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I generally like Marvel movies. They've had a low point recently, with Civil War, which I didn't like, but with Homecoming and Thor: Ragnarok, I really felt like they started to improve and balance their humour and good story well.
Based on the trailer for Black Panther, I did not like the movie from the start. The trailer was awful. Then the ratings came out, and I thought that maybe I was wrong. People called it the next Avatar. But I had a bad feeling walking into the theatre after I realized that all the reviews were talking about were the "diversity" of the movie. And- it turns out I was right. This movie is awful. The story is cliched and forgettable, the characters are standard except that John Watson guy, and it's awfully paced and boring. Nothing stands out. It's been a few months now and nobody is talking about this movie anymore. well, maybe about the black diversity thing, but not the actual movie quality itself. Hmmm. I wonder why. Probably because this movie is. and all the critics are scared that they'll be called racist if they don't like it. I mean, an 88, really? That's just ridiculous. I've always trusted metacritic, but this must be a joke. I want to see all these critics watch this movie again in thirty years and see how much they like it. Yeah- this is what happens when you involve social politics in movies. Movies are an art, not a platform. And this movie is like a kindergardener's drawing.
Watch black panther. Firstly i am not someone whos life is in a book about superheros and I am not one that lives for it by waiting for the next chapter. I don't visit comicon or collect comics I am however a lover of films.
This I didn't get to see at the cinema as I did for infinity war and ant man and the wasp so rented the DVD and I liked it. It wasn't as good as the last two in this series but standing along it was good. It had a solid objective and the story took us through that. A good cast and overall a well made film with the usual CGI effects, it lacked in making it more real by not having many normal earth scenes (buildings, normal people doing normal things) but a good print.