columbine shooting. 4-20-06 Five Riverton, Kansas high school students have been arrested after police learned they were allegedly planning an attack on the seventh anniversary of the Columbine school massacre, just as Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold did in their deadly 1999 assault. 8-30-06 Alvaro Rafael Castillo, 19, Orange High School, Hillsborough NC, Asked why he went to attack the school, Castillo responded: "Columbine. Remember Columbine. " 9-13-06 Kimveer Gill, 25, Montreal, Dawson College Gill wrote on his blog that he wanted to storm the school on April 20, 2006, seven years to the day after the attack at Columbine High School. 9-14-06 Two teens arrested for planned attack. William C. Cornell and Shawn R. Sturtz Green Bay East High School, Green Bay Wis. The two teens had long been fascinated by the April 1999 Columbine massacre in Littleton, Colorado 11-20-06 ex-student Sebastain Bosse, 18, Geschwister Scholl School, Emsdetten, Germany He made a short video about Columbine, taken from snippets of other available Columbine videos. 4-2-07 Calgary, Canada 14yr old boy arrested after he confessed a plot to murder two of his teachers on the anniversary of the Columbine high school massacre. 4-16-07 Cho Seung Hui Virginia Tech, Blackburg VA The Governor's panel report traced his violent fantasies to the 1999 shootings at Columbine High School in Colorado. The report said that in a paper in a middle-school English class Mr. Cho indicated that he "wanted to repeat Columbine. " 7-13-07 Connetquot High School students arrested for plan to attack school The Long Island, NY teens hoped to execute their plan April 20, 2008 8-27-07 Kenton Astin stabbed University of Colorado/Boulder student after shouting "We are Columbine. " 10-10-07 Dillon Cossey, 15, arrested in Columbine-like threat against Plymouth Whitemarsh High School, (near Philadelphia, PA) On his MySpace page Dillon Cossey features tribute videos to the Co
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Hi, Malaysian here! Woah, before you all shoot me, I'm here to discuss about this company/association/group? that's popped up in Malaysia over the past few months. I've tried doing some research about them, and I've noticed a handful of Singaporean based forums talking about them, and thought about asking you all about them too. Here's my views following a bit of googling and having gone to their "therapy sessions" a few times: this is a scam operation that targets the clueless elderly. A family member (to my disappointment despite trying to give her information about the illegitimacy of electrotherapy/electrostatic therapy/whatever nonsense name they're giving it) bought one today. Over the second half of 2019 they've been operating in Malaysia. They function by having pop-up show rooms around the state, with plenty of chairs with those electric mats on them connected to the central machine creating the electric frequency. I went to the one in Hartamas Shopping Mall a few times due to the persistence of my family, and how "the show room will close if we don't meet the quota of participants boo hoo:(" according to the showpeople. Those machines, they claim, "massage the blood vessels", somehow purifying the dirty blood in our body and curing many of the participants from a whole catch-all amount of diseases ranging from insomnia, joint pains..... and you guessed it, even CANCER. Yup, we're so advanced in 2019 that a vibrating electric pad is able to heal someone suffering from cancer, and Big Pharma is not promoting this method of treatment because if there're no sick people, we can't profit, right???? And certainly not because it doesn't work. Throughout the 30 minutes of "therapy" session, there'll be a bunch of high energy and charming showmen filled to the brim with boomer jokes who'll be talking about various "health topics" such as how certain food contains crushed dried insects (this is called cochineal, google it), or how all diseases come from contaminated blood. Here's the thing: all these topics they talk about are legit, and I've told my relatives countless times that I do not disagree with those topics. The issue though, comes down to the issue of how these topics are related to the effectiveness of the machine in curing diseases. And I've noticed the elderly participants