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PlaySimple Games Pte Ltd Pack of 6250 coins Apple Ipad Notice=I really enjoy the daily puzzles, but I used to be able to earn additional coins by watching videos, sometimes up to 10 videos per day were available, earning me an additional 50 coins, but they have since discontinued this practice, and now I can only watch 1 video per day for only 5 coins. When each puzzle could potentially cost you 20+ coins, if you want to see the wrong letters or buy a word, you use up those coins very quickly. I know they did this to make you purchase additional coins, but I feel they should have kept the option to view several videos to earn free coins rather than make you buy them. Chances are when I run out of coins I’ll stop playing the game and will look for another crossword puzzle app Subtitle=Daily Themed Fun Crosswords Rating=4,3 / 5 Score=11953 review.









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