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Juarez ultimately told the district manager she was pregnant in early November 2005, but Juarez claimed the district manager became visibly upset upon hearing the news and, thereafter, became more aggressive, mean and critical of her.. She was replaced by a male store manager Juarez worked until she was nine months pregnant and then went out on maternity leave one week before the birth of her second child.. Comic Collector for Windows Table of Contents Comic Collector for Windows In 2004, plaintiff Rosario Juarez, an automotive parts sales manager for AutoZone, complained to upper management about being passed over for promotion to store manager.. Juarez sued AutoZone Stores Inc , alleging that the defendants actions constituted gender and pregnancy discrimination; gender and pregnancy harassment; retaliation; and failure to prevent harassment, discrimination and retaliation.. She alleged that although she qualified for open store manager positions in her district, she was frequently passed over for promotion in favor of less experienced and qualified male employees.. Following her maternity leave, Juarez returned to her demoted position in 2007 She ultimately filed a lawsuit in San Diego state court, in January 2008, alleging that her demotion was an act of discrimination based on her gender and pregnancy.. While on leave in April 2006, Juarez filed a charge of gender and pregnancy discrimination with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing concerning her demotion from store manager.. She was deposed by AutoZone in October 2008, and she was fired on Nov AutoZone claimed the termination was due to Juarez being not trustworthy.. Juarez claimed that she was hired as a cashier at AutoZone in December 1999 and then promoted to sales manager in 2001, but that when she remained in that position for three years, she felt she had hit a glass ceiling.. Juarez specifically asked if she would be required to file a lawsuit in order to get promoted.. Shortly after complaining, Juarez was informed that she would be put in a store manager training program for several months.. In February 2006, Juarez was demoted back to assistant manager and transferred to a different store.. After several months, Juarez was assigned a different district manager, a male However, Juarez claimed her new manager was demeaning and condescending to her and the other women in the store.. Juarez alleged that AutoZones actions were all in violation of the California Fair Employment and Housing Act.. In late October 2005, Juarez received a favorable performance evaluation wherein she 'met expectations' overall.. In August 2005, Juarez became pregnant She claimed she initially kept her condition secret from the district manager because she was afraid he would become more critical and upset.. Juarez claimed that in 2004, after she complained to upper management about being unfairly passed over for promotion to store manager, she was informed that she would be put in a store manager training program for several months while working as an assistant manager for other stores in the San Diego market.. She then continued to serve as an assistant manager for other stores in the San Diego market until she was given her first opportunity to serve as a store manager under a female district manager in October 2004.. However, Juarez alleged that AutoZones male employees did not have to go through the training program, which was only required for store manager candidates who came from other companies.. A July 2006 letter to the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing, from AutoZones legal department, known as 'AutoZoner Relations,' claimed that AutoZone 'thoroughly investigated' the discrimination claims filed by Juarez and found no problem. 5ebbf469cd GridinSoft Anti-Malware4.1.1激≪若贋違障,潟c取фソ若若若喝冴≧潟若hd720p









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