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Applicable ProductsRESULT: Accessed the NetScaler through GUI Download Tab Clicked on Download Citrix Gateway Plug-in for Mac OS X or Download Citrix Gateway Plug-in for Windows Able to download the files.. Make sure no Safari Windows are left open Test using Safari 12 and browse to Storefronts receiver for website URL.. 1 3 This version is now available for download with Citrix login account at the following location: Access Gateway Plug-in 2.. Change the regular expression to: '(Macintosh|Windows NT) **1|(Chrome/*2|Macintosh.. Please select Detect Receiver/Workspace App Image below shows test using receiver.. Site will automatically load to go to either Logon Page when using explicit authentication or it would take you to your Apps enumeration if SSO (Single Sign On) is enabled.. The following window prompt will appear Do you want to allow this page to open Citrix Receiver Launcher?' please select AllowOnce Allow is selected, no Manual interaction will be required by user.. Citrix gateway plugin for Mac Version 3 4 1 will not capture IPv6 DNS queries Citrix Workspace AppCitrix ReceiverSymptoms or ErrorCitrix Workspace App and Citrix Receiver cannot launch applications automatically with Safari version 12.. The value of the platforms attribute is a regular expression specifying the browsers that Citrix Receiver Launcher is used for client detection and HDX launches.. 8 Users must uninstall earlier version of the Access Gateway Plug-in and then install version 2.. Upgrade to the Access Gateway Plug-in 2 1 3 for Mac OS 10 8 on a Mac OS X computer using 10.. 1 3 for Mac OS 10 8-BETA Netscaler Gateway is not showing in the menu bar, I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling.. *Version/(1[2-9]|[2-9][0-9]) *Safari/'3 This will add Safari 12 and later to the list of browsers that Citrix Receiver Launcher will be used.. 1 Open web config using your preferred text editor and locate the line : <protocolHandler enabled='true' platforms='(Macintosh|Windows NT).. The application does not auto-launch after install. This option will enable the Develop tab in Safari top menuClose the preferences window by selecting the red circle on the top left cornerGo back to Safari Menu and select > Clear History Then go to Safari Menu and select the Develop Tab > Empty Caches Close All safari windows after this.. CLIENT SIDE CHANGESOn a Mac Station running Safari 12 perform the following actions:Launch Safari 12 Browser and select Safari from the Menu on top > go to Preferences and select itIn preferences > Select Advanced tab > check Checkbox 'Show Develop Menu in Menu Bar' (Located at the very bottom).. SolutionSERVER SIDE CHANGESFor StoreFront deployments, modify web config under the Receiver for Web (RfWeb) site (typically C:inetpubwwwrootCitrixStoreWeb) to activate the Citrix Receiver Launcher / Citrix Workspace App Launcher for Safari 12 and later.. **3|(Chrome/*4' skipDoubleHopCheckWhenDisabled='false' />2.. CLIENT DETECTION BEHAVIOR ON SAFARI 12Go to https://StorefrontURL/Citrix/StoreNameWebThe first thing a user should see when testing going internally to Storefronts Website is to detect Receiver/Workspace App. 34bbb28f04 halcon10純с≪,StardockSoundpackager激≪11









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