somehow make that link because of this poem they love reciting to me: "what they're saying is true, of course that means the machine works too! " It's like saying that because my room's floor is flat, thus the earth must be flat as well. They only spend around 3 minutes talking about how the machine works (that too being very dubiously), with one slide showing a Microsoft office image of a vibrating circle which is supposed to be "our blood vessels being massaged", and then they whip out a picture of a whiteboard full of "testimonies" of all the diseases they've miraculously healed. Overweight? Why exercise when you can sit on a chair! Diabetes? Cool, say goodbye to your wheelchair and get an electric chair! LUNG CANCER? CONGRATS, OUR CHAIR HAS A DEGREE IN MIRACLE WORKING! Followed by various slides of doctors and their cool quotes, obviously taken out of context and not meant to validate this stupid chair. If you do a simple Google search, and you'll discover that there is not only any scientific basis for the legitimacy of the therapy, but absolutely no one claiming that they've been healed from their ailments DIRECTLY BECAUSE of such therapy. Whatever "scientific proof" they churn out at you is either like mentioned above: quotes from highly regarded doctors not affirming their product, or stuff from a minority of medical professionals ONLY from Japan, and not from anyone outside of that country. Lastly, their lies. Throughout the show room's running over the months, they've repeatedly emphasized how this was "not a marketing or sales thing, but merely to LET EVERYONE ENJOY THE HEALTH BENEFITS. " What a wonderful gesture, if true! Promoting good health, genuinely and without profit in mind? And obviously if something is too good to be true, it usually is. Towards the end of the show room's operations, they started inserting subtle lines such as, "we do sell these chairs if you'd like to buy", followed by a hasty "but at the end of the day, we do not obligate you to buy! " Make your own conclusions, but as much as you can scream about how you're not selling something, such actions implicate your true intentions. The fact that they proudly announced last month that they've sold out all their chairs doesn't really help their case. Another lie they told is how the cell phone affects the therapy effectiveness because of the "radiation". You should know by now how boomers absolutely gobble up the whole "cell phone big bad, cause many cancer from radio waves despite no solid scientific evidence hurr durr! " And today the delivery man dispelled that myth told to us for months, and simply said that they ban cell phones "to make sure full attention is paid". I think there's more, which is to prevent people from recording their scam. If they can lie to you about such matters, what about the bigger issue at hand, which is the effectiveness of this machine? Anyway. Please, don't let your older family members fall for this nonsense. It's basic knowledge that shaking your blood vessels doesn't do squat. Here's the Malaysia's Ministry of Health research paper on electrotherapy: A discussion on Quora: A Singaporean article about them: A forum discussing it: Another reddit post discussing it: Your views are appreciated!
Blood on Her Name Download full article. What was the aftermath of the "Thousand Year Blood War" arc? Ichigo recovered his powers soon after. Yhwach's corpse is enslaved as the new undead Soul King by Ichibē. Ichibē revived the other 4 Royal Guard members. Only the high-ranking soul reapers know the truth, and so others instead believe that Ichigo simply defeated Yhwach, protecting the old Soul King. KOMAMURA is still a wolf who cannot speak, but is publicly declared dead. URAHARA, Yoruichi, Grimmjow, and Nel are healed and alive. Isane was immediately promoted to 4th squad captain after the war because they needed a new head of the medical teams. Rudbornn was previously managing Las Noches since AIZEN's departure. Loly and Menoly were serving under Rudbornn. HARRIBEL and Nel recently returned to dampen the civil unrest between arrancar and vasto lorde menos in Hueco Mundo, driving them back to their colonies. HARRIBEL is the de facto leader, with the Tres Bestias serving under her. Grimmjow refuses to help when called, but allies himself with them when it suits him. Liltotto and Giselle are alive, rescued by Jugram's aide on Earth, and taken to an unknown base of operations for the quincy. They recovered their powers after a few months, however they have permanently lost their ability to use vollständig due to Yhwach's auswählen. Bambietta is one of Giselle's zombies. Meninas, Candice, and NaNaNa are a part of Mayuri's corpse corps in Soul Society. What is the setting of the "Can't Fear Your Own World" novel? 