トランスクリプトの間違いを語り合うスレッドm(_ _)m

0 snowman_univ snowman_univ - 12/06/04 23:53:11

トランスクリプトの間違いに気づきましたら、こちらに書き込みお願いしますm(_ _)m

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  • 1名無し - 12/06/28 21:10:20 - ID:f9sGIdmD7A

    3 years ago, shortly after the SH-06A NERV development, secret discussions were initiated between NERV’s tactical operation’s department, operation’s division section one and Docomo’s production development center special tech group.

    The meeting took place in a special venue of the NERV headquarters and addressed the development of a new tactical hardware.
    Dr. Ritsuko Akagi of NERV’s tech R&D requested ?? hardware capabilities as well as naked eye 3D display technology to be incorporated in the new model.
    They see ?? expectation for the new terminal to act as an external interface to MAGI, NERV’s integrated information system.

    Docomo agreed to meet these hardware requests and suggested revamping of the module software for networking with MAGI.

    Application development proceeded to support this.
    The MAGI home is the exclusive official home application jointly developed by NERV and Docomo, which maximizes the interface efficiency with MAGI in 3D.

  • 2名無し - 12/06/28 21:11:30 - ID:f9sGIdmD7A

    Direct collaboration with MAGI allows simultaneous connections from multiple terminal as well as remote access from numerous workstations inside NERV headquarters.
    The NERV staff custom application was developed as an internal communication with NERV tech members and HQ personnel.
    This application facilitates collaboration by short text messages, video and voice exchanges, all through a secure line.
    A 3D viewer system links to MAGI operations database allows displaying footage of previous combat missions, EVA units and angels all in 3D.
    A tactical simulation app for angel intercept operations has also been developed.
    To meet the needs addressed by colonel Katsuragi of tactical ops following trial and error, the team developed two exterior casing designs.
    One features a specialized armered shelf for field use during operational deployments.
    The other an organic layout composite shell maximizes integration with MAGI.
    These can easily be interchanged to meet the mission’s shifting requirements.

    3 years off that secret meeting, the fusion of NERV’s scientific know-how and Docomo’s innovation has taken form.
    Today we can finally announced the completion of the SH-06D NERV.

  • 3ururunya - 12/07/20 17:45:42 - ID:qDysBPpIDw

    Jobs In Japan for Students?の3行目
    One of the questions I guess the most frequently isは
    One of the questions I get asked most frequently isと聞こえます。

  • 4名無し - 12/07/20 22:56:03 - ID:hR0nuAyOfw

    Jobs In Japan for Students?
    x: ... most frequently is when I find a job in Japan
    o: ... most frequently is "will I find a job in Japan?".

    あと3番の方の指摘に同意、同じく"get asked most ..."と聞こえます

  • 5名無し - 12/07/20 23:22:20 - ID:hR0nuAyOfw

    x: the newest POCKEMON release of Kingdom Hearts Final Mix
    o: the newest POCKEMON release or Kingdom Hearts Final Mix

    x: as a voice narration or hosting events and MCing
    o: as a voice narration or hosting event's MCing

    "brice doll"は画像からして"Blythe doll"のことかな
    もいっこのp?? dollはさっぱり分からん

  • 6 snowman_univ snowman_univ - 12/07/22 16:06:44



  • 7名無し - 12/11/25 05:49:17 - ID:trMJwiRtEg

    being able to crime up
    being able to climb upかなと思いました

  • 8名無し - 13/02/23 10:43:28 - ID:in1BRaD8mQ


    "It's la season of love."
    That's my French accent.
    That's how French people would say it probably.


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