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Publish date - 2016-10-19. 7748 vote. Size - 204,94 Megabytes. * Improvements. Notices - I like idle tap and upgrade type games. I like that you play for a few minutes or work towards the next upgrade, and then just leave it alone to make money. And I’m okay with the “restart” style. I don’t necessarily want a game on my phone that has an ending since I use most games during a few minutes down time or while water boils). I also love that there are no ads (unless I allow them for bonus coins) and I can play without purchase, and it’s games like that that make me want to make purchases for upgrades. game Info - Get ready for the very big adventure with very small heroes! The sequel to the award-sometimes-winning-and-if-not-we're-just-happy-to-be-nominated Best Fiends! But it's nothing like that game! Except that it's got the same characters, and you're still beating up slugs. But it's a clicker adventure, which is different, and we think a lot of fun!. English.











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