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Country USA; &ref(,0,76,113_AL_.jpg); Julie Taymor; Release Year 2020; Biography; actor Ryan Kiera Armstrong, Alicia Vikander
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For the most part, she's successful. Just when you think she's heading into cliched territory, Taymor mixes it up, plays with structure, and subverts your expectations. Working from a script she co-wrote with Sarah Ruhl, based on Steinem's autobiography My Life on the Road, Taymor hops around in time between Steinem's youth in Toledo, Ohio and her worldwide travels in her 20s through the beginnings of her writing career and her key role in the women's liberation movement of the 1960s and '70s. And while there's a continuity to the performances-the hair, the voice, those signature, oversized aviator glasses-each actress imbues her role with a specific vibe and edge as Steinem evolves. Julianne Moore gets the bulk of the screen time as Steinem from her Ms. Magazine years and beyond, and radiates both indignant idealism and world-weary wisdom. But Alicia Vikander meets and exceeds her own challenges as a younger Steinem, from her time at Smith College through her travels in India and her groundbreaking, undercover Playboy Bunny article, which put her on the map in 1963. Before that, we see little Gloria (Ryan Kiera Armstrong) an energetic girl who worshipped her struggling entrepreneur dad (a charismatic Timothy Hutton) and teenage Gloria (Lulu Wilson) who learned how to fight for others by caring for her physically and mentally ailing mother (Enid Graham. But Steinem's mother also had been a promising journalist-albeit under a male pseudonym, an unfortunate necessity back then-which lays the groundwork for her own path. What's elegant and efficient in the storytelling of "The Glorias" is the way it reveals how each person and experience throughout her life shaped her ideology and sense of purpose. The Glorias' conversations on a bus ride that serves as the film's through-line illuminate this arc further. Sitting side by side, the wind in their center-parted hair, Vikander-as-Steinem laments to Moore-as-Steinem that she wishes she'd spoken up and fought back more when male colleagues and editors discouraged, objectified harassed her. The elder Steinem reassures her that she will eventually: Plenty of times, lots of times, speaking your mind will get you into trouble, she tells her younger self with an amused smile at the memory of her own feistiness. It's a gimmick, sure, but also an insightful depiction of the kind of talk we all wish we could have with ourselves in our teens and 20s. But at nearly 2 ? hours, The Glorias" does feel a touch too long toward the end. And the visual tricks Taymor employs to reflect Steinem's inner state seem like filler, a distraction, even though they're the kind of inventive flights of fancy the director has become known for through productions like her Broadway staging of "The Lion King" and films including "Across the Universe" and "The Tempest." A contentious TV interview that turns into a whirling, swirling, Wizard of Oz" homage is especially out of place. Steinem's wit, grit and personality, her longtime work as a feminist icon and the relationships she builds with other civil rights leaders provide more than enough material for a fascinating film. It's also enlightening, on the heels of the excellent Hulu series "Mrs. America, to revisit this tumultuous era from Steinem's perspective. But the film quickly skims past one key chance to shed more light on her personal life. A topic that crops up throughout the movie is Steinem's choice to remain single at a time when women were expected to get married and have children. Specifically, we see men ask her why she isn't married in a series of interviews; naturally, she bristles. It's a personal decision. When she finally does get married at 66, it feels like an afterthought: Who is this person who dazzled her so thoroughly that she changed her mind on such a crucial stance? She mentions that his name is David and we briefly see them wed in a traditional Cherokee ceremony, but that's it. (Steinem was married to David Bale, entrepreneur and environmental activist and the father of Christian Bale, from 2000 until his death in 2003.) It's a missed opportunity to help us understand her beyond her public persona. Still, The Glorias" is consistently a visual treat, as you'd expect from Taymor. The cinematography from the great Rodrigo Prieto (who also shot Taymor's "Frida" gives each of these eras a lush and distinctive texture, and the use of stark black and white provides a striking contrast as the various Glorias chat on the bus. And the clothes from legendary costume designer Sandy Powell are, as always, to die for; far more than an elaborate and groovy game of dress-up, Steinem's clothes tell a story all their own in signaling her development, from the slim minidresses she wore as an ambitious young journalist to what became her go-to uniform of a black, long-sleeved top, black pants and boots. The costumes are also key to the portrayal of other larger-than-life feminist figures including Bette Midler as former Congresswoman Bella Abzug, Lorraine Toussaint as lawyer Flo Kennedy and Janelle Monáe as Ms. Magazine co-founder Dorothy Pitman Hughes. They're all engaging scene stealers in showy, entertaining roles. At the center is Steinem-still with us and still fighting at age 86. And sadly, what she has to say is just as relevant now as it was 50 years ago.
