I'm Thinking of Ending Things solarmovie

writer Iain Reid
Directed by Charlie Kaufman
Duration 2 hours 14 m
liked It 40032 Votes
Countries USA
summary Full of misgivings, a young woman travels with her new boyfriend to his parents' secluded farm. Upon arriving, she comes to question everything she thought she knew about him, and herself


Fragments, edges and textures. These are what the sub-layers of A.I. look like that make up the 'entity' with the final ability to recognize the image of a cat vs a dog.
The human mind too, has those layers of fragments, existing within some kind of memory-consciousness continuum. This film is a unique mirror into what the life of a mind-without-consciousness might wander back to; traversing its very structures, and the nodes and moments it believes gave meaning to it; coolly observing the meaning it gave to itself. This story is presented as: life as a sandcastle of sorts; built upon layers of its own self, varying in form -from the events it encountered, and shaped by the meaning it co-created at those events. Time, space, geometry, persons and subsequence -except emotion, are trivialities to a mind looking at itself -and all that it was; when at or near its end. It, and what it experiences are no more scary nor disorienting than mortality itself; norso even the thought of it, or those thoughts which immediately precede its onset. "I'm thinking of ending things" means many things; and many things and many meanings are the substrate of the mind. One substrate; many paths. This film portrays that statement; as all art must, for the audience to witness, ponder and share: in what 'meaning' remains; previously unseen, previously unknown. Especially about that which is never perfectly graspable, never perfectly known. -Adriel Wool.

Ok so hear me out, dont watch this movie if you like the avengers or like simple movies. this movie is the most confusing movie ive ever seen. it doesnt make any sense. not even if u read the book. its completely different. if u like complex movies and movies that you SHOULD watch more than once in a day. and this movie is completely for you. the cinematography and acting is just peculiar and amazing. i watched it 4 times so far and i still dont understand anything. take in mind i haven't seen any explanation videos of the movie in YouTube so these might help you. but i have never felt this feeling in a longgggg time. it is weird, i love it. my favourite movie ever. 10/10.
Great film. Bad thing I haven't read the book yet.
It's like Mulholland Drive- film that will make you think about what's happening. This kind of film is one of my favorite. You make a story in your mind what is happening then after some rewinds and/or rewatch you will figure it out. Excellent movie. Like probably many of you, I didn't understand all the nuances and hidden meanings, so here's a tip: after watching the movie, go watch the YouTube video from the Think Story channel called "I'm thinking of ending things Ending Explained. it's super helpful and makes the movie even more interesting.









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