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Average Rating 9,4 / 10 release date 2019 Jin Won Han Movie Info Gisaengchung is a movie starring Kang-ho Song, Sun-kyun Lee, and Yeo-jeong Jo. Greed and class discrimination threaten the newly formed symbiotic relationship between the wealthy Park family and the destitute Kim clan Rating 385736 votes Bong Joon Ho
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Subtitles is literally the only barrier separating SOME americans from good movies. such a shame. The mother is making scrubber, I guess to sell. It's commonly used in Korea. I hope you'll do the beauty of kumiko, the treasure hunter someday, it's just so well crafted and i like to see your take on it. BTW if you ever make one, please use the main credits soundtrack in the video. Amazing movie! The son guessing the self portrait as a chimpanzee had me busting out in laughter. The humor was underrated. Wow. Who's back to this magnificent scene of movie history after Parasite won oscar's best picture. I can't believe there are people claiming how the only reason the film won Oscar is because it's non-white. I if one doesn't think this movie is Oscar worthy, one has to be blind to not see how good this film is. The direction, editing, cinematography, lighting, script, the acting. everything was so great. This movie was made with a lot of passion, love and dedication.
Marriage Story.
Parasite parasite trailer. The actress playing the rich wife/mother is underrated. She had to play someone who is still likable even though you're also gonna hate her. Edit: I guess some people didn't pick up her snobby side. There wasn't suppose to be an obvious villain in the character- each had bad and good side. The rich wife/mother did things like put her feet near the face of poor father/husband when he was driving which is really disrespectful in Asian culture. She threw in English to show off her education/class. She treated drug addiction like a sex kink.
FUN FACT: Yang Jin-Mo the editor used 11 year old discontinued software final cut pro 7 to edit. He's nominated for best editing at the Oscars this year. I just didn't understand the drugs part, why was it mentioned if it didn't lead to anything. It's like poetry, it rhymes. 0:24 No way, this guy has exactly the same Mouse as I do, just in clean LoL. Its like Its always sunny in Philadelphia where they will do anything just to get what they want. The music was not from Handel, Belt of faith' by Jeong, Jae il who made all the music used fo r the movie. As a Korean, I believe the movie showed very unique Korean cultures that make the universal inequality issue to be more intensified. One example would be the enormous amount of money Koreans have to spend for private education. I think the new book, “South Korea: The price of efficiency and success” is great to learn the unique Korean cultures.
I went to the cinema yesterday and at the end everyone was silent trying to digest this masterpiece, mind-blowing. This scene was legendary holy shit.

Could you do The Beauty of The Handmaiden

? MUST-MUST-MUST-MUST see 1:45 ??? ??. The irony of this “chance” they got being what ultimately destroys their life. The part when they are hiding under the table and the rich man is talking about the way the father smells and he is just there listening how they denigrate him is just insanely sad. This movie is a MASTERPIECE, however we know that all those BUMS from Hollywood will attempt to a steal the best picture award from it. I'm encouraging everyone to watch this movie. Best dialogue in this movie is, can you do clockwise. This is so perfect, the music, the rythm, the montage, the movement... I was on the edge of my seat for two hours! I thought I knew what was going to happen but then it comes around with so many twists and turns. Definitely understand why it won best picture, THEY DESERVED IT.
I love how hes almost teaching the actor as theyre explaining the scenes, you can see he is a powerful and humble mentor to him ??. Really? Right after the Oscars I found this in YouTube movies? I heard it good and all but would have liked seeing and hearing of this months ago rather finding out on day of Oscars that this actually existed. Not trying to hate on the movie but quite annoyed their was no promotion at all to even tell us about this. "Parasite" is a powerful and perfect film that will leave you in awe with its twisted, funny and tension-filled scenes. Writer/director Bong Joon-ho's approach to social classes creeps up on you like suspense in a Hitchcock film.
In this dramatic thriller with elements of dark comedy, an unemployed family schemes their way into working for a much wealthier family by posing as highly-qualified individuals.
Where to begin on how great of a film "Parasite" is? Never has there been a film of this genre to exceed so much and so perfectly. All the performances are incredible, the direction is Joon-ho's finest and most masterful and the story is beyond relevant to all of us. You never know where "Parasite" will lead you but when it gets there, it shocks you or it makes you laugh or even both. This film ranks among the best of the decade and definitely one of the best of the year. An absolute must-see.
I can't wait for this. That was literally the most insane movie I've ever watched, I love it I love it so much.









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