Good evening!
How's it going?
I am packing because tomorrow Ryuhei and I are going to Canada for a little while.
This time I thought it might be interesting to talk about some of the beauty products...Japanese beauty products that I am taking on my flight.
I think it's like a 14 hour trip, so on top of being crazy tired it's also the air inside an airplane is insanely dry.
So, I want to introduce some of the products that I am taking with me to help maintain my face.

So, first for my face I use these...I have really sensitive skin or as they say in Japanese 敏感肌.
Before I was using the perfect plus, white facial facial cleansers but they kind of feel weird so I changed to this brand I found this at the drugstore and they smell like apple which is really nice.
So, I will be taking these on the flight.
Next I have biore...biore...biore.
These ones are kind of the same things.
They're for sweat (used on your body.??)
This is tropical resort it smells like a hotel like?
It smells like cleanser?
I don't know.
Then this is my of my favorite products for traveling.
This is a heat mask.
This one is ユーカリグリーン.
I don't know what ユーカリ is.
But these are masks like you take them out of the package, you put them on your eyes and then they heat up to I believe up to 40 yeah...40 C.
I don't even know they really have any actual benefit but there's a... they're just a nice to have.
Then I have bought (of ??a) variety of face masks and this is because like I said the air inside an airplane is just so dry and I've really I get dry skin really easily, so I plan to use this on my face.
This is my absolute favorite product for traveling.
This is the DHC お泊りset and you can buy it in convenience stores in Japan and it just comes with so much stuff.
It's only I think I paid 260 yen..or something...
It's many kits designed specifically for you know overnight stays or you know temporary stays where you don't have access to all of your facial cleansing stuff.
So it comes with cleansing oils.
That's step1!
Face soap.
That's Step2!
3 packets of moisturizing lotion.
All of oil which is supposed to protect your skin somehow.
All of this plus you know the cotton to put on your face like I go to bed looking like death and then I wake up looking beautiful.
It's amazing.
Aside from this, everything else can be bought at the drugstore.
So I'll leave tomorrow and I'll be in Canada for a while, but I think that... but the videos...I'm going to put on my main channel next week will still be ones I made in Japan because I have made (a lot of?) videos lately and yeah yeah yeah...there's a lot going on.
I hope that you're doing well and I'll probably update this again from Canada.
See you.








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