Watch the gloria's 2020 full movie online free hd at home free. Watch the gloria's 2020 full movie online free hd at home online. Watch The Glorias 2020 Full Movie Online Free HD at home jobs. Watch the gloria's 2020 full movie online free hd at home gym. Credit... Marianne Barcellona When you purchase an independently reviewed book through our site, we earn an affiliate commission. For many public intellectuals these days, speaking engagements pay the bills. But listening, according to the feminist icon Gloria Steinem, is even more important. Her new book, “My Life on the Road, ” provides a lesson in how to stay relevant when your name is synonymous with a decades-old movement that has fallen in and out of popular favor: Keep moving. And keep asking questions. Steinem calls herself a “wandering organizer, ” and she explains how a life of travel has boosted her spirits, shaped her politics and made her a household name. From her earliest days speaking on college campuses with her collaborators Florynce Kennedy and Margaret Sloan, to her work as a journalist on assignment for New York magazine, to her role drawing crowds to campaign events ? it’s easy to understand how the political change Steinem has witnessed and fostered is directly proportional to how peripatetic her life has been. “I come by my road habits honestly, ” Steinem, whose father was an itinerant salesman, writes. She was raised in an era when women were still primarily associated with the hearth and home, but was drawn to a life of travel after two years touring India in her early 20s. Since then, she has spent more than half her life on the road. Steinem has gained wisdom from cabdrivers and fellow airplane passengers, and gotten story tips from strangers at rural diners and truck stops. The road signifies freedom in other ways, too. An outsider can often express things that local organizers or embattled professors or political staff members may not be able to say. Like a feminist Zelig, the 81-year-old Steinem seems to have been present at many of the most important political moments of the last five decades. She listened to Martin Luther King Jr. at the 1963 march on Washington, and a black woman standing next to her pointed out the dearth of black women organizers onstage with him. She stood in the White House speechwriter Ted Sorensen’s office as John F. Kennedy bade him farewell, on his way to deliver a speech in Dallas in 1963. She’s in California with Dolores Huerta and Cesar Chavez in 1968, in solidarity with the farmworkers’ strike. She organizes the National Women’s Conference in Houston in 1977. She’s being cheered on a Pennsylvania campaign stage with the vice-presidential candidate Geraldine Ferraro in 1984. She’s in Palm Beach, Fla., the day after the 2000 election, as voters demand a recount. “If you find yourself drawn to an event against all logic, go, ” she advises. As an author, Steinem is best known for her essay collections published in the 1980s and 1990s. Though they all contain first-person anecdotes, none are as autobiographically comprehensive as “My Life on the Road. ” Steinem’s life has been so remarkable that her memoir would have been fascinating even without a central theme, but her decision to use travel as a thematic thread was a smart one. While the book is far from a tell-all, Steinem offers a few juicy details. She discusses her beef with the prickly ?second-wave feminist pioneer Betty Friedan. She describes sharing a cab with Saul Bellow and Gay Talese, who, according to Steinem, dismissed her as “a pretty girl who comes to New York and pretends to be a writer. ” And she is candid about her choice to support Hillary Clinton over Barack Obama in the 2008 Democratic primary. She made a pro-con list on a yellow legal pad, but in the end, it came down to personal connections: “If I were Obama, I would not feel personally betrayed by the lack of support from someone like me, a new ally. If I were Hillary Clinton, I might feel betrayed by a longtime supporter who left me for a new face. ” In her view, the contentious 2008 primary was falsely characterized by the media as a fight over race and gender. Steinem is as much a part of the media as she is a part of the movement, so this explanation rings a bit hollow ? especially because Steinem wrote a controversial Op-Ed in The New York Times about the candidates in which she noted, “What worries me is that he is seen as unifying by his race while she is seen as divisive by her sex. ” Steinem, who has become used to being the target of right-wing protesters, was shocked when she drew the ire of her fellow feminists for creating a hierarchy of oppressions. That was not, she writes, her intention. But it was “definitely my fault. ” Steinem has spent her career as a hybrid journalist-activist, which means at one moment she’s covering a campaign as a reporter, and the next she’s onstage as a movement organizer. As she leaps from anecdote to anecdote, it can be hard to follow which role she is occupying at any given moment. The line must have been blurry for her, too, though she doesn’t confess to feeling conflicted about it. Her writing style reflects this professional dualism. “My Life on the Road” includes the reported storytelling of a great magazine article, but several of its sections are organized in long bullet points, with pithy takeaways at the end that are ripe for quoting on Twitter or reblogging on Tumblr. By her own admission, she doesn’t do much listening or talking online. She writes that abolitionists and suffragists “couldn’t rely only on letters, newspapers and books to spread the word, just as we must not rely only on television, email, Skype and Twitter. ” Throughout the book, she calls for in-person politics and face-to-face organizing. She extols the virtues of conversation circles in arousing empathy and creating connections, but insists that such breakthroughs are simply not possible online. “The miraculous and impersonal Internet is not enough, ” she writes. Yet she fails to acknowledge that the in-person connections she values most are not always accessible to us all. Sure, we can engage in conversations with people in our local communities. But Steinem’s most memorable gatherings have drawn together far-flung women, across racial and state lines, to share their personal experiences and find common ground. Most of us don’t have the time or money to crisscross the globe in search of meaningful feminist dialogue. And so we do the next best thing: We talk to one another online. If politics are, as Steinem writes, part of daily life, the Internet is one place where those politics play out. It seems foolish to play down its potential. Although Steinem beautifully illustrates how her perpetual motion has shaped her professional life, there’s almost no mention of how it has affected her personally. She tells a few stories that involve men she’s dated, like a rich guy with whom she flew to Palm Springs, and a nonwhite lover from the late ’60s, with whom she was verbally attacked by a carful of white teenagers. She was married from 2000 to 2003, when her husband, David Bale, died of cancer, but his name does not appear in her book. She does, however, devote several pages to her friendship with the Native American feminist activist Wilma Mankiller, and to Mankiller’s death and legacy. One gets the impression that Steinem’s lifelong ties with other women and activists ? not her romantic entanglements ? are the defining relationships of her life, though she never comes out and says so. In her afterword, Steinem reveals that in recent years, she “had to admit that I too was leading an out-of-balance life. ” She has become interested in nesting as much as traveling. This ending strikes an odd chord. She assures readers that we don’t have to give up the journey in order to have a home, and vice versa. But she does little to explain how or why she finally sought to strike this balance herself, and how much it has to do with her getting older. Perhaps this is the subject of her next book.
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