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&ref(https://m.media-amazon.com/images/M/MV5BMmU4MDdlMTUtOTAyMC00YzQ3LWFhYWQtNDUxNjhiNzM4NzIwXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyODQ4NjA3Mw@@._V1_UY190_CR0,0,128,190_AL_.jpg) USA 493 Votes Directed by - Dallas Jackson 5,1 / 10 Sequel to the 1995 Jean-Claude Van Damme action flick
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He held his breathe wtf ! Lame. And ME as the Blackhawks Goalie. I fill in as a swat member too but you cant tell. This one was awesome and hilarious. He held something like a bottle on his right underarm, that's why she couldn't feel the pulse anymore. I couldn't really enjoy this movie as a really serious action, thriller, it's more a comedy with martial arts moves, although some of the martial arts moves seemed awkwardly done. and some of the other scenes were just laughable, but I always enjoy watching Michael Jai White in most of the movies he's played in, he looks amazingly physically good. It's worth the watch anyway.
Ah I forgot the 've I tell you, you cannot believe the work that's cut out for you here on youtube, keep up the good work soldier! Call me if you need backup. What is rap misic in the movie... Thank you. Action Movie. When it comes to judge something or someone you find lotd of experts wtf. I mean 7 black belts in different styles is legit. You wont even touch this dude. Youre mad over a man you never knew. ?. The story was solid, just the acting and script let it down, the rap or hip hop music these movies always have is a big turn off, why is it they have to have that annoying stuff in every movie that is based around black actors, the 2 children were so annoying, i was hoping his son would get shot or something he was that annoying and his daughter a smart arse even when held hostage, yeah sure, all the time running around looking for bombs and not once did he call the police, and at the end after killing so many he walks out with his family with no police questioning him. pity it could have been much better.
A Very Obscured Movie that is very underrated. F that's really true. then it's neglected help. Its real, you must know the way. U r super. It's real, though it looked like he died(that's the acting,for effect) but he is fully concious. you can stop your heart through training.
Michael Jai White did a remake. Yeah sure! the second you see Uri Geller in the corner, you know it must be bend spoon time! ?. I knew this was going to be a low budget movie but this is just terrible! The acting is so bad and the story plot is even worst! I wish MJW would be in a good movie for once! Whoever directed this should never ever do another movie agian. Bruce Lee was 135lbs. Not 170lbs. The storyline isn't the greatest strength of this one. However, as usual, Eklund being the antagonist would make the whole deal easier to swallow. Give this man a cookie. W. t. f. the whole movie is on YouTube? I must be dreaming... I absolutely love Michael Jai White. Action from start to finish. The comedy from Gary Owens was a good casting job as well. Good job.
English Best Action. Yeah I havent owned a DVD player in like 10yrs lol. I couldn't stop my heart beats near a girl like that one. Awesome movie. Different from the Classic One from the 90's. Im blocking this channel... uploads useless movie too many of time. Lol you can see his hands move and he drops his head after the beep. My man Jean, always entertaining. Always. Actually it's true he just came back to life it's a trick. 2019 stanley cup finals. His fingers wher moving at the end.
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