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Happy valentine’s day!
Happy day of love!
You might not be surprised to know that valentine’s day is indeed celebrated in Japan.
But what you might not know is that it just isn’t the same.
You see on February 14th. Valentine’s day is the day for girls to give chocolate to boys.
But it’s not even that simple. It gets a little more complicated.
There’s 友チョコ and 友チョコ is short for 友達チョコレート. Basically you give chocolate to your friends.
There’s 逆チョコ which is something that I guess is kind of more recent.
逆チョコ is where boys buy chocolate for girls and 逆 means like the opposite, so it’s like opposite chocolate and they would never have this in the north, in the north America.
In Japan when a boy gives a girl chocolate on valentine’s day is called 逆チョコ because that’s not what people are supposed to do and then finally there’s 義理チョコ.
義理チョコ is like obligatory chocolate.
Chocolate that you give people out of obligation. This could be co-workers or teachers, family: people that you give chocolate to because you’re kind of expected to and man, do I have an issue with 義理チョコ.
Let me tell you my story.
Some of you might recall it if you saw my video last year on valentine’s day. I challenged myself to make デコチョコ which is decoration chocolate.
It’s kind of a thing that… because they girls do here, they decollate or they bake things.
I admit I didn’t make the prettiest looking chocolate but I tried really really hard.
(???) 義理チョコ is like if you’re a girl and you work at a workplace with lots of boys, you’re kind of obligated to give them chocolate and I understand that that’s how the culture works but my boyfriend comes home with a ton of beautiful, pretty wrapped, expensive GODIVA chocolate and he was like “Can you believe that I've got these GODIVA chocolates at work. Do you know how expensive these are? These are great chocolates.”

You know I actually I actually forgot it was valentine’s day today.
I forgot and you know what tomorrow? The chocolates probably are going to be half-price because it’s not valentine’s day any more.
I’m going to buy you like so much.


So this year I didn’t do the decoration chocolate. I didn’t make anything.
But I’m determined to win the secret competition that I’m sure these girls have no idea that they are in(??).
I went to the department store I searched for like 3 hours back and forth looking at all this amazing chocolate (??).
I finally decided on a cake because (??) nobody at works is going to get him a cake.
It’s actually the most beautiful cake I ever and he’s probably going to cry when he sees it.
It’s a strawberry mousse cheesecake.
I’m so excited to eat this tonight you guys don’t even.. you can’t even... you don’t you don’t you don’t you can’t.
So excited so excited…
How will you spend your valentine’s day?
Are you going to give chocolate to friends, your mom, your secret crush or are you just going to stay at home alone?
Be sure to leave a comment and let me know!!
Felling good today.
I’m totally going to…
It’s less season of love.
That’s my friend’s accent.
That’s how French people would say probably.

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