6 months after the "Thousand Year Blood War" arc. Shūhei HISAGI is the lead character. Initially he is interviewing people for the relaunch of the 'Seireitei Bulletin Monthly' newspaper, at Shunsui's request. Where are Ichigo's family & friends during the "Can't Fear Your Own World" novel? Ichigo, Orihime, Chad, Uryū, Rukia, Renji, Isshin, Karin, and Yuzu are out of Town in West Japan. Karin & Yuzu got permission from Isshin to visit the 3rd most spiritually-rich ground in Japan. Rukia & Renji later delivered news of trouble in that location. Isshin & Ichigo followed after Karin & Yuzu. Orihime, Chad, Uryū, Rukia, and Renji follow too. The trouble was likely orchestrated intentionally by the villain, to get them out of Karakura Town. Byakuya & Tōshirō are later sent to investigate disturbances in the World of the Living. These characters are not involved in CFYOW outside of mentioning this information. Are Chad & Orihime fullbringers? URAHARA explained that both Chad & Orihime are fulbringers, despite their origins being different. Usually the catalyst for a fullbringer to develop their powers comes from the hollow that attacks a mother while she is pregnant. However, for Chad & Orihime, the hōgyoku that was hidden within Rukia at the time, responded to Chad & Orihime's desires to attain power while they were personally attacked by hollows. Despite their different origins, Chad recognised that his powers were still hollow in nature, as are other fullbringers. Orihime's likely is too. They both also possessed fragments of the Soul King, as all fullbringers do, and simply required a catalyst to unlock their fullbring abilities. What are Soul King fragments? All fullbringers seem to possess fragments of the Soul King, which is the source for their fullbring powers. When the Soul King was 'created', his body was desecrated. Some people seem to arbitrarily inherit fragments of the Soul King them during pregnancy. We don't know why or how they do. Rangiku possessed the nail of the Soul King, which is what AIZEN stole from her soul over 100 years ago to fuel his hōgyoku (although AIZEN didn't know she possessed it at the time). Aura MICHBANE possess the saketsu (binding chain) of the Soul King. Hikone was created and brought to life using a special Soul King fragment provided by Tokinada, after multiple failed attempts initially using other Soul King fragments. Who is Aura MICHIBANE? Aura is the secondary antagonist of CFYOW. She is a fullbringer who took over XCUTION, and turned it into a cult with hundreds of thousands of members. She is a fullbringer without a personal connection to any one object in particular, and so instead she has a strong connection to everything. Her father Tenshiyo AGATA, was also a fullbringer and kept her isolated and raised her in captivity. As a result, her 'basic' fullbring abilities are considered "Aizen-tier" as a result. Tokinada found her after her father's death. Tokinada tasked her with helping to construct Hikone's body, as well as constructing a replica of the Soul King's Royal Palace, hidden within the Valley of Screams. (Image) One part of the plans for the XCUTION cult is to inform people in the World of the Living about the existence of Soul Society, inspiring mass suicides, and ultimately sending their souls to Soul Society. Members of the cult on earth possess small handheld devices which erect a barrier around Karakura Town, enabling the replica of the Soul King's Royal Palace to later be transported above the Town from the Valley of Screams. The barrier is only visible and tangible to the spiritually aware, and only keeps out spiritual beings. The devices are similar to the four World-Shifting Binding-Posts previously used to swap Karakura Town with the replica in Soul Society. Who is Tokinada TSUNAYASHIRO? Tokinada is the main villain of CFYOW. In the past, he was in the academy