もし間違っているところに気づきましたらこちらの掲示板に書き込みお願いしますm(_ _)m

If you find any mistakes, please let me know them.

It’s time for my weekly update.
I want to talk about the JLPT.
I made a video I think in October in the fall last year about books that I used to study for the JLPT and I talked about taking 2級 which I did and since then I’ve been getting a lot of comments from people asking like so “How was it?”
“Did you pass?”
“Did you fail?”
I have to tell you I fell asleep during the reading section just like reading so much and I always get sleepy when I read, so I fell asleep.
I ended up answering all of the grammar questions, but I didn’t get to finish the reading like a b c part.
Watch out if you’re someone who falls asleep easily while reading, then the JLPT is not for you because those passages are long.
If you are on my twitter page or Facebook, you might already know passed passed passed.
文字語彙…70 out of 100 so 70% which is really bad.
I think it’s just… you really have to know your 漢字 when you write…level 2.
You have to know you have to be sure that the one that’s used in this word is this 漢字 and oh it's so difficult for me.
Listening 聴解 I had 93 93 out of 100 and I think that means that enough for level 2 I think.
I meet the comprehension standards of level 2 because 93 is pretty high.
I don’t know what I missed out on.
But I can tell you that for 聴解 for listening you get really tired of listening like near the end you just don’t want to listen anymore.
Taking notes is always so helpful for 聴解.
Even if it’s like not useful information it might help in the end when you hear the question again and like help you remember what you heard even if you don’t write down the correct answer and then reading and grammar I fell asleep.
So I got 160 out of 200 which is…which is good.
It’s 80% and that’s a pass, but like I wonder just I really wonder how well I would have done if I’d stayed awake.
I have a hard time remembering how to write 漢字 or how to read it like what its reading is, so that’s my failure point.
That’s what I suck the most.
I don’t think people in North America or Europe have received their scores yet.
Maybe you have.
If you have, share with me, tell me, let me know what you got and what was hard for you and if you can give any advice to the people who are writing it in the future, you know leave a comment below, make a video response.
Let’s talk about the JLPT.
Do you see what Ryuhei did with his underwear?
He’s hanging them on my wall.
He calls it art.



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