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Directed by - Troy Quane Resume - When the world's best spy is turned into a pigeon, he must rely on his nerdy tech officer to save the world duration - 102 Min country - USA &ref(,0,76,113_AL_.jpg) Genre - Adventure. Bienvenue sur Hds Stream Officiel Site -> Ctrl + D (Barre de Favoris Google) Uploader vos fichiers torrents sur maintenant disponible. Compte requis pour ajoutez des torrents hds stream crée un compte maintenant. Adresse de secours × Résultat 1 Videos meraglim+lo+regilim Trier par date_asc Ajoutez par hds Le super espion Lance Sterling (Will Smith) et le scientifique Walter Beckett (Tom Holland) sont des opposés presque exacts. La lance est douce, suave et débonnaire. Walter n'est… pas. Mais ce que Walter manque en compétences sociales, il le compense en intelligence et en invention, créant les gadgets impressionnants que Lance utilise dans ses missions épiques. Cliquez pour fermer ? changez de pages Première &sort=date_asc / &sort=date_asc / 3 &sort=date_asc / 4 &sort=date_asc / 5 &sort=date_asc / 6 &sort=date_asc 2 / Dernière / Page 1 - 1 Info! HDS Stream est une version bêta en cours de développement, certains changements pourront avoir lieu, merci de votre compréhension l'équipe HDS streaming. N'Hésité pas a nous écrire vos commentaires a ou donnez votre avis sur notre page facebook. Attention ( Téléchager McAfee WebAdvisor pour vous protègez contres les Publicités, Scripts, Adware agaçantes des Serveurs, c'est hors de notre contrôle si vous voyez des popups fermer les popups, (les fenêtres intrusive) ou (les fenêtres surgissantes) pour commencez a voir le contenue. Accèdez à deux sitewebs avec un seul compte sur et Ajoutez des jeux HTML5 ET WEBGL sur Jeux HDS [Games HDS ()] et commencez a ètre rènumèré facilement tester le maintenant cliquez ici. Ajoutez vos contenu Streaming, Videos vous aussi commencez à gagnez de l'argent pour chaque films, Séries, Videos, ect qui sont Regarder par les utilisateurs de, et c'est facile, gratuit et convenable sur touts les appareil.
Agent2009. Geheim agent roekeloos vlaamse stemmen. ?稍等,正在?入... I see Tom Holland, I click I see Tom Holland AND Chris Pratt, I DEFINITELY click. Geheim agent roekeloos imdb. Spies in disguise will be a good time for kids in cinema and parents wont regret spending their time on it,it has fun told story in simple way for children to understand but in same time it doesnt threat them as idiots,as many animated films do,animation is solid considering it doesnt look like it had bid budget,will smith and tom holland did a good voice acting but they could at least change their voices and not making it so obvisious that is them,spies in disguise isnt for me one of best animated films of they year,but for most of kids and parents it will be a good time.
Despite a cliché spy story and forced humour its an enjoyable piece of movie even after the trailer that told me to stay away. The movie ironically is like a Peter parker movie without becoming Spiderman and it has similarities to civil war. reccommend this movie to spy movie fans that would not mind a loose attempt of a spy movie. Edit Release Dates USA 4 December 2019 (Hollywood, California) (premiere) Austria 25 December 2019 Belgium Canada Chile Germany Egypt Spain France Hong Kong Indonesia India Italy Jamaica Mexico Netherlands New Zealand Portugal Singapore Ukraine U. S. Virgin Islands Colombia 26 December 2019 UK Greece Croatia Hungary Ireland Israel Iceland Kuwait Lebanon Moldova Saudi Arabia Slovakia Bulgaria 27 December 2019 Vietnam Australia 1 January 2020 China 3 January 2020 Georgia 6 January 2020 Russia 9 January 2020 Lithuania 10 January 2020 Latvia Poland Turkey South Korea 22 January 2020 Philippines Brazil 23 January 2020 Taiwan 24 January 2020 Argentina 30 January 2020 Peru Uruguay Estonia 31 January 2020 Finland Norway Sweden Denmark 6 February 2020 Japan 22 May 2020 Also Known As (AKA) (original title) Spies in Disguise Espías a escondidas Spione Undercover - Eine wilde Verwandlung Belgium (Dutch title) (dubbed version) Geheim Agent Roekoeloos Belgium (French title) (dubbed version) Les Incognitos Um Espião Animal Bulgaria (Bulgarian title) Шпионски бъркотии Canada (English title) Canada (French title) Espions Incognito China (Mandarin title) ?