The Lion King !Putlocker!

Rating: 187978 Votes
release date: 2019
duration: 1 hours 58 M
genres: Drama, Musical
UK 7,8 / 10 star
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I like how they expanded on the friction between Scar and Mufasa here and how he tried to seize power beforehand. Hmmm. This Scar seems more dark and menacing than the one in the original. Who seemed more sneaky and evil. Ugh prolly cause their facial expressions are the same. Jesus Disney. 1:37 My sleeps paralysis demons ready to enter my room. I own a digital and two physical(DVD for laptop and Blu-ray because I was forced into owning it) so I can comment on this movie and how much TLK as a whole is great. Thank you for coming to my TEDtalk.
All Subtitles. Man, Disney really put their heart and soul into this. The Lion King ?.

You guys know that this is stolen from the old Japanese anime called Leo the Lion and his kid name was Kimba. 1:35 this is soo cute?.

No one: Literally no one: Disney: Goosestepping Hyenas

Imagine being an investor of this movie watching this scene for the first time

I wasnt feelin the hyenas, rafiki, and afar. the voices were not as iconic as the original. their voices had no character. but, I liked it... I love the original tho... I just hope the hyenas are as funny as the cartoon ?? oooo mufasa. Say it again ooooo mufasa. what did you say. i said que pasa lol. One Touch > I love seeing these type of things, but I still really love the animated version. My heart is melting ??. THIS IS HOW it should have looked in the live action movie.
This movie is very realistic with the expression of the animals and their ACTUAL behavior, has the best CGI, AND I'M 1000% GONNA WATCH IT. Wait I watch this from the movie Theater. All Subtitles.
Kinda got annoyed at the end when Timon and Pumba to stop singing tho. The no Im not you disgust me line made me laugh.









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