alongside Shunsui & Jūshirō. He also killed his wife, Kakyō, who was Kaname's friend who originally wielded Suzumushi. Tokinada also has a civil rivalry with Shunsui. (Image) The Tsunayashiro family are the 3rd revealed great noble family, and they are the leading family of the 4 great noble families overall. Tokinada was only from a branch side family (i. e. the same way that Isshin was from the branch of the Shiba family). The Tsunayashiro family run the Visuals Department, which are a pan-dimensional surveillance network hidden deep under Seireitei. Tokinada recently assassinated the heads of the family, assuming the role of head of the family overall. Specifically, he actually hired assassin to kill himself, but allowed Hikone to kill both the assassin and the heads of the family, all to stage their murder as an assassination. The Tsunayashiro family have suppressed the existence of fullbringers for years, murdering them in secret, and collecting their Soul King fragments for their own experiments. They appear to want their own family members to sire children who possess Soul King fragments. Tokinada's ultimate plan is to create a replica of the Soul King's Royal Palace, transport it above Karakura Town, reveal the existence of the afterlife to the World of the Living, and instate Hikone as a Soul King that he can control. The replica of the Royal Palace is being created within the Valley of Screams. Tokinada learnt about the Valley of Screams from the Ryūdōji family, who are a former noble family who were banished there around a thousand years ago. Ganryū RYŪDŌJI was the main villain from the movie "Bleach: Memories of Nobody". Tokinada arranged a meeting between the current heads of the 4 great noble families in order to propose the idea of reinstating the Shiba family's noble-status for his own sinister purposes, but was refuted. Byakuya KUCHIKI attended the meeting, and Yoruichi SHIHŌIN was invited to attend the meeting in place of Yūshirō SHIHŌIN. The final unknown great noble family head did not attend due to a fear of all 4 family heads being attacked at once. This was the first meeting of the great noble families heads in a generation. What is Tokinada's zanpakutō? "Venerate, Kuten Kyōkoku! " [九天鏡谷] (Nine Heavens Mirror Valley): The inherited Tsunayashiro family zanpakutō is believed to be called Kuten Kyōkoku: It conjures an invisible mirror that can reflect zanpakutō attacks. Tokinada purposefully called his zanpakutō by the wrong name, in order to use a partial release. Similar to what Yumichika does. The name was chosen in part to mock Shunsui's Katen Kyōkotsu, and partially to hide his true abilities. Similarly, Muramusa is the inherited family zanpakutō of the Kuchiki family, while Shinken Hakkyōken is the inherited zanpakutō of the Ise family. What is the true name of Tokinada's zanpakutō? "Sip from the four seas, the heavenly shores entwine. Equally duplicate ten thousands, and sharpen, Enrakyoten! " [ 艶羅鏡典] (Law of the Bewitching Lucid Mirror): The true name of the inherited Tsunayashiro family zanpakutō is Enrakyoten. It can mimic any previously observed zanpakutō abilities, at the cost of the user's soul. The curse is similar to the Ise family's Shinken Hakkyōken (i. it deteriorates his body). Enrakyoten has mimicked the following zanpakutō abilities so far: Hanatarō YAMADA's Hisagomaru, 7th Kenpachi KURUYASHIKI's Gagaku Kairō, Izuru KIRA's Wabisuke, Byakuya KUCHIKI's Senbonzakura, Rangiku MATSUMOTO's Haineko, Gin ICHIMARU's Shinso, Genryūsai YAMAMOTO's Ryūjinjakka, Shunsui KYŌRAKU's Katen Kyōkotsu, Rose ŌTORIBASHI's Kinshara, Soi-Fon's Suzumebachi, Zen'nosuke KURUMADANI's Tsuchinamazu, Sōsuke AIZEN's Kyōka Suigetsu, Marechiyo ŌMAEDA's Gegetsuburi, Sajin KOMAMURA's Tenken, Tōshirō HITSUGAYA's Hyōrinmaru, Kaname TŌSEN's Suzumushi, Yumichika AYASEGAWA's Ruri'iro Kujaku, Ichigo KUROSAKI's Zangetsu. Who is Seinosuke YAMADA? Seinosuke YAMADA is an acquaintance Tokinada. He works in a medical facility for nobles. He is Hanatarō's older brother, and he was Captain UNOHANA's lieutenant 100 years ago. (Image) Who is Hikone UBUGINU? Hikone is the androgynous henchman of Tokinada. Tokinada tasked Aura with creating Hikone as an artificial hybrid of human, hollow, quincy, and arrancar souls, and Soul King

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