身特工 Costa Rica (Spanish title) Espias Al Descubierto Špijunaža i kamuflaža Czech Republic Špióni v převleku Spioner på missioner Vakoojat valepuvuissa Germany (short title) Spione Undercover Mετα-Μορφωμένοι Πράκτορες Kémesítve Israel (Hebrew title) Meraglim lo Regilim Spie sotto copertura Supai in denjâ Japan (Japanese title) スパイ in デンジャー Maskētie spiegi Uzsimaskave snipai Spioni deghiza?i Netherlands (dubbed version) Spionnengeheimen Spion i aksjon Tajni i fajni Armados em Espiões Puerto Rico (Spanish title) El Ataque de Espias Romania Spioni deghizati Камуфляж и шпионаж Serbia Прерушени шпијуни Maskovaní špióni Slovenia Vohuni pod krinko Seupai jinieoseu Espías con disfraz 變身特務 Turkey (Turkish title) Ajanlar İş Başında Шпигуни під прикриттям USA (working title) Pigeon Impossible Uruguay (3-D version) Đi?p Viên ?n Danh World-wide (English title) (working title) Pigeon Impossible.
Geheim agent roekeloos review. Geheim agent roekeloos. Geheim agent roekeloos film. 'Spies in Disguise' is essentially a family-friendly James Bond, with the minor twist that the spy gets turned into a pigeon! It's got plenty of action and adventure for an animated film, with Lance (Smith) the super-spy fighting the Yakuza in one of the opening scenes. He's assisted by the weird gadget guy, Walter (Holland) as they're framed by the villain, Killian (Mendelsohn - great to hear his Aussie accent) who has a robotic hand, and are chased down by Marcy (Jones) from a FBI-like agency.
It's a bit like 'Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs' in that Walter is an awkward inventor of weird and wonderful gadgets, but wants to make the world a better place and make them non-lethal, rather than just guns and bombs. This obviously clashes with Lance's views, especially when he's transformed into a pigeon via gene-editing (100% impossible. Hence, Will Smith spends most of the film voicing a pigeon, which is also where much of the humour comes from. There are quite a few funny moments, especially as pigeon-Lance inadvertently befriends other pigeons. It's mostly fun and fast-paced. The main thing I didn't like is that Spider-Man spent most of 'Far From Home' fighting drones in Venice, which is essentially what Tom Holland ends up doing here. I guess they're easy to have as disposable bad guys. Cool to hear some of the voices, but the film's heart comes from the friendship and teamwork formed by Lance and Walter, as well as the positive message that we're all weird in our own way - and that's a good thing.

Geheim agent roekeloos trailer. Geheim agent roekeloos engels. 2:19 Why hasnt that become a meme yet? Spider-Man: Makes another pop culture reference Iron man: Ohoho Imma hurt this boy.

Geheim agent roekeloos (spies in disguise

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Shit man intro was zo overduidelijk gescript. zieke cringe wel hoor. You must watch this, you never get boring till movie end. So cool. I described this movie to my friends as: Will Smith gets turned into a pigeon because Tom holland did an oopsie Yes. Und führe Selbstgespräche um den BND zu verwirrn... Geheim agent roekoeloos film.
Geheim agent roekeloos recensie. Tom Holland just can't do a movie without one of his many fathers. Geheim agent roekeloos stemmen.









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